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DC Mayor Sued Over Street Painting to Support BLM

DC Mayor Sued Over Street Painting to Support BLM

A group of activists is suing Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser over her decision to commission a massive “Black Lives Matter” mural on 16th street.

The partisan display takes up two entire blocks near the White House and is widely interpreted as a message to President Trump.

“There are people who are craving to be heard and to be seen, and to have their humanity recognized, and we had the opportunity to send that message loud and clear on a very important street in our city,” said Bowser. “And it is that message, and that message is to the American people, that Black Lives Matter, black humanity matters, and we as a city raise that up as part of our values as a city.”

In the lawsuit, plaintiffs describe her inappropriate use of taxpayer dollars to fund the mural and to rename the street “Black Lives Matter Plaza.”

“The Black Lives Matter banner conveys that black people are the favored race of the city of DC, which is of course a racist contention floated by a racist Democrat who persistently refuses to think logically,” argues the lawsuit.

The suit is being brought by “street preacher” Pastor Rich Penkoski, Tex Christopher, a DC lobbyist and conservative activist, and Chris Sevier, a former judge advocate general. They are asking that Bowser be forced to display support for other groups in addition to BLM. Ideas include: Blue Lives Matter (to support law enforcement), Green Lives Matter (to support Guard units), and All Lives Matter.

Speaking with Fox 26 host Isiah Carey, Mr. Christopher described BLM as a “cult” and “religion” and accused Bowser of violating the Constitution’s “Establishment Clause,” which prevents the government from supporting or endorsing one religion over another.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has already agreed to follow Bowser’s example by painting similar murals in all five of the city’s boroughs.

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  1. larry inman

    it’s about time! Fake news will not cover this.

  2. Carabec

    It will be interesting when the results of the Suit are published.

    • Jerry

      Judicial Watch asked the mayor if they could paint their street as well, if the mayor refuses i see a lawsuit there as well

  3. TCT

    All lives matter.
    Not just the one the Democrats push on us this week as the most important.
    Where are the inner city Democrats saying Black Education Matters.
    Teach a man to Fish (educate him) and he can feed himself for a life time.
    Not their slogan..
    Teach me to take. And I’ll let the government dictate what I’m worth for my lifetime.
    Get rid of the corrupt inner city education system that crippled… “ALL” inner city children.
    By the way is run by – Democrats.

  4. JohnT

    Everybody Matters.

  5. Paul Filing

    Lets see if I’ve got this straight==If black life’s matter, why is 60% of abortions conducted on black women?

    • Jerry

      See Black lives matter to the abortion industry! The black mama’s anyway and the black babies too so they can sell baby parts as well

  6. James W Duff

    All lives matter, regardless of skin color, religion, or sexual orientation. Should not matter, the group that I never seem to hear about are the rights of our most vulnerable, those that are not yet born. I wonder why this group is often omitted from this discussion.

    in one of the comments above from TCT he talked about teaching people how to support themselves. I spent over 20 years where I had classes that could do just that. The problem was that people overall, not just minorities, did not want to spend the time in class or doing homework. Many of my students thought that I could transmit thru some kind of osmosis what I was teaching and they did not need either the class time or to complete their homework, while this did include non minority students, this was a particular problem with minorities. Over my time as an instructor, I had many students succeed, a few of those were minorities, some of my successful students told me it was because of me. This simply was not true, I opened a door, they chose to enter that door and work. It is a pity that our elected officials don’t see where throwing money at a problem without oversight simply does not work.

  7. Chef Boy "RT"

    Please check the facts and ratio’s and govern off facts not beliefs or emotions. Who commits the most crimes?
    What is the population ethnic ratio’s? What about the innocent children killed by gunfire in your city?
    What about the (7) people shot in your city in 1 night last week or the 50 rounds of gunfire last night seen on video?
    Why does the media withhold the details on the every day daily occurrences?
    Where are the BLM members to support slaughter of their own in the daily killings in your city? And other cities?
    If they were really for their people they would take action every day. This is all politically, racially motivated trouble makers and police haters your catering to that have cost the city millions if not billions of dollars in damages, police overtime and injuries. Not to mention the negativity and loss of tourist during this calamity.
    You were elected to run the city and protect people and property of the city.
    What were you thinking about spending all that money on yellow paint? Painted surface is slippery when wet, paint on street is harmful to our water source, the environment, will freeze and hold snow cost even more money to remove once your alarm goes off and you realize the FACTS!
    I want to see better for our nations capital,
    Chef Boy “RT”

  8. Mike

    Sounds like another likely loss for conservatives to me after the two losses for the trump regime at the Supreme Court today… Hopefully they will be forced to pay court costs too for this frivolous lawsuit.

    • Tit Tat

      Go back to the mental vacuum of CNN.

  9. Knock Knock

    It’s a tremendous insult to all but the .0001% of America that actually doesn’t think so, as if any life doesn’t matter. And now we’re painting ugly yellow graffiti on the streets of our nation’s capital for all the world to see the utter incompetence of our democratic leaders aimed at our president as if it’s his fault they’ve spent decades sublimating and disenfranchising the inner-city blacks? Let’s return the volley – how about we paint in red ‘STOP CHEATING THE PEOPLE’ in front of the mayor’s office. Let’s just spill all the dirty laundry on every street in America.

    Don’t add to that crap – erase it!!

  10. Clyde

    How about “Their Lives Matter”, all the children murdered during drive by shootings in all communities. Especially young black children. Where is the media or BLM. Hypocrites and liars.

  11. john

    that should read bull shit matters that all that adds up to! its a eyesore seeing that crap all over the place its racets ! that people have to look at that shit that means nothing to the blacks at all ! more blacks kill blacks !it should read B K B blacks killing blacks!

  12. Vicki

    You democrats are using and playing the African People big time. I hope they see you all for what and who you really are. (Satans finest). Something they are exceptionally proud about. Put this nasty slithering, snake mayor in her hole where she belongs and sue her so hard, and then get rid of people like her who have no right being called a mayor.
    Nasty, dirty, stained hands.
    I’d hate to go to my grave knowing what you all have on your stained hands.
    We all answer to our Maker. Whether you believe in him or not.
    Right now the world belongs to Satan. GOD is not here. Satan has got the one and only, Democrats, by the balls.
    Look what you scums are are causing.
    Since this scum bucket of a mayor is so concerned with ,
    Black Lives Matter and all,
    She should invite all the illegals, rapists, murderers, child molesters/child killers, druggies, and all demos., to her home, just to be kind. Where she is so fake about being concerned. Keep em all safe.
    Go paint the mayors place. Her streets, any and all walls with graffiti, whatever you choose. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind at all. I’m sure whoever stands with her (all democrats), wouldn’t in the least, mind one bit, if you graffitied their homes to show support for the rioters. They wouldn’t even press charges on ya all. Because they are all for the destruction and harm you all are causing.
    If you graffiti their places,
    They’d probably love it. I know they’d love it. It’s what they stand for, who they are and what they want.
    It shows they support any and all the rioters decisions to do and cause whatever
    All for one and one for all.
    Show your support demo scummiest dead heads.
    Let them come color your homes pretty or better yet, destroy them as they are everyone else’s homes, businesses, ect.
    That shows REAL SUPPORT.!!!!!!!!!!
    You are all engulfed and surrounded by nothing but evil and darkness. (Democrats).
    Satans finest.

  13. Dale Brown

    Get your paint brush ready mayor! You’ve got allot of painting to do. This is not acceptable in any way. No way that it won’t be turned around by the courts. However, If it gets you reelected, mission accomplished at the taxpayer expense! Disgusting!