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Court Forces 7-Year-Old Boy to Begin Sex Change – Against Father’s Pleas

Court Forces 7-Year-Old Boy to Begin Sex Change – Against Father’s Pleas

Life as normal ended this week for 7-year-old James Georgulas when a jury voted 11-12 against his father, who sought sole custody of his son to avoid a plan to begin sex change therapy.

The sex change will be facilitated by the boy’s mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, who believes her son’s childish notion of turning into a girl named Luna is a good idea.

The battle between Georgulas and her ex-husband Jeffery Younger came to a head last year when Georgulas threatened Younger with a child abuse charge based on his refusal to accept their son as “transgender.”

In her original filing, Georgulas demanded Younger refer to his son as “Luna” and keep him away from any person who would not confirm the child’s female identity. She also demanded he pay for a therapist, who confirmed James’s identity as transgender and recommended hormonal treatments starting at age 8.

The court ruling grants full custody of James to his mother and blocks Younger from sharing any biological or faith-based information on sexuality with his son.

Younger, who is devastated by the ruling, says James acts like a normal 7-year-old boy at his house and refuses to wear girls’ clothing. Witnesses support his statements.

“I want you to imagine having electronic communication with your son on FaceTime, and imagine that your ex-wife has dressed him as a drag queen to talk to you,” says Younger. “He has false eyelashes and makeup. His hair has got glitter in it. He’s wearing a dress.”

Younger claims his ex-wife only gave James affection when he dressed like a girl. At night, she locked James in his room and told him that monsters only eat boys. 

“Now imagine how you would feel seeing what I believe is actual sexual abuse,” continues Younger. “I believe this is not just emotional abuse but is the very, most fundamental form of sexual abuse, tampering with the sexual identity of a vulnerable boy.”

Author’s Note: Whether or not you believe in gender dysphoria, it seems obvious that James behavior has nothing to do with want to be a girl.

James began acting like a girl after watching Disney’s Frozen, and is likely focused on playing dress-up at his mom’s house to escape the reality of his parent’s divorce.

Georgulas, who is likely pushing the transgender card to take her son away from her ex-husband, is committing the worst sort of child abuse here. If Georgulas goes ahead with the treatment, she is dooming her son to a lifetime of physical suffering, social isolation, and perhaps suicide.

Let’s hope Younger has the chance to appeal the court’s decision to a jury with more rational thinkers. James should have the chance to enjoy his childhood without being forced to change his gender. If he really wants to get a sex change he can do so as an informed adult. 

Editor’s note:  This is obscene.

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  1. David Capuano

    She must be a wack job from California, as well as the judge. The kid should decide on his own when he gets older, then help him. Most importantly, only the taxpayers will have to support him after his mother is done “helping ” him.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie

      No!, the genuine psychotics are the 12 jurors who sided with as you put it whack job wife, you cannot blame a judge if it is a trial by jury.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie

      That is major buffalo chips, horse apples, etc., his mother allowed the procedure and the responsibility of any future psychiatric treatment should be hers and hers alone.

    • june burgess

      Whats going to happen when he hits puberty and wants a girlfriend, become a lesbian LMAO

  2. William Craig Fisher

    The Father is Right an the Mother is a sick bitch.

  3. Kate

    This is ridiculous……this child is in first grade…..the mom definitely is not fit to raise a child. She said he has been dressing like a girl since he watched the movie Frozen…..let him watch “the lion king” he’ll want to be a tiger next week…..

    • Craig Michael Vandertie

      That is what happens when mothers are upset they popped out a prince rather than a princess.

  4. Bob Vinik

    Boys and girls who have not reached puberty don’t have a well established sexuality. And the boys and girls play together without major sexual identities. The girls are more likely to play with dolls and the boys with toy trucks. However, when puberty happens the motivation to attract the opposite sex develops. That’s when an individual might be attracted to same sex persons and define his or her orientation.

  5. Unholyone

    To the author: The obvious question is where did this abomination occur? And it does matter because they had 13 idiots all in one place at the same time. Twelve jurors and a judge who accepted the case.
    How freakin’ ridiculous! The child has not reached puberty where the secondary sex characteristics START to develop. I cannot believe anyone would condone this for any child, for any reason, let alone he watched a movie. He hasn’t reached physical or emotional maturity yet. As for the mother, what kind of “doctor” is she? Witchdoctor is my guess. If she is licensed, it should be revoked.
    My congrats to the author for bringing this sad tragedy to light, but remember the 5 W’s and H.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      We’ve covered this a few times, it is mind numbing that people think this way and are willing to harm a child to be politically correct.

    • Jackie Dupre

      It is happening in Texas

    • David Barron

      Seems like we have another wack job as a commenter.

    • Deanna Hendrickson

      I’m sorry but do you think that the Holocaust didn’t happen? If so read history.

  6. Craig Michael Vandertie

    The American Psychiatric Association is a group of psychotic losers.

  7. michael cieslak

    This is a court “hell bent on destroying a childs life”, and the court is just a Liberal Nutcase !

  8. Unholyone

    The “doctor” is a pediatrician and from Coppell, TX.

    • David Barron

      Then she should be sent to recurrent Doctor school on when and for what reason sexual orientation is first developed and let the kid make up his mind before doing the weenie wack and tuck job.

