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Conservative Groups Protest CNN’s Biased Coverage

Conservative Groups Protest CNN’s Biased Coverage

Nearly 30 people showed up at CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta this weekend to protest the network’s biased coverage of President Donald Trump. 

Protestors carried signs that said “CNN = Criminal News Network” and “Beware fake news.”

This is the second such demonstration to be held in recent months on CNN’s doorstep. 

According to event organizers, the protest was not necessarily in support of Trump but aimed to call attention to CNN’s biased coverage of Trump’s policies and the Russia investigation. 

“We’re here to tell CNN no more fake news,” said Melanie Morgan of the Media Equality Project. 

The Media Equality Project, which was formed by two former talk show hosts to fight criticism of conservative figures, said in a recent press release that the purpose of the protest was to speak out against CNN’s “obsessive focus with conspiracy theories that have been debunked and stories based on discredited sources.” 

“We’re going to keep on holding them accountable,” said Debbie Dooley, co-founder of Main Street Patriots, a Tea Party activist group that helped organize the event. 

Editor’s note: Perhaps this is the next phase in the downfall of certain dishonest liberal media outlets. Wouldn’t we like to see more of this?

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