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Conservative Sheriff in California Pisses Off Liberals by Endorsing Trump

Conservative Sheriff in California Pisses Off Liberals by Endorsing Trump

Leftist media mobs were left fuming last week when Chad Bianco, a conservative sheriff in California, posted a video to slam Democrat Governor Newsom’s criminal-friendly policies while also endorsing Trump at the end with a statement that set many liberals on fire.

“I think it’s time to put a felon in the White House,” said Sheriff Bianco in his Instagram video. The comment referred to the recent sham trial and conviction of President Trump in New York City in an openly political court and targeted prosecution by Democrats.

Born in Utah, Bianco moved to California as a young man of 22. Shortly after his graduation from the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Academy, he joined the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. Bianco first became the Riverside County Sheriff in 2018 and was reelected to the office in 2022.

The left responded to Sheriff Bianco’s statement with condemnation and anger. The Orange County Register criticized Bianco for engaging in politics while wearing his uniform and wrote that instead of doing his job, he is just fixated on “partisan political theatrics.”

Democrat gubernatorial hopeful Tony Thurmond posted his own video in response to Sheriff Bianco’s comments and alleged that Bianco had abused his office by endorsing a “felon” and it amounted to a crime.

Some liberals even vented vulgarities at Sheriff Bianco on social media.

And if that wasn’t enough, someone was so pissed at Sheriff Bianco that they went ahead and started a petition to recall him. The petition titled “Recall Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco” was started on June 5 and claims about the Sheriff:

His actions have not only undermined public trust but also promoted hate and division within our community. It’s time for leadership that respects all laws and promotes unity.

Conservatives, on the other hand, cheered Sheriff Bianco’s video on X (formerly Twitter), expressing hope for having more police officers like him.

Graham Allen wrote on X (Twitter) that Sheriff Bianco’s message comes as a sign of conservatives reclaiming the country.

In a CBS News segment, posted to YouTube this week, Sheriff Bianco defended his comments in the video and said he has the right to say anything political on his personal social media page as he himself is an elected official.

Leftist media and their 2024 candidate by necessity, Joe Biden, were hoping to damage President Trump’s 2024 campaign by sticking the kangaroo court’s felony conviction to his name. However, it backfired instantly as his campaign made an instant $53 million within 24 hours of the conviction in a show of strengthening support for him and rejection of the political witch-hunt aimed at stopping his impending second term.

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  1. frank stetson

    Someday Dempsey might become a good pundit. Now, he’s just some dit.

    He should know that Riverside leans left, it’s not a blue bastion. As such, what was he waiting for to find a Trumper there. And he quotes the Orange County Register, a rag that leans right, but highly factual. FYI, Orange was a red zone until late and is purple now at best.

    Whatever. Local Trumplicant sheriff pumps Trump, dumps on Biden and Dems show disbelief. Where’s the beef?

  2. Archie

    The beef is that a lawman sees the danger of the democrats

  3. Frank stetson

    So, Barney Fife states what we all know; you want to put a sexually abusing felon in as President.

    Sarcasm alert: No news there except he said it on instagram where I am really, really sure it has never been said before.

    • Archie

      You are so worried about Trump when he wins the election. What? Did you get diddled by uncle Pervy when you were a child? I hope not, just asking. Just suppose that he does a great job even while handling witch hunts and fake news? You would have to s that he’s a hell of a guy

  4. LMB

    AWESOME!!! A person out in Californication that’s not a Lib-Tarded Socialist!!!

  5. Darren

    Trump being a Felon is the same as anyone going to Traffic court!
    Once there, you are Not allowed to object to anything the officer says, not allowed
    to give your side if events that took place, basically gaged by the Judge.
    Since there is NO jury the Judge asks you if you want a SPEEDING TICKET, RUNNING A RED LIGHT,
    OR FAILING TO STOP AT A STOP SIGN. And you are there for a Parking Violation.
    Thank you Democrat’s for completely Perverting the Laws!

  6. frank stetson

    “Trump being a Felon is the same as anyone going to Traffic court!” I agree Darren and coming from NJ, your traffic court scenario is spot on from my standpoint, although varies depending on the day and the judge. My advice, and I have been there a few time with my wrx, is go early, scope out the land, be flexible, and act accordingly. Last time I went early, saw a guy attempt to defend, tell his story, and he got bent over the table. Most others being docile got 50% at least. I went docile, got 50% off the fine and points erased (probably for saying sir). Hey, I was guilty as sin and thankful for the compassion for a guy with a car that idled at 30mph…

    Still conclude that American justice is the best and most fair in the world and much MORE fair for rich guys like Trump who can spend your donations on his top-notch lawyers who still keep losing..

    But Democrats in NY did not pervert these laws any worse than anywhere else. These financial records cases come up all the time and generally run the same way. For TRUMP, the issue was WHY he did it and the jury concluded the hush money was to HUSH the story from the voters just before the election. And remember, there had to be one or two Republicans on the jury and they could have easily hung the jury, no harm, no foul. But they didn’t even slow it down.

    NOW —- the question is: if Trump is so innocent, why does he not want the other three indictments OVER. And if Trump is so strong, so powerful, only hires the very best, then why does he not want to get into these trials? If he’s that scared of Democrats, what about the Russians? If he’s that scared of a Republican judge or a judge he appointed, what abut the Chinese? And what of Republicans? You know he’s a business cheating, election rigging felon. but don’t you want the truth about that moving van full of documents, many top secret? Don’t you really want to know if, and you know he did since his lawyers already pleaded guilty, if he tried to rig the 2020 election in Georgia? And really, don’t you want to find out what happened on 1.6.2021 —- tourists gone wild or insurrection? Why is Trump and the entire Republican party so afraid to run these cases before the election? Sounds like Stormy Daniels all over again.

    Let’s quit kicking the legal can down the road and get er on. Let’s go to court. Unless you are afraid…….

  7. Darren

    The Door that has been opened allows everyone to be dragged through!
    Wait till Hillary, Biden, Garland, Pelosi, Fauci and others are pulled through!
    Now you can Defend, Defend, And Defend!

    • Frankbstetson

      And that’s a good thing, right?

      I noted that earlier and see instances where either clinton or obama might face it. Might appky outside of govt. too.

      Imo, it closes a loophole many rich and powerful use to manipulate the people. Take them all to court.


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