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Could Trump’s January 6. Trial Drop Before the Election? 

Could Trump’s January 6. Trial Drop Before the Election? 

As anticipated, Donald Trump has torn through all of his opposition, and despite claims by a desperately clinging on Nikki Haley, he is the presumptive nominee for the GOP. But could the former president’s January 6 trial hit before the election, and what could it mean for the Trump Train if it does?

While the former president had a resounding victory in Iowa, nearly a third of Republican caucusgoers told pollsters that Trump would not be “fit” for the presidency if he is convicted of a crime — a sizable defection that, if it held, could derail Trump’s general election chances. However, polling in this area is challenging, so it is best to take this figure with a considerable grain of salt. Some portion of these people, for instance, may believe Trump would literally be incapable of serving as president if convicted of a crime — perhaps because he would immediately be hauled off to prison or disqualified — which is not true, and which they would eventually come to learn if things moved in that direction.

Despite various indictments and accusations, the single most important case — for both political and legal reasons — is the Justice Department’s prosecution over Trump’s effort to overturn the 2020 election. As of this writing, that trial technically remains on the calendar for March 5, but the pretrial proceedings have been stayed while Trump pursues his bid to have the case dismissed on the theory that he is immune from criminal prosecution in the case, and the judge recently acknowledged that this date is almost certainly going to have to move. A panel of judges on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral argument on the issue earlier this month, though it is not clear when they will issue their ruling. After they do so, Trump could seek a rehearing before the whole court and, after that, an appeal to the Supreme Court itself.

If the Supreme Court ends up taking the appeal, it is unclear how long the justices would take to resolve the issue. Smith’s team indicated that its overarching objective is to have the Supreme Court hear the case and issue an opinion during its current term. The current term is likely to end in late June or early July. Assuming that they bow to pressure and do hear the appeal in this term, and assuming the rule against Trump’s claims of “ultimate immunity”, that leaves four full months between the end of June and Election Day on November 5. On paper, that is more than enough time for the trial to take place.

 Smith’s team has said they anticipate their case against Trump taking four to six weeks. It is rare for criminal defendants to put on substantial or lengthy defense cases after the government rests, though Trump’s lawyers may claim they intend to do so, if for no other reason than to complicate the scheduling of the trial. This all means that there is a possibility that Trump will be on trial during the campaign and could be convicted before Election Day. If that happens and he is convicted, we will then find out in earnest what the actual political consequences are for Trump’s reelection effort.

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  1. John sloan

    We know the true story behind this witch hunt It’s back door election stealing


    Witch hunt? Surely you jest.

    And much is happening, much will happen in 2024, the rest in 2025. And the later cases can not be pardoned away at the Federal Level, they are State charges. Trump and Trump businesses have already been found guilty all over the place. Beginninng before his Presidency with the Trump University fraud, and when he got caught stealing from his own charity foundation, Trump has continued his illegal acts to get ahead, make more money, and have lots of extramarital sex. Remember, good friends with Epstein. A gut check:

    He’s already guilty, twice in the defamation part of this civil case, in the EJ Carroll case: he’s a sex abusing digital rapist. The jury beleives the other witnesses saying he did it to them too. He went for appeal and the judge said: by any common definition, you are a digital rapist, denied. Close to 90M in penalities

    His business has already be found guilty of 17 counts criminal crimes conspiracy, criminal tax fraud and falsifying business records. His CFO is in jail. $1.6M in fines.

    The DC 2020 election fraud case focused on here is set for March, will not make the date. However, Trump was shot down royally, literally, for trying to remove the gag order on him to protect the court, the jury, and the witnesses from his defamation spurring his sycophants to stalking, swatting, and worse in support of their fractured fake. There are four charges, Trump is under appeal for his whacko immunity concept, the judges have closed the court process and will make their decision, probably to deny, soon. Then it’s up to the Supremes to decide whether the SCOTUS will hear the appeal. Most think May for the court case, if it proceeds.

