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Could Anxiety make You Age Faster?

Could Anxiety make You Age Faster?

Having some stress or fear is normal. Most everyone has it at one time or another. Many times it is not a problem but it will last longer in some people than in others. Knowing that it could affect your longevity is important because it will encourage you to want to do something about it for yourself or for a loved one. 

Besides affecting your longevity, it is also affecting the level of happiness and satisfaction in life. Feeling anxious can show itself in several ways, such as being anxious about meeting new people, having to make transitions in life, financial worries, relationship issues, and more. Grief can also produce a lot of anxiety.

As people reach their senior years, it is more common for them to develop anxiety. It can progress from being a minor or temporary problem to a mental disorder that needs treatment. Once it becomes a larger problem, it can lead to many other undesirable problems. It may then progress to poorer physical health, cognitive issues, inability to cope and function, and a less desirable quality of life. 

Besides the above issues, it has also been found that anxiety can accelerate the aging process. Although the process is not yet understood, it is known that people with anxiety disorders have shorter telomeres – the ends of chromosomes that predict longevity. 

An anxiety disorder can be detected by the presence of several symptoms. They may include chest pain, a pounding heart, nausea, perspiration, dizziness, numbness, a feeling of being smothered, fear you are about to die, and a loss of control.

Another source of anxiety for some people is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD is caused by experiencing a tragic event in the past. it could be from a violent crime, an accident, action during military service, and more. 

PTSD events occur as a sudden and unexpected flashback that can terrorize the individual and may cause them to believe the event is reoccurring. The flashbacks can lead to problems with sleep, relationships, sex, and they may be afraid to be out in public for fear of a flashback at an inconvenient time and lead to great embarrassment. 

Some foods may also be able to help, but they may only benefit minor anxiety. These foods can provide a variety of benefits, including a calming effect (green tea), and reducing inflammation. Omega-3 – from fish oil – can strengthen the mind and reduce mood disorders; vitamin D can also help with mood disorders, and potassium can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress. 

When anxiety becomes too strong to control, various types of treatment are available. It does not have to shorten your life or ruin the quality of it. Treatment can be given in the form of therapy or medication or from a combination of them. Although the medications will not eliminate the problem, they can reduce the symptoms and make them more controllable. Medicare Part D may cover much of the cost.

A diagnosis for anxiety can be given quickly and easily. Some simple tests are available online. They can reveal whether or not further testing is needed. The sooner that treatment is given, the better the results will be and may even be reversed with treatment. 

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  1. Ben

    You Definitely know your audience!
    The readers here are full of anxiety and dread over the state of our Nation. Constant worry about the Lin’s destroying our country, about their guns being taken away, you name it, PBP readers are full of anxiety. Great article!

  2. Joseph S. Bruder

    Sadly, so-called news outlets intentionally try to scare people to keep their ratings up. Fox News hosts go apoplectic every time Biden or Pelosi make a comment on just about anything. Tucker Carlson screams out every fucking crazy Q-Anon story like it’s world war 3 on your doorstep, none of it makes sense, and yet, he’s still there.There is no such thing as journalism at FOX.

    Have you every gone on the Newsmax website? It’s full of scary articles with words in the title like “warning signs”, “increases risk”, and even a section called “find your condition”, surprising facts”, “10 reasons why…” .”X things you should know about…”, and LOTS of numbered list.. In fact, they have a really similar article on their website now, “Stress Raises Blood Pressure Over Time: Study”. It’s all clickbait. Have you guys been shopping for ideas on Newsmax? Chris Ruddy became rich from hawking studies that promised miracle cures for various maladies (that you could buy for $50 or $75), all aimed at the over 65 crowd (why do you think he’s based in Florida – lots of gullible retirees there). They still hawk books, merch, and newsletters ($105 seems to be the going price now), but it appears he’s switched to the FOX news model – scare the bejeezus out of the rubes, keep those eyeballs glued to the screen and pick up more advertising dollars.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t think socialism/ communism is the answer to anything! You might want to check your facts! Opinions are worthless!!

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