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Conspiracy! Ukraine Whistleblower Spoke to Congress Before Filing Complaint

Conspiracy! Ukraine Whistleblower Spoke to Congress Before Filing Complaint

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), Trump critic and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, knew about Trump’s phone call to Ukraine before the original complaint was filed. 

Here’s what happened:

This summer, President Trump phoned the Ukrainian President and suggested he “look into” the Bidens.

Democrats accused Trump of soliciting Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 election and used the phone call to launch an impeachment probe (a great fundraiser for Trump!). 

In September, a CIA officer who heard about the call (secondhand) approached a House aide for advice. The aide urged the whistleblower to hire a lawyer and file the complaint through the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. The aide also spoke with Mr. Schiff.

“This is a stunning indictment of this impeachment charade,” argues RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel. “[Schiff] got a heads up on all this. His team then advised the ‘whistleblower’ how to proceed, like getting a Clinton/Schumer lawyer who donated to Biden. Who’s colluding now?”

Schiff claims he never spoke “directly” with the whistleblower and knew only the “broad outlines” of the allegations against Trump.

“I think it’s a scandal that he knew before,” said Trump. “I’d go a step further – I think he probably helped write it.”

It’s possible that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also had prior knowledge of the allegations. Speaking Sunday during a televised interview, she accidentally admitted to knowing the details of Trump’s phone call: “I know what was in the call,” she said. “I mean, uh, it was in the public domain.”

This is more than suspicious, considering a verbatim account of the phone call has not been published.

Last Thursday, Schiff further angered Trump by mocking the phone call during his opening statement to Congress.

“Congressmen Adam Schiff should resign for the crime of, after reading a transcript of my conversation with the President of Ukraine (it was perfect), fraudulently fabricating a statement of the President of the United States and reading it to Congress, as though mine!” tweeted Trump. “He is sick!”

Schiff said the speech was intended as parody.

Author’s Note: This story is bad news for the Democrats. Even if Schiff didn’t know the details, the fact remains: the whistleblower had help (at least advice) from the Democrats.

That means the attack on Trump was planned, prepared, and orchestrated by Democrats – a genuine coup attempted by elected officials. Can’t they just wait until next November?

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  1. Jeffrey Grant

    Evil does as evil is.

  2. Datguy420

    Leave trump alone best realest prez we had. Obama straight cheated his way to presidency and did not do much of what he said to get elected. All except create more debt by giving peasant drug addict hookers phones and health insurance lmao he was a joke not because the color of his skin but because he was a puppet who cheated his way to being elected so many people fraudulently casted votes for that joke of a man

  3. Carlos

    They can’t wait until next November because they know they’re going to loose, but not matter what they will loose anyway because they have no platform other than the word “impeach” they are so committed to overthrow Trump that they are incapable to see the eggs that they are stepping on, sooooo SAD!!!

    • Mary

      If I was a Democrat running for re election I would be worried about Pelosi. She actually said that she is willing to lose the House as long as Trump gets impeached. Yes, I would be worried Pelosi doesn’t care whether I win or lose. OH WELL.on’t

  4. db

    Question: Other than hinder or try to remove Trump ever since before he took office as POTUS, what else have the Democrats actually done for the citizens of the USA in any state? Are they so consumed by the hate for a man who beat their career criminal woman politician that they can do no other?

    • Mike

      The question should be what have Republicans done for the Citizens of the USA? The democrats have passed bill after bill in the House which have gone to the Senate and died (and are still sitting). The Republicans have passed a massive tax cut for the wealthy which has caused the deficit to increase dramatically, which is the only actual legislative activity they have accomplished in the past 2 1/2 years. Through executive action we have had untold environmental roll-backs which hurt the quality of life here in the US and will contribute to increased global warming. We have tariff wars going on that are diminishing growth of our economy (and the worlds). We pulled out of the Iran deal (which we negotiated in supposedly good faith with our allies) which has put the middle east on the verge of war. Need I go on with the Republican accomplishments?

      • Phil in TX

        3: The so called “Tarriff Wars” are designed to prevent China from dumping goods into the U.S. economy at artificially depressed prices. This will causee our ability to manufacture goods to be permanently damaged. That will, in turn, make us dependent on other countries, mainly China, for the goods we need. It will also cause our trade imbalance with China to become even worse than it already is, weaken the U.S. Dollar and boost the Chinese economy, all of which contributes to China becoming increasingly aggressive in the Asian region. 4: As for the the Iran deal, that was a folly that the Democrats and Obama created. That “deal” should never have been made, plus Obama “gifted” the Iranian government with several billions with which to spread terrorism in the middle east and other hotspots around the globe. That was just plain stupid. Now we have an Iran that is on the verge of becoming nuclear. Trump is attempting to fix this issue that the Democrats created and is doing a good job. As for the rest of the middle east, those folks have been fighting amongst themselves since biblical times and it will probably go on like that until the end of time. They don’t think like us, so get used to it.

        Phil in TX

      • fb

        In the last 3 years the democrats have submitted only 63 bills compared to hundreds in previous terms. Why? Because from before Trump was sworn in their concentration has been to evict him any way possible.

