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D-Day … a lesson not learned

D-Day … a lesson not learned

On dedicating another cemetery to those killed in action at an earlier time, President Lincoln said, “it is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.”  And so it was … and so it is again.

On June 7th, the Western democracies memorialize another cemetery – this time in France.  More than 26,000 brave allied soldiers are laid to rest in French cemeteries as the result of the bloodiest battles in world history.  Untold millions of victims of Adolph Hitler’s insane and ruthless ambition for world power and domination are buried in countless other locations across the globe.

As is so often said at annual memorials of D-Day, “words cannot express…”  That could not be more true, but words and memories are all we have.

The United States – and our allies – were hellbent on a mission – a goal — to stop the bloody perpetrators of war to not only defeat them, but to destroy them.

World War II saw a great unity and dedication to a cause greater than life itself.  Men and women from many nations volunteered to protect the lives and freedoms of loved ones – families, friends and folks they did not know.  If World War II was the bloodiest in human history, it was met with the greatest nobility of purpose and courage.

Such remembrance also includes the words, “We shall not forget.”  But did we?  What has happened since D-Day and the end of World War II has not led to world peace, as the orators often suggest.  For the United States, it has been a prolonged Cold War and a series of never-ending proxy wars and conflicts – mostly without clear purpose and victories over tyranny.

Even in victory, the United States had a frail terminally ill President engage in negotiations that surrendered the freedom of the nations of eastern Europe to the ally-turned-enemy – the Soviet Union – setting the stage for many of the wars that ensued.

Within five years of the end of World War II, the United States became engaged in the Korean War – the stated mission of which was to prevent Communist China from seizing control of Southeast Asia.  America did not win that war.  In fact, the United States officially remains in a “state of war” with North Korea.  After suffering major losses, we walked away in defeat – leaving half that nation in the hands of the enemy.  A defeat that has major ramifications in the world today.

America took up the war against Communist advancement in Vietnam.  After years of bloody conflict, the United States withdrew — surrendered.  Unlike Korea, we lost the entire nation to the enemy.  And also, unlike Korea, because of years of diplomacy on both sides – and Vietnam’s fear of China – a friendly relationship has developed.

Following President Obama’s commitment to liberate the people of Syria from the bloody tyranny of dictator Bashar al Asaad, we “withdrew – leaving the nation in the hands of the enemy, an ally of Russia.

In what has been called the longest war in American history, President Biden ordered a surrender against the counsel of his military advisors and ally leaders.  Again, the most powerful nation on earth turned over another nation to the enemy.

When Russian madman Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, the United States and our NATO allies offered strong verbal condemnations, but restrained military responses.  The United States’ too little/too late response has resulted in a prolonged conflict with yet an uncertain outcome.

Now with the war on our ally Israel – launched by Hamas – we are again sounding the uncertain trumpet.  And the just battle by Israel is turned – at least currently – into a public relations victory for Hamas – with the United States contributing to that propaganda effort.

Yes, we remember and celebrate the victory of D-Day – and the heroic sacrifice of so many good Americans – but we seem to have forgotten the purpose, to make the world free for democracy,  We have been losing that battle incrementally for 80 years.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. larry Horist

    Ooops. Should be June 6th.

    • Tom

      This article gets a Stop The Spin rating of STS-3. Here is why, and yes the GOP has plenty of fault to go around, not to mention Larry (who always complains about Biden and Dems being late – POSTED THIS USELESS SCREED A DAY LATE!!! WAY TO GO BIG GUY!!! But you are not a veteran, you lived because others died for you. So why should we expect you to post your D-Day screed on time!!!

      1) Larry says, “In what has been called the longest war in American history, President Biden ordered a surrender against the counsel of his military advisors and ally leaders. Again, the most powerful nation on earth turned over another nation to the enemy. Larry, TRUMP DID THE NEGOTIATIONS IN THIS WAR AND DID NOT INCLUDE THE LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT OF AFGHANISTAN! Trump began this screw up. Biden ended it.

      2) Larry says, “The United States’ too little/too late response has resulted in a prolonged conflict with yet an uncertain outcome.” Hey Larry, Ukraine was winning the and pushing back the Russians until recently when the Republicans stopped Dem efforts to approve 60 billion in military aide for Israel and Ukraine! Yes Larry, Biden may have been late to give them what they need but they lost ground due to Republicans stalling the recent aid package!! Ukraine stated they needed the aid months earlier in order to keep the ground Way to go GOP!!! Seems like the GOP has not learned the D-Day lesson! And Trump calls our war dead “LOSERS”!!!

