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Death of Clinton-Obama Exec on Private Jet Sparks Suspicion

Death of Clinton-Obama Exec on Private Jet Sparks Suspicion

The mysterious death of a passenger onboard a private jet has raised suspicion of foul play among many since the deceased has been identified as a well-known attorney from Maryland who served in the Clinton and Obama administrations.

Dana J. Hyde, 55, was a prominent DC attorney onboard a private jet flight from Keene, New Hampshire, to Leesburg, Virginia, last Friday. Also onboard were Hyde’s husband, son, and two crew members.

The flight had to be diverted, however, to Bradley International Airport in Connecticut after reportedly experiencing “severe turbulence” over New England. Daily Mail reported:

According to Flight Aware data, the plane made the reverse journey from Leesburg to Dillant/Hopkins Thursday at approximately 3:49 PM.

Upon its emergency landing, the Connecticut State Troopers responded to the “medical assist call” and transported Hyde to the area hospital in an ambulance. She was pronounced dead shortly at the Saint Francis Medical Center in Hartford, CT.

The circumstances surrounding her death are not clear and the missing details are raising suspicion on social media, given Hyde’s professional record of employment in the Obama and Clinton administrations.

One of the important details missing and thus causing suspicion is the absence of the cause of death, with no mention of the kind of injuries sustained by Hyde – if any – due to the severe turbulence experienced by the jet in its flight. The media’s reports that no one else was injured in the incident also come as confusing and questionable.

But it’s the background of her professional experience as an attorney in DC working in the two infamous Democrat administrations that have let many conservatives suspect foul play. According to The New York Post:

Hyde served as a counsel on the 9/11 commission and as the associate director of general government programs of the Office of Management and Budget under the Obama administration.

While the FBI is investigating the incident, and it’ll take two to three weeks for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to release a preliminary report, skeptics have started pointing fingers at the Clintons, particularly Hillary Clinton. One Twitter account with over 100K followers wrote: “The body count continues.”

Scores of comments followed with many posting Hillary Clinton memes showing her “placing an order” with the “Suicide Hotline” or being called “an expert on killing people.” One meme mimics a Twitter notification with the inserted text: “Hillary Clinton has killed you.”

A nurse used the hashtag #ClintonSuicides to express her suspicion of the alleged cause of death, namely turbulence.

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  1. frank stetson

    Today, the death of anyone who served in the Clinton administration raises the specter of foul play among the brain dead. The Clintons have been suspected of over 51 murders now, none even remotely proven. For some reason, hard to fathom, but it is worthy of publication by the likes of the Dempsey Dumpster who serves PBP as a waste management professional. The poor woman died of blunt trauma during airplane turbulence in a plane known for trim issues where the pilot radioed about trim issues. With this poor woman was her husband and son. Clintonian assassins perhaps? Scared to secrecy?

    Dempsey dives dumpster deep once again. The man does not even have a bio….. Conservatives can do better. But like the over 60 failed Trump 2020 election court cases, maybe Dempsey will get it right in the 51st Clinton murder allegation.

  2. Gayle Heinz

    I don’t like Hillary at all , but I doubt she had anything to do with this lady’s death. Come on.