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Cruz Quits!

Cruz Quits!

Senator Ted Cruz, after taking a beating in Indiana has suspended his campaign tonight.  In his concession speech, introduced by his recently picked running mate Carly Fiorina, he noted that all paths to the nomination were closed.  His audience was clearly surprised at the announcement, all indications were that Cruz would continue to a potentially brokered convention and attempt to get the nomination on subsequent votes. 

At the time of this writing, Donald Trump has 52% of the vote, to Cruz’s 36%, and Kasichs 8%.

Donald Trump, realizing a knock out was at hand, ran a disciplined and focused campaign in Indiana. The polls had him ahead by increasing margins.

Donald Trump and Ohio Governor John Kasich are still in the race. We had expected Kasich to be a positioned well to be selected as Trump’s running mate.  However this is much less likely since any leverage in the convention is now gone. However he does still control the State of Ohio, critical in the general election.  If he keeps his campaigning at a high level and does well in the remaining states (we don’t expect him to win), he may still have a shot.

We had predicted a Trump nomination over a month ago, but I have to admit with all of the behind the scenes manuevers with delegates I feared for the Republican Party.





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