      3) 21 GOP congressmen voted against aid for Israel. Seems like some of the GOP has forgotten D-Day lessons! But what the hell, why shouldn’t they forget. Hell, ole Larry forgot to publish his useless D-Day screed on June 6th!!!! Way to go Larry. You are late like Biden!!! But on the bright side, you are not a felon like loser Trump!!!

      4) Please leave this US Veteran out of your summation that “we” have forgotten the lesson. No Larry, you might have, some of your GOP favorites might have, but not we veterans!!! We veterans remember, even when you are late!!!

      OH AND BY THE WAY, WHERE WAS TRUMP’S D-DAY SPEECH???!!! SEEMS LIKE HE FORGOT TOO. But then again, another almost 80 year old that lived while others died for his rotten family.

      • larry Horist

        Tom …. You loudly protest my posting my “screed” a day late? It was posted on D-Day– June 6. But I understand. Many old folks have trouble knowing what day of the week is. And that mistaken criticism is in line with the rest of your bs. The decision to pullout of Afghanistan was Biden’s and Biden’s alone. He was NOT obligated to follow Trump’s earlier agreement — and even Trump postponed it because the Taliban were not living up to the details. You should know better — which makes your rebuttal political propaganda — a lie.

        I was very critical of the hold up of the funds for Ukraine — and Trump’s lack of support — but that has nothing to do with Biden’s lack of support from the start. You appear to have put the apples and oranges in our mental blender. And as insulting and nasty as ever.

        • Tom

          Larry, you spin again like a top!!

          Did you sleep in 2020-2021? As part of the United States–Taliban deal, also known as the Doha Agreement, the Trump administration agreed to an initial reduction of US forces from 13,000 to 8,600 troops by July 2020, followed by a complete withdrawal by 1 May 2021, if the Taliban kept its commitments. Negotiated for the US by Zalmay Khalilzad for the Trump Administration, the agreement did not involve the then Afghan government. The deal, which also had secret annexes, was one of the critical events that caused the collapse of the Afghan National Security Forces.He set the timeline and agreed to a withdrawal, not Biden.

          So everything I said in my point 1 is true!!! It is you that should know better!!! Larry, why do you allow yourself to be so easily caught in the lies and spin that you do?

          • larry Horist

            Tom …Biden was not bound by the Trump deal. When you claim otherwise, you are lying, Why do you think Biden’s military advisors advised against — as did severally allies. Your lie does not gain veracity by repetition. Shame on you.
            The question to you … Was Biden obligated by the deal or could he reject it? You know the answer as well as I.

          • Tom

            Larry, I think you are being a bit disingenuous and craft. You know as well as I that he was not bound to the deal. The deal had an escape clause if Afghan peace talks failed – which they did. The choice Biden had was to either pull out of the deal and send more troops back to Afghanistan (resulting in more US deaths which you and MAGA would have chided to no end) or see the deal through which was left equally messy. Lisa Curtis, an Afghanistan expert who served during the Trump administration as the National Security Council’s senior director for South and Central Asia call it a “weak agreement” and “wishful thinking”. Such are the negotiating skills and leadership of your felon hero Trump.

            Personally, I felt we should have sent more troops and removed all of the military equipment in a final withdrawal on our time table.

            What I object to as an Independent interested in the full truth, is your description as Biden being responsible for the disaster when Trump’s administration laid the foundation for it all to happen. Trump also knew Taliban was not adhering to the agreement and did nothing because it was an election year. He punted it to his successor who then magnificently exacerbated the Trump screw ups. Additionally, remember that Trump was very caustic and did not do much briefing to Biden on this or anything else. Your felon hero secretly loved the disaster!!! Just like he loved the GOP voting down the Border Security Bill. They both own the blame for the Afghan debacle in my mind.

  2. frank stetson

    Only Horist could remember D-Day by talking about America’s failures while dropping a couple of Democrats names. He blames Biden for surrendering to the Taliban when Trump inked the deal, Biden just implemented (poorly too). Where’s the Bush men and Iraq? Where’s Trump playing kissy kissy with Putin, Kim, Erdogan, Xi and all the other autocrats he loves….. Nope, just Democrats named……

    My takeaway from D-Day this year was: holy shit, we got 200 guys there that were actually there? That’s freaking incredible. 80 years ago, maybe they were 15 and that makes them 95 or better. Way to go guys, and a few looked incredibly fantastic, and all looked great for their years. So proud of them for their service and coming out so we could remember the sacrifices.

