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Could DeSantis Change the Liberal Dogma Taught in Florida Universities?

Could DeSantis Change the Liberal Dogma Taught in Florida Universities?

Every wonder whether sending your son or daughter off to University for a degree was going to do more harm than good? Stories of “zombie degrees” (gender studies, etc.) and “socialist factories” abound. From what I have seen of recent graduates there is a lot of danger.

Basic economics classes at supposedly top universities, such as Yale, spend two or more lectures on Marx and Socialism, and maybe half of a lecture on Adam Smith. They teach their students that Marxism works and is a possible future. For some reason, they forget that EVERY experiment in socialism as an economy has failed. Miserably.

And anyone who studies sociology, psychology or even business must learn the whole structure of “sciences” that have no foundation, (like critical race theory). In essence, these are self-licking lollipops with no utility in the real world, whatsoever.

And of course, students have to learn all of the pronouns. There are a lot of them, and they have to learn the LGBTQ culture. And if you resist the culture in any way you are made a pariah – disagreement can even be grounds for expulsion from the University. If a student happens to be white, or comes from a family that is middle class or better, they must apologize to everyone else and show appropriate shame. And God forbid you question the climate change emergency.

Our elementary and high school teachers come from this environment and are propagating the same in public education. Scary right?

But Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has made a huge leap. He has assisted in making former Republican Senator Ben Sasse President of the University of Florida.

Naturally, students of the “woke” variety are protesting. The liberal press seems to have caught on fire with this revelation but there is little chance that DeSantis will back down. In this author’s opinion, the fact that it is such a big deal to certain of the students is an indicator of how radical higher education has become.

This was not the first move by DeSantis. He has pushed legislation that allows parents to sue schools that teach controversial liberal topics like “wokeness”, critical race theory, and gender identity and sexual orientation. (I stand by my previous comment that anyone who attempts to teach sexual orientation to a six year old, should not be allowed around children).

According to his detractors, DeSantis is quietly putting conservatives in charge at many of the public educational institutions in Florida. It horrifies them, but if it is true, it is the best news possible for graduating high school students.

This gives me hope. Perhaps Florida Universities can get down to the business of educating its students to deal with the real world instead of programming students with liberal dogma.

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