    The Georgia RICO conspiracy case will not complete in 2024, but may start as early as August of 2024 where Trump has conspiracy and 12 other criminal counts against him. There are 19 defendents, including ring leader Trump, however, Trump’s lawyers have already pled guilty and will provide info and testify against Trump. Some have been in the room for big decisions made by Trump, Eastman and others in the case. Given his lawyers have pled, this case does not look good for Trump.

    The NY Hush-Money Case involving a bribery scheme to hide an extramarital affair from the voters because Melania the communist was very pregnant after Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal, claimed they had sexual encounters with Trump years before plus some Trump Tower doorman who claiming he knew of a child Trump had out of wedlock. M. Cohen already went to jail on this and Trump was unindicted co-conspirator number one in that case. He’s up on 34 felony charges with a possible four years in prison, Cohen got 3 years, but did not serve all three. Right now, this case is on for 3/24/2024 and given Cohen’s guilt, Cohen’s time, and Cohen’s unindicted co-conspriator being Trump, does not look good.

    The NY Civil Fraud Case is in the judges hands, the verdict expected any day now. Trump is on the hook for $370M and Trump has been found guilty on the top counts so just the punishment is to be determined. Guilty of cheating at business, the other open charges to be decided soon, in the judges hands, include allegations of conspiracy, insurance fraud and falsifying business records. All to be decided by the judge, who will also decide whether Trump must shutter his businesses in New York. He is guilty, the only question is how guilty and how much penalties which will probably include closing his businesses and selling his assets in NY. He is toast on this one to be decided any day now,

    The documents trial is currently scheduled for May. This is a Trump-selected judge who has already been a bit whacko so it’s a crap shoot as to May happening. In his own words and deeds, he looks guilty, but jury is out on this one, at this time.

    Republicans continue to overlook all this crap and support this guy with words, deeds, and dollars. They can call BIden a crook, but Trump IS a crook. The party of law and order is the party of law and oder and that oder stinks.

    • John sloan

      None of this shit has been proven. And the lying old bag accusing him of rape has accused several men of sexual assault. But Trump will win on appeal. The defamation case will fall apart. Do we not have a right to deny accusations against us? The left is going all in instead of letting the people decide who to elect. And the Georgia case and the January 6 patriots case will also fall apart. And the other shit will fall apart. I know you said before that Tara Reide didn’t prove her accusations against retard joe. But neither did the bitch accusing trump. You people of the commiecrats are showing just what you are. A pack of Marxist communist thugs. And I despise what you people have become over the years. And I’m damned determined to NEVER be governed by the Marxist shit party. No matter what. A the movement is growing. So keep sucking Biden’s cock you ignorant fool


    You can deny accussations. You cannot deny guilties and you can’t appeal guilties on the facts of the case but only in the specific errors on the legal aspects of the case. And you can tie it up which, for fools, might be construed as “not guility yet.” But they are lying to themselves, he is guilty and that will never change.

    The jury believed one old bag and did not beleive the other old bag. There were also a number of other witnesses that same they had been Trumped too, and the jury beleived them and not Trump.

    It is fact that he defrauded and stole from his students, he stole from his own charity, he digitally raped this woman and then defamed her about his actions, his business is criminally guilty of many crimes, he personally is guilty in the business case, only the penalty is to be deetermined (and that one will take his busienss in NY away), and his own lawyers pled guilty in Georgia, that does not look very good for him at all.

    So sorry Sloan, much has been proven, he is guility many times, and its based on facts that will NEVER be overturned. He can appeal, he will appeal, but that’s on case errors in law, not in the facts as proven, as adjuticated, in court.

    To continue to say he’s innocent where he has been found guility is off center. To do so in this many cases is delusional.

    • jboo7

      Frank, you sound to me more and more like coming from the family of Stetsko.
      Remember him? Stetsko is, with Bandera, Khuchenik, and Melnyk a Nazi -onal hero of Ukraine:
      They were all Hitler Collaborators, SS Generals, Genocide and Holocaust Activists,
      and their memory is still celebrated in the Ukraine we now support.
      You shall recognize people by the friends they have
      – and You and your Biden have chosen yours!


        jboo: detailing Trump’s crimes makes me a NAZI? Interesting logic.