    I was not born, but I experienced that war. Here’s my memory of that war. Horist alert — stop reading, it’s personal, and long…..

    Here’s the story of my dad. Only the battle was told to me. One time only. He smiled as he said he got shot in the ass. The truth is deeper. The rest, beyond the actual battle, is my research from a number of sources.

    Once there was a young boy, gifted, class President, sports hero, full scholarship award, who graduated High School in 1944, enlisted immediately, got married, and then he was off to training. He had been training in High School and raring to help out. He’s the only one of three boys from his family that went although the rest of family, Mom’s too, were there too.

    A few months later, after a bunch of training schools due to resource needs, he kept being bounced, he was not trained, and his story was he got to Monte Carlo and they asked “what can you do?” He said “nothing” and so they said you’re the tank commander then. He soon found himself a recon tank commander in a battle not unlike the Battle of the Bulge, a last chance German breakout attempt in France, towards the South.

    Funny sidebar. At that time he was a few miles away from my FIL who was protecting his mother and five sisters in Northern Italy on the Italian riviera. Later, meeting for the first time, my Dad sort of boasts — I slept under the tables at Monte Carlo to avoid the shelling. To which my FIL, responded, “I slept on top of the tables after a long night’s work there.” They were instant friends.

    As they entered the vacant town, he ran headlong into the German breakout. Ultimately, he met a Panzer and the Panzer won. He shouldn’t have been there; he shouldn’t have been commander, bad management. Told to recon a vacant village, they found themselves stupidly stuck in a dead end as the ground began to shake. They watched the barrel appearing round the corner, Dad yells down something like: “either we run or we fire and run, what say you boys.” They fired and then all Hell broke loose, Dad was tossed through a wall. Wounded, he caught a deadly case of diphtheria from crawling through the dank fields, lost the ability to speak, almost died, and was hospitalized for over six months in three different countries. His entire crew died. On his watch.

    His wife died of a septic abortion one week before the Panzer and the letter caught up with him in the field hospital. She was gifted too, was in her first year of a southern college of scholarship, was date raped, and this seemed her only solution. A southern standard of the backdoor abortion being re-established across the South today. Horist’s home state is a leader in the repression of rights. But that’s another story.

    My Father chose to live with that, by himself, the rest of his life. He was offered full disability, he turned it down famously saying: “the other boys need it more.” We grew up with the memories, we just didn’t know it. Sure, she was dead, but he was severely wounded and he passed those wounds onto his family. For the stupidity not to train him well, bad management that put him in that position, and for lack of a safe manner for woman’s health. He never disclosed his ordeals, he never bitched about the management, but he taught me to be highly suspicious of war and anyone thumping chest to go to war. Not to avoid, duck, but to be highly suspicious as to the reasons for war.

    The week after he got hit, Dad’s team went into Germany and into the camps. Dad heard about it first hand from visitors on R&R and was glad to miss it, sad to not be there for the other guys. His group could have been first in, but The Battle of the Bulge took priority and his team was told to stand down right at the border. They easily could have been first, but the priority was to have the other guys go in first for that glory. Management decision, again.

    I found out much of this story the hard way via ancestry and paid research mostly to confirm my findings. The military stuff just came in, covid took a couple of years out. I don’t know the father of her child; I don’t care. Could conceivably be my Dad’s even. What I do know is she did not deserve to die and, in case you haven’t put two and two together, if she could have gotten a safe procedure, I would not exist. For different reasons, my wife too would not exist either except for Hitler and what he did. Her father went behind the lines to protect mother and five sisters in Northern Italy. Disappeared for four years, his NYC wife remarried declaring him dead. Thus, your “protector of all life” stance would have negated our existence as well as my family’s. That seems against God’s wishes — given the reality of what happened under God’s eye.

    Both my wife and I are children of the 70’s, WWII casualties, and, for sure, I have passed some of that pain forward. My father’s pain, my wife’s father’s pain, that war is still part of my family. Yeah, we knew none of this and today tend to share these stories as if told to us by our parents. Are they accurate? No. They can’t be spot on, but we are very close.

