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Covid-19 Fearmongering at the Youfit Gym

Covid-19 Fearmongering at the Youfit Gym

The Covid-19 emergency is over in Florida. Governor DeSantis signed a proclamation that it was no longer necessary to wear masks in the State of Florida and further, that local governments were not allowed to pass their own laws reinstating any of this. It’s over.

But a number of businesses chose to continue the mask policy for quite a while after the emergency was over. Youfit was one of these.

I arrived at Youfit several days ago and was told summarily that I could not enter without a mask. (Full disclosure, the person at the desk was rude to me, and I reciprocated. I am no longer a member of Youfit).

Yes, it is true that private companies can do what they like. But then again, I had a contract with Youfit. I would never have signed a contract requiring me to wear a mask. The rule requiring a mask was imposed upon them by the State and I understand that, but once the emergency was over, they should have immediately reverted back to the original rules. Any court would find that rule unreasonable.

But let’s examine the motives here.

Do you think that Youfit corporate knew something about the virus that the State of Florida did not?

Was there some particular bio-hazard present in Youfit facilities that is not present in the hundreds of bars and restaurants that were fully open at the time?

If either was the case, I will gladly print a retraction. But no, I don’t think so.

Youfit wanted its members to know that they “care” about them, right?

In other words, they wanted to propagate the terror of Covid-19 by making people wear masks – strictly for public relations purposes.

They didn’t want their members to go back to a normal life, they didn’t want to alleviate the stress of Covid-19, they wanted Youfit facilities still under lockdown emergency members to show how much they “cared” about their members.


And strictly for their own marketing purposes?


I can’t claim to be in the heads of Youfit managers. Perhaps they are Democrats and wanted to disagree with our Republican Governor? Plenty of that going around. Perhaps Youfit managers do not believe in democracy, and have a problem with our Governor making theses decisions – our duly elected Governor who was elected specifically to make these kinds of decisions for our State?

You can probably tell that I am disgusted with Youfit. And I am disgusted with all of those other businesses who claim “an abundance of caution” and such BS. When in reality it is their own hides they are looking after, not their customers.

Complete BS.

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  1. TitTat

    It looks like a girly gym from all the pink in the photo – yuck.

  2. Ben

    “Hello, this is Karen, l demand to speak to the manager”

    Goddamn Jacob, you are a whiny little bitch.

    I think it’s important to point out that the CDC allows for non mask wearing IF you’ve been fully vaccinated. And to clarify, it is NOT against Hippa to ask some one if they are vaccinated.

    I still really don’t get the aversion to masks. Especially if the business requests that you wear them. Even though I am double vaccinated, I come in contact with hundreds of people on a weekly basis, some of which are homeless and sick. It just seems like an added safety measure that is the polite thing to do. Plus, you never know what health concerns our neighbors may be dealing with.

    Find a new gym, it’s your power of being the consumer.

    Again, I’ll refer to the ol gay wedding cake, y’all have been arguing for years that businesses reserve the right to restrict who they serve in their business. Now that chicken is coming home to roost y’all are having a fit.


    • RJ O'Guillory

      …I enjoy the roasting of “Karens” as much as the next person, but I don’t get the connection to “Can I speak to the Manager”? If I am a customer and the facility has disappointed me, treated me rudely, is managed poorly…or my rights have been violated…just who should I ask to speak to? The Janitor? I don’t mind speaking to The Janitor, if they are empowered to solve the issue, but I have a right to bring issues to the attention of management. In fact, all management should value customers who bring issues to their attention, as it provides another piece of input into how to improve operations, satisfy that customer, or satisfy more customers…which is the point of owning a business. Build the customer base, build your revenue. Build your revenue, you should be able to build your profits.

      • Ben

        Obviously the Gym has crunched the numbers and made a calculated decision that there are more customers that feel comfortable with masks than there are whinny bitches like Joe that are going to try to cancel their membership. Thereby maximizing their profits.

    • Sheryl

      How is it that HIPPA protects personal medical information but does not cover the COVID19 vaccination? And speaking of roosting, it is ILLEGAL to be in the United States without proper documentation yet no one can ask for proof of that documentation….same with voting…one is to be LEGALLY registered to vote yet no one is allowed to ask for proof of that documentation. C’mon man, you know….the thing….the goose-gander thing.

    • Anonymous

      It takes one to know one.

    • Patended Phil

      Mr. Dover – once again you’ve allowed yourself to rant on false premises. Double-vaccinated? Boy are you a piece of work. If the vaccines work, then they work- but you probably skipped all science classes in your obviously sparing education, otherwise you’d understand the science behind them. But hey, why let science get in the way? Fauci & Co obviously don’t. As to masking, I for one suffer from breathing problems, particularly when Progressives are nearby. And for those such as me, why should a minority of people be allowed to trample on my right to the pursuit of happiness? If there is the possibility of a problem presenting itself to me, I won’t go. Please give the rest of us that same consideration.

      • Ben

        Pretend Phil,
        I’m not a boxer, so I’ve never had any sparing education.
        Who is trampling your rights? No one is keeping you from your pursuit of happiness. Except the businesses that y’all have argued for years should be able to exclude service for firmly held beliefs.
        You do you, why would you care if I wear a mask? Honestly I wear a mask out of politeness and concern for my fellow man. There isn’t science to back up if I come in contact with someone with Covid , even though I’m vaccinated and won’t get sick, that I can’t pass it it on to someone that is immunocompromised. Plus I don’t want anyone thinking I’m a trump supporter. Seems like a small inconvenience and absolutely no knock on my overall happiness.

  3. Ben

    HIPPA protects you from your medical provider from sharing your private medical information with other people and entities. It does NOT limit businesses / people from asking for your medical information , nor does it preclude them from barring you from services based on your answer or lack there of.
    You may remember the gay wedding cake argument.
    How can I take you seriously when you don’t even know the basics of laws you’re harping about?