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Dayton Shooter Linked to Antifa

Dayton Shooter Linked to Antifa

Nine people were killed in Dayton, Ohio last weekend when lone gunman Connor Betts opened fire in a popular nightlife district.

Hours earlier, 20 people were killed during a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas.

While the Texas perpetrator left behind a manifesto describing the “Hispanic invasion,” the Ohio shooter was a supporter of Elizabeth Warren who may have been radicalized by Antifa (that’s right, nut-jobs exist on the left too). 

According to Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl, Betts had an obsession with violence and kept a “hit list” of the people he wanted to rape or kill. 

A federal investigation into his social media use revealed Betts’s longtime support for Antifa – an autonomous, left-wing movement whose members use online and real-life violence against those identified as racist, fascist, or far-right. The group’s stated purpose is to fight far-right and white supremacist ideologies directly, rather than through electoral means.

While it may be impossible to clarify whether Mr. Betts identified as a member of Antifa, his support for the group is significant.

In 2018, Betts tweeted “kill every fascist” and “Nazis deserve death and nothing else.”

Last December, he contacted the Antifa gun group Socialist Rifle Association about bump stocks (the controversial gun add-on that allows semiautomatic rifles to fire faster). 

In June, Betts wrote: “I want Socialism, and I’ll not wait for the idiots to finally come round understanding.”

Last month, Betts described the Antifa militant who was killed while firebombing an ICE facility in Tacoma, WA as a “martyr.”

In commenting on the Dayton shooting, YouTube personality Tim Pools theorizes that Betts may have been motivated by far-left rhetoric. 

“Is it possible…that Connor Betts was in this space we so often facetiously refer to where the far authoritarian left call everyone a Nazi? Is it possible that Connor Betts was looking at regular people, consumerism…people at these bars and these places as contributing to a system of climate change, of wealth inequality, and of fascism?”

“What I’m saying is, perhaps a delusional and crazy person in a paranoid state starts thinking the Nazis are out to get them because they keep seeing it over and over and over again.”

Pool admits that when he first heard about the two shootings, he assumed both perpetrators were white nationalists. “That is the bias we have in this country,” he said.

“Thus, we see politicians calling out the far-right extremists. We don’t see them calling out the far-left. In fact we see them doing the opposite. Calling for more. Praising the terrorists like Shaun King did. And that is what is truly terrifying.”

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  1. Calvin Condos

    Oh my one of the libtards own. Like most of the mass shooters have been.

  2. carol

    Why doesn’t the sick media report this?

  3. teegee

    Because the media is sick. That’s why !

    • Dick

      Sick with STUPID!!

  4. Marie

    This probably ties right back to Soros and the democrats. They will do anything to try and blame Trump. They are all losers. MAGA 2020!!!!!

  5. Mike Tanco

    So you blame Elizabeth Warren for the idiot in Ohio? And the asshole from Allen should have had psycho analysis many years ago.
    Where are the parents of both of these fools?

    • Lynn Kapus


  6. Louis Lipps


    • John Lemanski jr

      have you considered that the reason main stream media has not reported this is because the story is false?. and because I don’t keep up with anifta, it must be killing you that they are against murderess white supremist, albeit they are going about it the wrong way, they are at least going after the enemy white supremist. yes they are the enemy in case you didn’t know. and white supremist by the way are racists against a lot of inferior whites as they see it. you may be one of the whites they hate and would gladly kill.

      • Hannodb

        Except that Antifa labels *everyone* they dont like a Nazi, and they use every fascist trick in the book. They’re not fighting fascists, they ARE the fascists. The real threat to America today comes from the Marxist leftists, not the right. And if you think the msm is objective, you’re truly naive. 2 full years they reported on Trump as if the Russian collusion was a fact, only to turn out as fake news. And the msm goes on as if it never happened.

      • Jhai

        You do realise there people spend their days on forums denying, downplaying, or worse, defending Soviet atrocities. 1) they are as reprehensible as Neo-Nasis. 3) they are imbeciles who don’t even know the meaning of “white supremacists.” There are very very real white supremacists and they are deranged and dangerous. Antifa leave them alone. And instead conveniently label everyday conservatives this because they’re cowards. And imbeciles.

      • Knobby

        The article states that a Federal investigation revealed the shooter’s association with ANTIFA. Maybe those DoJ investigators cooked up a lie? Doubtful. The Dayton PD Chief also mentions the Perp has a Hit List. So no matter his political stripes, this fellow is/was a violent sociopath.

        This is the problem. A violent sociopath with $1000 can get a gun with ammo no matter how many laws are written – because they do not care about the gun laws.

        Strange how the American left-wing socialists come out and say “Nazis” and Fascists are the problem. “Nazi” is a contraction of the “National Socialist Party” of Germany, attributed to the German newspapers in the early 1930s. The “Nazi” Party was led by an infamous socialist, Adolph Hitler. Adolph and all the other socialist politicians, then and now, want unlimited power, which comes with unlimited wealth as a side benefit.

        Fascists want the government to influence industry – to the point of actual control – to gear up for absolute control of the populace through force and fear, and then move into neighboring countries for conquest. Again, this was effectively the Nazi (socialists) plan in the 1930s.

        As a conservative myself, I have to agree with the basic rhetoric of the Left: Reduce the influence of the Nazis and Fascists in the USA.

        The core of confusion perpetuated by the media: The modern Left does not seem to know that they are the contemporary form of the Nazi Party. Ultimate power is the goal, and the money comes from taxation/theft, not earning and giving.

        History does not repeat, but it does rhyme. (attribution unknown)

  7. Doug

    Antifa is financed by George Soros !

  8. Doug

    Should George Soros be allowed to live in this Country and Finance Antifa ?

  9. Bumperkm

    I believe that ANTIFA members should all be considered mental deplorables who need mental evaluations by professionals when they are arrested at their protests. The should be kept for 72 hours of evaluation and be added to a list of known terrorists because they try to evade any sense of sanity in their actions.

  10. Call me Roy

    No one takes care of the mentally ill
    An overwhelming percentage of all of these shooters are mentally ill or people who have been bullied. A huge study has already proved that. The problem is not guns. The problem is that our society no longer is able to take care of the mentally ill. Just go to the downtown area’s of any large American city and you will see the problem?
    So if Chernobyl Care (Obama Care) was so great why has it not addressed this problem? In fact, the problem has existed for decades but continually gets worse every year.
    These horrible problems are not going to stop until our society brings back mental institutions where these people’s problems can be addressed and where their movements can be restrained until they can be helped.

  11. Hannodb

    I cant help but notice. Every time I read a story about the Ohio shooter’s leftist ideas, the comment section is open for discussion. Everytime I read about Trump getting the blame for the Texas shooter, there is no comment section. Which just makes you ask: Which side is the real propaganda mill?

    • Jhai

      Obviously the side that contains easily brainwashed twits who believe in the infallibility of their own dogma and so they don’t comment to question the legitimacy of the media’s claims. Which is to say the Left.

  12. nexus

    I about had a knock-down fight with relatives who are soul-deep convinced Betts was a Trump fan.. nothing, no proof, means anything to them.
    When the HELL did Objective Proof become Null & Void?????