    My FIL got on the boat at age 14 after WWI and sailed around the globe many times. He worked the Rex, which Mussolini, helped build, took The Blue Ribband, and was the fastest ship ever until the Germans built a bigger boat before WWII. It had on beach on board. Before the war, he was doing the NY-Caribbean tour and living in NYC. Tells stories about getting out of work in the city at 2am, crossing Central Park to get to his convertible on the other side. Oh my, things have changed a bit. He marries in NYC, a nice Italian immigrant, but heads home to Italy to care for Mom and five sisters. I imagine a stripped shirted resistance man with a little beret blowing up trains and bridges. I asked him what he did during the war and he said: slept. Bwhaaaat? He added: we were starving to death so you are either looking for food or not. And when not, you are so hungry that sleep is the only way to escape the pain. So, either looking for food or sleeping. Not much else. They all made it and no one was raped. But that man cherished his food. Could eat a lobster and only a handful of shell was left. Between the depression and the war, my wife and I were brought up to waste nothing and reuse everything.

    Another piece of family lore that I cannot provide hard-copy proof for is that when Dad was offered his disability pay, for life, he said: “let the other boys have it, they need it more.” He raised me in that image, but for the life of me I don’t understand. I would take it. This gives me pause whenever conservatives talk about liberals wanting government to provide all. Of course, I know they are wrong but then I think about my Dad’s views versus mine and wonder. I do accept government “handouts” when offered, not so much as deserved, but more of, “well, I paid for it so why not…..” Now I did give some covid bucks away in honor of Dad, but I still took it. Times and people change. Stories change. Yesterday’s Dixiecrat KKK’s are today’s Trumplicant Proud Boys and OathKeepers. Stories are important to creating who we are. I like telling heritage. I like stories. I am part Irish, really Irish, and spinning a yarn is what we do, embellishment is in our culture too. Live with it Horist, it’s who I am and I am not changing who I am for the likes of you.

    Symbols are important too. The flag matters. My Dad came away from war with that MASH attitude — the ridiculous nature of following orders from idiots. Rally round the flag just to replace one flag with another. Unity above righteousness. There is a line between patriotism and blind allegiance. Yes, he joined up for service against tyranny. But he was really there for his buddies, to protect and serve. And, as a Democrat, would never accept government assistance or thuggery of any kind. Once he was called upon to end a strike. He did his job, the strike ended on good terms thanks to him, and then he quit his job the next day. We moved a lot. I understand Biden’s life of almost upper middle class, but always middle class. Just don’t tell us what to do, what to think, from either side of the aisle. We are for community, we are all for a helping hand, but not for us personally, just leave us alone.

    I like “do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” “Do as I say, not as I do.” “I do, therefore I am.” And — “scoobie, doobie do.”

    When I hear people bitch about a mask, vaccine, inflation, supply chains, whatever, it is, it’s probably pandemic related, I think about my Dad, my FIL, the war, and say “give me a break. You really think you got it tough? You think this pandemic was bad, that Joe has sold the country down the river. That your life under Joe is so God damned awful. Well, bucko’s, let me tell you a story about a guy getting out of high school…I tell the story. As if he told it to me. With some enhancement no doubt. I don’t care what shitty little name Horist comes up with over this, he’s a fool using his meager tools to beat folks up, to win. He does not want to learn since he thinks he knows it all. Always has. He been an attack dog his entire life, picking fights, and then pretending the other guy did it. Fifty years of hating Democrats for his perceived problems. Imagine that.

    So yeah, when I hear people bitch about folks trampling down our symbols while their scotus raises extremist flag symbolism, when I hear folks, calling it a plague of violence while they take a shit in the Capitol People daring to say that’s freedom of speech by tourists gone wild, freedom of speech for big guys to attack election workers, juries, and even a judge’ daughter, I say arrest anyone who breaks the law. We are a nation of laws, a nation of ideas, a nation formed by the vison of equality for all. We ain’t perfect, but unlike Horist, I say —- we strive and continue to get better everyday. With a little Trumpian speed bump to get over…..and then, back on track.