  4. Darren

    The only thing about J 6 that needs to be explored is the shooting of Ashley Babbitt!


    OK, she was in the wrong place doing the wrong thing and got shot by a cop in what was found to be tragic, but a good shoot.

    How about the 140 injured cops? No bleeding heart for law and order?

  6. Darren

    How many patriots shot cops?

    • Dan tyree

      Darren we know that patriots have no chance of justice when dealing with the left. Those assholes doesn’t know what truth is. They will lie and steamroll over their own mothers to get and keep power. We need to stick together or eventually they will destroy us and the country


        Well Dan, I guess it’s time for you to leave or fight if the law of the land, the jury of your own peers, means absolutley nothing to you any more.

        • Dr. J. Boost

          Oh Frank, many have been “found guilty”, including our Lord Jesus!
          And many more in “courts” that were populated by ONE PARTY – like the ones in DC and NY.
          That kind of “courtery” is know as ‘Conspiracy to pervert the course of Justice’.

          • FRANK STETSON

            Dr J. Boost: Last I checked, Jesus was not tried in America. Do innocent men get convicted sometimes: absolutely. Does it happen more in autocracties, you betcha. But that’s not us. I really doubt you have a clue as to the political make-up of the juries in NY or DC. But yes, the judge decided Trump’s guilt from the bench in NY is probably a democrat. But Trump’s numbers speak numerically to the crimes.

            I think when you decide the juries are corrupt, the courts are corrupt, the DOJ is corrupt, the entire Federal Government is corrupt, you have to question so much more.

      • Mike f

        Dan-more ignorance from tyree. No patriots broke into the Capitol on J6, only thugs. The patriots were already inside the Capitol defending it from the thugs Grow up and realize how ignorant you sound to the rest of us that respect our form of government

        • Jim wampler

          Respect your communist government? Election stealing bastards. Don’t try it again. You had better get the word out.

          • Frank stetson

            Oh no, the wampler is threatening virtual internet entities again. I bet the virtual are figuratively scared.

            Your track record of catching election fraud is shit. Ours is in court in Georgia with many guilty pleas already.

            Wake up and smell the coffee. He will be held liable and criminally guilty again and again. Your fealty is to a sex abusing digital rapist business and tax cheat that’s married to a communist and has commie party members living with him. Your master married a communist and you love it.


      None Darren. They chemical sprayed the cops, they tazed the cops. they hit them with baseball bats and piipes. They stabbed them with make-shift flagole spears, knives, even broken bottles. One guy had two disks crushed. One guy got dragged down a flight of stairs, tazed, stabbed, gased, beaten with pipes and poles and as he begged for his life for his kid’s sake, the protestors threatened to shoot him with his own gun before moving on.

      I have been in many a protest and have seen them go from unruly to chaos. I have instigated a couple of outbreaks, it really is not hard, just a whistle, cheer, or chant at the right time can do it. This was chaos. Violent chaos. The fact that more are not dead is a miracle. You are hard pressed to find similar examples in America.

      None of these folks should be pardoned. There is no reason to pardon them. The courts, like our government, are of the people and by the people, and these dumbfucks did the deed, got caught, and now should reflect on their actions behind bars. Many have already shown remorse for what they did, laid blame on Trump’s words and lies, and hoepfully will profit from their second chance when they get out.

  7. mountaine



      Mountaine. Well said. And Joe and I both have the Irish, families coming from Scranton coal country, but that’s where the brotherhood ends. I don’t even like Rehobeth.

  8. Mike f

    Having dealt with classified info my entire career-that is the one case that trump is definitely guilty as charged-no ifs, ands or buts. He should be locked up for inexcusably stealing hundreds of classified documents (and no, for all you magats out there-what happened to pence and Biden inadvertently leaving with a very few classified documents is not at all in the same category as what trump has done here…)