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Crazy Guy Murder Attempt on Kavanaugh? I smell a rat

Crazy Guy Murder Attempt on Kavanaugh? I smell a rat

You may be aware that 26-year-old Nicholas Roske was arrested outside of the house of Supreme Court Judge Bret Kavanaugh. He was dropped off by a taxi with a briefcase that contained a gun, a knife, some pepper spray and burglary tools.

He then proceeded to call 911 and confess that he was crazy saying “I need psychiatric help,”  that he had been in the hospital multiple times, and that he was going to cooperate fully. Apparently two calls 15 minutes in total. The police arrived shortly thereafter to arrest him.

But wait a minute. NBC news is reporting that he only did this after he was spotted by federal marshals.

The conspiracy theorist in me says that he fully intended to kill Bret Kavanaugh.  He only made the 911 call after he was essentially caught. 

In fact, it seems to me this was not a plea for help. It was a well thought out contingency plan. His insanity defense was already in the works.

So the man under arrest is now seen as a “lone wolf” who has been hospitalized before and wants to get treatment before he hurts someone.  He will be treated at a mental hospital and be back on the street in a couple of years.

An intended assassin would be in line for a 20 year prison sentence.

I smell a rat.

Could I be wrong? Of course.  I have no insider information here, I’m just putting together the information that is publicly available.

Will the FBI take the time to investigate his associations and contacts? Will they attempt to unearth associates and co-conspirators and potentially arrest allies of the Biden Administration who are afraid that Roe vs. Wade will be overturned?

This was, after all, an assassination attempt on a Supreme Court Justice.

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  1. john fudacz

    heres another case of of some bozo using the insanity card to keep justice from being done ! that how most repeat ofenders get away with this crap!!

  2. Ben

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    • Miles collins

      I believe that he was put up to it by the democrats and pot baby murder crowd and will have all charges dropped and be freed. It’s probably also involving the antigun commies

  3. j. moore

    IMPEACH the A/G for not doing what he was sworn to do. He has violated his oath of office and thank goodness he was not appointed to the Supreme Court. He is a POS and never has been able to do his job and he is like 95% of the idiots like joe china biden and the ones he has appointed to his administration.