    In sum, as you can tell, I do share a lot of stories. Not one of them is 100% true. How can they be? I like stories that have a point, not just beating up the other guy because he thinks different. Not all Republicans are bad. Trump energizes and emboldens the worst elements resulting in 1.6.2021 events. That’s bad. But even there, at least we know how many frustrated folks there really are out there in America’s heartland. I just wish Horist would try a level playing field of debate instead of the partisan political persuasion attempts supported by vitriolic name calling to degrade and demean anyone with different ideas based on who they are, not what they say. But I guess that’s why he votes Trump. He likes the poLIEcies. For the truth, truth social, and so-called Trump truth of it all. Fuck that shit is the bottom line. And fuck using D-Day to denigrate Democrats. That’s just so low on so many levels. Let me tell you a story about my Dad after D-Day.

    • Jim wampler

      Cut the bullshit and enjoy fag month You go on and on about the gomers and sad sacks in your family and then commit treason by supporting democrats. Hypocrite!!!!!

  3. Darren

    You ARE STILL WRONG ABOUT Jan 6th. You and every other Demarcate.
    NO ONE, AND I MEAN NO ONE stormed the capital because of anything Trump said.
    Over half the nation was in shock that they could go to bed with the majority of
    districts voted and from NO were their Candidate Looses!
    And in some cases days later as as counting laws were broken with time restriction, and
    days to count ballots well after the mail in time frame expired!
    Would Jan 6th have happened for Hillary, or George Bush, Hell NO.
    The reason is because like all politicians, they did NOTHING for the average person in America!
    What has Biden or actually the people using this old Front Token of a Senator done for the average
    The border, soft on crime, horrible foreign policy, NON of this helps anyone but Democratic leader ship and back door money.
    The 52% of the Voting public knows this and voted correctly 3 years ago.
    The younger generation does not care until horrible policy’s affect their lives. Now more of America has
    stopped drinking the Democrat cool aid, or rather the Status Quo Cool Aid and realizes all it takes is 1 person
    to send this country down the Shitter!
    I know this was a bit off the topic, but when will people learn Jan 6th was NOT ABOUT TRUMP.

    • frank stetson

      Darren, tough but fair, now that’s how to have a discussion. Thanks for that. Tough, but no attack, no names. Horist could take a lesson on your duolog over diatribe as he is apt to spew. I will probably avoid the Biden/Clinton tangents, but on the rest, while I doubt, I will change your opinion as to the election rigging, some facts to add:

      No, the 1.6.2021 capitol siege was all Trumpers after listening to a morning of Trump and Friends where they were told to fight, fight, fight, or you won’t have a country anymore. That’s just a fact. The same shit he had been spewing since BEFORE he lost the election, fair and square. Get a transcript of his speech, it’s frightening. I really doubt anyone could prove he incited the riot, but he most certainly sent those people to the Capitol. That too is just a fact. It was most certainly his people he sent to the capitol after hearing his words on that day. Worse yet, his friends told people basically to go to war. They were far worse than Trump.

      If you read the court records from criminals convicted from that day, a large number blame Trump and his words. Sure, maybe they are sissy’s looking to shed blame and get a lesser sentence. Don’t matter, that’s what they said, it’s in the court record, and Trump did not suggest perjury even. Trump, who would sue a piece of wood, did not contest any of their testimony about him. These are your people, your friends.

      Leonard Gruppo, of Clovis, New Mexico, in a letter to the judge sentencing him. Gruppo, a retired Special Forces soldier, was sentenced to three months’ house arrest. “The entire experience was surreal. I trusted the President and that was a big mistake.”

      Robert Palmer, of Largo, Florida, in a handwritten letter. Palmer threw a fire extinguisher and attacked police officers. He was given more than five years in prison. “I have realized that we, meaning Trump supporters, were lied to by those that at the time had great power, meaning the then sitting President, as well as those acting on his behalf. They kept spitting out the false narrative about a stolen election and how it was ‘our duty’ to stand up to tyranny. Little did I realize that they were the tyrannical ones desperate to hold on to power at any cost, even by creating the chaos they knew would happen with such rhetoric.”

      Attorney Kira Anne West, writing in a court filing for Glenn Wes Lee Croy, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, who was sentenced to three months’ home detention. “False claims were made on media sources, as well as by the President himself, that the election system had been corrupted and that the integrity of the election should be questioned. … Mr. Croy believed what he read on the internet and heard from the President himself — that the election had been stolen.”

      Valerie Elaine Ehrke, of Arbuckle, California, in a letter to the court. Ehrke was given three years’ probation. Trump never went to the Capitol that day. “The only plan I had was to go to the White House Ellipse to listen to President Trump’s speech. He said during his speech that he would be going to the capitol after he spoke and he asked us to walk there together after his speech.

