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Democrat Congressman Secures Plea Deal for Capitol Crime

Democrat Congressman Secures Plea Deal for Capitol Crime

A liberal lawmaker or a thug with no respect for law and order? This question summons the name Jamaal Bowman, Democrat congressman from New York, who was recently arrested for pulling the fire alarm inside the US Capitol in an attempt to sabotage a House vote. Now he is getting a slap on the wrist for the crime about which he lied publicly.

Responding to the widespread backlash against his sneaky act, Bowman tried to defend himself by stating that it was just an accident and he unintentionally had pulled the alarm because he was in a rush to go vote. During the investigation, the footage showing Bowman pulling the fire alarm came out, revealing his lies. He was not in a rush and did not misread the sign by the fire alarm, which is what he had claimed. Instead he calmly walked up to the door, removed the warning signs, and walked off after pulling the alarm. Sharing the video on Twitter/X, Florida congressman Matt Gaetz commented that the video shows Bowman did it with intent.

Eventually, an arrest warrant was issued for Bowman. He surrendered himself to the police and struck a deal with the DC Attorney General’s office whereby he’ll be charged with only misdemeanor and put on probation for three months. By the deal, he’ll pay a fine of $1000 and apologize to the Capitol police in written.

Bowman has a history of acting as an agitator and getting arrested. In January last year, he was arrested by the US Capitol Police as he joined protesters outside the federal capitol in D.C. to pressure the Senate into changing its vote on election reform bills. Bowman along with other protesters blocked the driveway outside the Capitol and did not move despite repeated warnings, resulting in his arrest.

In May this year, Bowman incited a crowd of leftists against Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who was visiting New York to show her support for President Trump against the politically motivated lawsuits of leftist prosecutors against him. Greene said in an interview with media that Bowman was swearing at him and she felt threatened.

In response to Greene’s interview about Bowman, many comments on Twitter/X called the Democrat congressman a thug.

Bowman’s attempt to sabotage the House vote by creating an emergency situation in the capitol suggests those comments were not baseless.

At the end of the day, being part of the swamp, Bowman got a slap on the wrist with a sweetheart plea deal, much like Hunter Biden in his tax and illegal gun purchase crimes. CNN reported that it is still possible for Bowman to face federal prosecution for what he did at the Capitol. But what are the odds?

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  1. Joe lucas

    Nucking figger

  2. Frank stetson

    Rucking Facist.

    Squibodian Tiffwa.

    Twiffwaddian Squibo.

    What fun free speech this be.

    The Lucas Family, Jim and Joe, married for life.

  3. JoeyP

    He needs to be THROWN in JAIL and EXPELLED from CONGRESS . . . PERIOD. This LAWLESS must STOP – N O W .

  4. Darren

    Interupting a vote in Congress, is that not what Jan 6th was all about?
    Will he get 20 Years in a sequestered Jail?
    I do not remember if anyone in the Capital on Jan 6th pulled the alarm?
    Why were the Jan 6th people just given a fine of $1000 ?

    • frank stetson

      A lot of 1.6.2021 Republicans who stormed the Capitol as part of a violent insurrection were given a slap on the wrist. Not to mention not being arrested on the spot. Not sure any of them turned themselves in, except via internet postings, to police as the Congressman did…. Still, IMO, he should have gotten a night in jail at least.

  5. Mike f

    Wow, Urnst has really found a major crime here! Perhaps the death penalty would be more appropriate?😂