      • J E C

        IRREVERSIBLE TOO….can not be undone so he will be made a person ility as long as he lives if he doesnt comit suicide

  9. James (Jim) Harvey

    When I was 7 years old I wanted to be “The Lone Ranger!” After that, I wanted to be “Superman!” After that I wanted to be “Wonder Woman or Bat Girl!” I also wanted to fly! Then I wanted to be “Batman!” Before that I wanted to be Popeye and Mighty Mouse! It’s called imagination. This idiot mom needs to sit back and allow her son to grow up to the point he develops into an adult and can make that decision for himself.

  10. Doug

    This should not be allowed until the child is 18. Then the child could make up their own mind. The mother along with the jurors must be mentally ill. Pray for Father and Child .

  11. Martin Moon

    This is clinical child abuse. You don’t have to be a child psychologist to realize exactly what is happening here. This is very dangerous, and needs to be overturn immediately. This is nothing more than a third party imposing it’s will, to push a false narrative. Even if it means exploiting a 7 year old boy to do it. I believe Walt Disney is turning over in his grave. With what has become of vision and company. These are truly despicable circumstances. Truly unconscionable.

  12. Mike Boston

    This is Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy. the Mother is a sick, sad, demented lump of excrement. And all the people saying the BOY should decide for HIMSELF, are you crazy? He can no more decide what sex to be than HE can choose to have four legs and 15 fingers. There are only TWO sexes and HE is MALE!

  13. Det. Blyberg

    I am in shock to learn that a doctor, in whatever field, would allow a 7 year old to make a decision about a sex change; this person is too young to make such a demand. This is a child that should be playing with toys.

  14. Ron Clark

    This is proof that the rights of the father in custody battles are still often ignored, the belief that the father works all day to pay the blood sucking mother, so he can’t possibly have time to raise the child properly. Custody in this case should not have been given to the mother when it is obvious she plans physical and mental abuse to a harmless child who is not old enough to make such personal life changing decisions. It’s a fact that children play, and often it is make believe and sometimes even they are the pretending to be the opposite sex, mom has to realize especially with her education, that it is just normal play, This is her and the court bending logic to conform to special interest views as to what is politically correct for the child. Scientists have proven time and time again that the sex a child is born with permeates every cell in their body and kicks in when the child reaches puberty. What on Gods earth does a boy do when puberty hits with a vengeance at that same time when a sex change is going on, this could eventually lead him to suicide, everyone would be for poor mom for the loss, when it should be mom charged with murder.

  15. Det. Blyberg

    This 7 year old should not be making supreme court decisions.

  16. Lisa Essman

    I can’t even begin to imagine what this poor child is being subjected to. And for the courts to side with this wacko mother is just insane. Is there any way to have a petition against this atrocity? I’m sure we could get enough people to sign it. This just makes me sick to my stomach. This women has no right to be around children. This is just a ploy against her ex-husband and the only one being hurt is this poor boy. Just sickening.

    • Jackie

      I read today the Go Ernie or someone in Texas, maybe a senator or congressman is getting involved

  17. Carlotta

    Who the hell was on this jury? A jury made up of the damned?

  18. Linde Barrera

    I agree with Craig Michael about this boy’s mom. “Frozen” is a great story, but so is “Daniel Boone” and “Superman”. How come James cannot try on the costumes for those masculine roles and play the part?

  19. dick yocum

    This stupid mother is making a lifelong decision about what she thinks is right for this child. Later in life when he is old enough he is going to take a gun and shoot this stupid bitch for ruining his life. And if he needs a gun I would be more than happy to provide him with one. And what the hell is wrong with these jurors to make this possible and the judge too for that matter. Is the whole world going fucking crazy

  20. Jimmy Carter

    An earlier article said the boy wants to be a boy. He dresses and plays as a boy when with his dad. The mother is pushing him to be a girl, probably to retaliate against the father.

  21. Madeline Rankin

    I think its only the mom that wants this and the boy figures he needs to please his mom because she wants a girl not a boy…..I hope those people on that jury can sleep at night because I think what they did was wrong its up to the boy NOT THE MOM AND DAD…….the mom needs help to get her act together and the boy should be put in a foster home so he can make up his mind what he really wants …..she had to really push the child to make this decision …..its sad when parents can decide if their child wants to be a boy or a girl without the child wanting it…..that is abuse 100%

  22. Andrejs Briedis

    P\athetic and bizarre are words that come to mind after reading this story. There is a young boy in the world who hasn’t even developed his mind enough to make such a life altering//changing decision yet his mother is making it for him through her maligned manipulation and psychosis and using a court to actually fulfill it! How on earth could a “judge” let this go this far?! The people involved in this decision must be sick and demented to actually think they’re doing the right thing… . The topsy turvy of this is so blatantly obvious and ironic it boggles the mind. WAKE UP PEOPLE!



  24. Fred S

    This judge is completely NUTS, this child should have to wait until his legal age.

    BTW if he/now she changes his/her mind later is the judge going to be held responsible?

  25. Bruce Schweyer

    STOP using such milquetoast and benign terms like “sex change therapy”, “transgender medicine” or “gender reassignment surgery”. What we’re having to contend with here is potentially castration, dismemberment and vivisection. Now WHO would want to a thing that like? What we’re having to deal with here is something truly horrendous. We’re having to square off with Absolute Evil.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      OOUCH! I would hate to be “dismembered”…