      Emanuel Jackson, adopted a legal defense: seeking to pin the blame on Donald Trump, citing the former president’s remarks at a “Stop the Steal” rally shortly before the Capitol siege. There is a plea deal on the table.

      That’s your people, the people who did 1.6.2021. There are many, many more blaming Trump. Then there’s your leadership like McConnell who said: “There’s no question — none — that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day. No question about it,” he said then, calling it “a disgraceful, disgraceful dereliction of duty.”

      Even Lyndsey Grahm concluded: “All I can say is count me out. Enough is enough.”

      Ted Cruz noted: “a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol.”

      Of course, a few days later, after it became apparent Trump would continue his power grab in the conservative movement, they all went Gaetz who with MTGreene screamed: “We’re ashamed of nothing.” How could they be. Look at what they’ve done.

      Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Trump is all about power and corruption, IMO.

      These are your people Darren, not liberals. And there are many, many, more. Whatever Trump said, many feel they were acting on his behalf and making him proud. That’s in the court record. As he sat for three hours watching, having sent his army in, but never intending to join them as promised, just as he ducked Vietnam in the 60’s, this President just let it burn and never called for the troops to quell the people that he sent. And to the Republicans who let this stand, worse yet, the ones who condemn Trump one day, and blame the Democrats for Trumpism the next day, may you all do the Hawley and run, run, run away like frightened schoolgirls seeing a snake in the grass.

      Darren, for the election, first —- now we have adjudicated Trump as a convicted felon for rigging the 2016 election against Hillary by paying hush money to keep bad reports of him and the porn star that spanked him, of him and a playboy model, and something about a love child by someone the doorman knows, to keep reports of him out of the press destroying free speech as we treasure it. All to win against Hillary in a race so close that he LOST the popular vote, he lost the people. That’s just a fact, jack. He 2016 campaign staff upper management mostly went to jail for a variety of reasons. I think over a half dozen convictions. Of course he pardoned all except Cohen (not in the campaign) and Weissenberg (don’t know what this drumfunk did wrong).

      In the 2020, you claim much about the election, you can prove nothing, and I have over 65 failed court cases trying to do just that. You have half a dozen recounts, usually done by your own people., all failed. Most of his lawyers have pleaded guilty to trying to rig the 2020 election; I think we are up to three, and counting. His hit man, Ghoulliani is on the hook for $146m for spreading Trump’s manure for him about the 2020. First rule of being a hit man is to not be seen Rudy…..

      So, you can say you have the stuff to convict, you don’t. You can say it’s unfair, unjust, and just Democrats being Democrats, but it is not just Democrats. His own people are the ones testifying against him, standing up to do the right thing and tell the truth. Open you heart, your mind, and perhaps take another look.

      Good discussion, really appreciate a normal chat.

  4. LMB

    Frank, You sound like Biden telling a story about him being at the Bastille during the French Revolution!!

    • larry Horist

      LMB …I did not bother reading his latest rant past his personal insult, but Frank has established a reputation here for peddling malarky in his personal stories. He even admitted to embellishing stores because he is Irish. I could say he is on his “high horse” but I think he generally rides an ass. No one has more respect for our men and women in the military than me. I well understand the price of losing a Marine grandson — and nasty-ass Frank has mocked that, In a recent posting, he accused me of not writing about Memorial and D-Day. I spent my time on Memorial Day at the cemetery with my daughter — and low-life Frank knows my situation. He is both a liar and a contemptable human being who makes attacking me his reason for being. But then … everyone has to have a hobby. LOL

      • Americafirst

        And Larry you left something about Franks personality. He is a psychopath, according to some doctors I showed his comments to . . . . ! Oh, I can’t wait for the saga to continue when he reads my comment. What a show this site woud make. It’s enlightening to say the least!

      • Frank stetson

        Pugnacious prick Horist feigns insults where none exist as is his way. He sees disagreement as defamation. Insult where none exists. And some shit about me mocking his son. BUSTED. Horst lies. The only insult was way down the article where I targeted Horist for exactly what he did here. Asshole.

        You did not write anything about memorial and and when I wrote it, no D-day story.

        A day in the cemetery. Yeah, the whole day. Sure. Right.