  5. william couch

    Schiff should be arrested for TREASON!! “HIGH BAIL”!!!

  6. Mike

    You are grasping at straws to protect Tricky Trumpy. The only thing that matters in the case are the facts, not whether democrats heard about something before the whistleblower filed his claim, not whether what the whistleblower heard was secondhand. The question is, did Trumpy do what was said? It appears that he did, which was soliciting assistance from a foreign power to help his campaign. We just went through the Mueller probe, so it should be well-known by the idiot-in-chief that this is a no-no. But he is so stupid that he did it again. Impeach the bastard!

    • Phil in TX

      You must be getting your “facts” from CNN. I suggest that you find a copy of the transcript of that phone call and educate yourself. There was no quid pro quo, AKA I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine. This is another nothing burger ginned up by Schiff and a deep state conspirator to attempt to paint Trump as something he is not. The Democrats will waste more time and lots of the taxpayer’s money and get the same results they got with Mueller.
      Phil in TX

      • Mike

        It is illegal to solicit help from a foreign power to win an election. End of story. I read a lot more than I listen to anyone, including the not quite verbatim transcript.

        • Jim

          Trump NEVER solicited help from Ukraine to help with the election. Trump asked for help with a corruption investigation that Ukraine has info on.

    • DB

      Show us your hard evidence. If a POTUS suspects corruption by a US citizen outside the USA should he not look into it? Its the POTUS’s job! Now can Biden explain how his drug g addled sons mind was hired as a consultant in an industry he knows nothing about? Can you explain the difference,between Biden interfering in another governments and bragging about it on TV and a request to look into corruption of a Us Citizen overseas? Biden is 100% guilty of Quid Pro Quo for sure and admitted it! His family got rich, what did Trump get?
      I would like to see things from your point of view but I just can’t get my hear that far up my azz!!

  7. Mary

    President Trump will NEVER get impeached, Republicans run the Senate, and it’s just politics that will save our good president.
    I will say, ILLEGAL ALIENS alot more now that stupid people in NYC want to limit my free speech. This is America, and I will say ILLEGAL ALIENS 100 times a day- because it is my RIGHT to speak my MIND!!!
    President Trump should just go on leading.
    Build his wall.
    Stop all illegal aliens.
    Keep the Democrats out of the White House for another 4 years. Yes sir!!!

    • DB

      Democrats do not understand the word “Illegal”.

  8. Peggy A. Feldman

    Parody, my ___*! Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schummer, etc, all have skid marks in their BVD’s & panties! It’s time they quit lying! The choir is no longer listening to their lies! We are truly behind President Trump! Got that! We are finished with you liars!


    With very few exceptions Democrats don’t know the difference between their anus and a hole in the ground, especially those trying to use an OUTRIGHT LIE about the July 25th Ukraine phone call made by President Trump.

    Remember Adam Schiff? The “HIGH QUALITY JERK” that for 21/2 YEARS VEHEMENTLY STATED that he had CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE that President Trump used the RUSSIANS to help him STEAL the 2016 election from PITIFUL Hillary Clinton, the hammer smasher of BLACKBERRIES and ACID WIPER OF 33,000 EMAILS

  10. David Barron

    The fact that the Democrats had prior knowledge, that Adam Schiff was obviously coaching and cherry picking information, that Pelosi admitted she knew what was in the call before it was made public, that Adam Schiff lied to Congress and made his version seem like the actual transcript of the phone call, that the total investigation was done in secret which seems to violate any citizens Constitutional Rights including the Presidents, the fact that Adan Schiff was only elected to Congress with the major help of the Clinton’s who campaigned against the incumbent Prosecutor against them and they financed and pushed Schiff into office, and the desperation of the Democrats to dispose of President Trump for 3 years is enough to highly question any motivation that this issue is even the tinyest bit valid. This whole “Impeachment investigation” is nothing but a sham and should be tossed out of Congress by the Senate as prejudicial and illegal. The entire thing is a project to help Hillary R. Clinton reenter the 2020 race to the office of POTUS agian. Mark my words we will see her step in if crooked Biden goes down hill and pulls out

  11. Fred S

    Its time for President Donald Trump, through Executive orders, to start recovering our branch of offices that has been take over by TREASONOUS ACTS to over throw a presiding President, also the media that’s been in bed with them should also be treated the same,, TREASONOUS CRIMINALS.

  12. Ron P

    As LONG as PENCIL NECK SCHIFF and BOTOX QUEEN PELOSI are out of JAIL nothing will be DONE !
    This SHAM will keep gaining momentum . Or until PRESIDENT TRUMP is OUT OF OFFICE or the DERANGED and DEPLORABLE DEMOCRATS gain control of both the HOUSE, SENATE and the WHITE HOUSE ! They have said that this may go to the end of the year or it may go up to ELECTION DAY. 2020 ! And as long as PENCIL NECK SCHIFF and BOTOX QUEEN PELOSI are still in charge of the HOUSE and out of PRISON that’s what will happen !