        Whatever. Sigh. I’m just under his skin and he can’t move beyond it. Haters gotta hate. He had no call for that.

  5. Frank stetson

    Lmb, thank you for talkin smack in disbelief about my father’s and fil’s service during wwii. Sorry that my reality seems fictional to you. But then again, it’s expected that those with uneventful. boring, lives of frustration and failure might do exactly that.

    My father lived more in his first 20 years than you will in your entire life I would guess. My FIL experienced the world many times over by the time he was 20, I am guessing you rarely leave podunk.

  6. frank stetson

    Sorry folks, but in looking at this again, I must reply a second time and do a little crying in my beer (which I don’t drink much of).

    Hoirst and LMB have called me a liar, an embellisher, full of malarky and my father’s story is the result – a lie, an embellishment, malarky.

    Horist says; “No one has more respect for our men and women in the military than me.” Yet he calls my father’s service and sacrifice a lie so the Horist respect stops at the party line.

    This is an ad hominem in the third person as he attacks my family, their stories, their sacrifice. Not to mention his attack on free speech. Sure, you can say it, and then, if he dislikes you, he will even attack your family, this man of honor, supposedly.
    And NO, Horist, I did not dishonor your son’s sacrifice, and if I got close, I apologized for my mistake. Your thin skin only works one way, you are always the insulted who can’t see the insults you hurl FIRST. The little boy who picks the fight and then blames the other guy for starting it. You claim to be always the persecuted, the picked-upon. No wonder you like Trump. Of course, I admit embellishing my personal stories. Everyone does. It’s just that we Irish do it with style. You, on the other hand are a junk-yard dog sinking your teeth into that sound bite you are so proud of, thinking it really hits a nerve, and now attempt to drive it in, over and over. I said it: my stories get embellished over time in the tradition of my ancestors. Do you really have a fucking problem with the thing that most of humanity does to one extent or another? Anyone here not thinking that their stories get a little “flair” over time? Or do we all claim our stories never change? Are we all the liars Horist claims we are. Embellishment —- look at the Horist bio. He wrote it himself. Guess what…….embellishment.

    Somehow Horist wants to equate that with lying. And that he never does it. Like I said, he sees things only one way. Gotta get back to Mayberry. Black and white issues and solutions. Democrats bad. Fear. Hate. Diatribe, not discussion.

    But, on this one, you crossed the line, you fucked with my family, you called my father a liar and his story untrue. That’s wrong and over the line. And you did it without even reading the piece. Just saying and so you know, if I did this, I would step up and do the right thing. I would not defend, I would not duck. I would not ignore. But you….. you will ignore or just call me a liar, say that you are right, and you will sleep tight tonight knowing that you won, you made “the other side” feel bad.
    And you did that shit without even reading the piece. Congrats, you are indeed a pugnacious prick of the nth degree.

  7. larry Horist

    Frank Stetson …. Grow up and get smart. First of all, this is a week old thread. Virtually no one is reading these comments any more. We are essentially having a private chat…lol. But I did read this one because I noticed that your attack is all about me … again. That is your obsession, and I understand that. For your edification — if that is even possible — I will respond briefly.

    I did not — and do not — disparage hour families military service. I just question the veracity of you telling it. You have lied about your past in the past — and said you “embellish” because of you Irish background — using the stereotype of Irish as tall tale tellers. My dubiousness was in your telling — not what ever reality it might be based on. I did not attack your family because I do not know their stories. Only you telling raises questions. You even again admit embellishing your personal stories — claiming everyone does. No Frank. Everyone does NOT embellish there stories. I have found over my lifetime that the vast majority of folks tell their stories accurately. We have often seen people playing down their heroic actions. You have fallen into the trap of believing that because you embellish lie), so does everyone.

    Hmmm. What is the embellishment in my bio? Every sentence is factually true. Also, you claim that I always claim to be persecuted and picked on. LOL When did I ever claim that? In fact, I do not feel persecuted or picked on. Quite the opposite.

    But I see that you have elevated my pugnacious prick-hood to the nth degree. Is that official … and can I use it in my resume? LMAO.

    so … stifle your concocted indignation … unbunch your undies … and try to comprehend what I write instead of spinning it all the time. And above all, stop using your pretend straw man Larry Horist as the tool of your obsession.

    Fortunately, I had a little time to waste at the moment…. so I decided to waste it on you. That may you feel important and relevant? LOL


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