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Congress Briefed on Pentagon UFO Report

Congress Briefed on Pentagon UFO Report

It may seem easy to dismiss the UFO phenomenon for the average human going about their daily lives. From Ancient Aliens to War of the Worlds, pop culture around the world has banked off the idea that we are not alone in this universe for nearly a century. Yet, as time moves forward and technological capabilities increase, the thought still remains. And questions about the subject are more widespread than ever before. 

Today, concerns on the issue may deepen. And acceptance over the potential issue is set to grow. The United States Congress itself is to be briefed over what the Pentagon claims to know so far about what has possibly been lurking over the human world. 

In a report from The U.S. Sun, what is known about the truth of the matter from U.S. intelligence agencies will be told to lawmakers in Congress as of today.

Experts from the Navy, the FBI and the Pentagon will reveal what they know so far to Congress. 

Representative Andre Carson will chair the classified briefing. He claims that the meeting is a “significant and timely topic” due to growing concerns that the unidentified aerial phenomenon might be an issue of national security. Some in congress have warned that this may be an unknown technological advantage from the likes of Russia or China. But others are not so quick to reduce the idea to human efforts.

Representative Tim Burchett told TMZ that, “If they had the kind of advanced technology pilots have reported seeing, Putin would already own America.” The news does come on the same day that Biden and Putin had a conference meeting. But doubts are high that there is any correlation on that matter. 

This is the first time since the Disclosure Project event at the National Press Club on May 9th, 2001 that government officials have gathered to reveal truths on the matter. Before that, Project Blue Book from the U.S. Air force researching the idea had come to the conclusion that there was nothing to see. It ended its own research in 1969. Humans across the United States have to question the matter on their own. There is little official reporting from any news or government agencies since the time. Now, that narrative has seemed to have come to a great change.

In recent years, the Pentagon has released a few important but hardly decipherable videos claiming to show UFO activity.

The videos have sparked intense debate and conversation across media outlets worldwide. But the public has not seen anything concrete or entirely revealing as of now. The briefing to Congress is still a big step in a direction towards understanding what is actually happening here. 

UFO documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell said in a recent statement to Newsmax that, “It leaves us with some uncomfortable truths that these are not ours. Soon we’re going to know it’s not Russian, it’s not Chinese, it’s not any foreign nation that is technologically developed as we know it… They fly with impunity through our airspace. They outmaneuver, outperform our greatest warships and warcraft. The big question is who’s operating these unidentified flying objects and what is their intent? We need to start asking the hard questions and eradicating the stigma associated with these because they’re right in front of your eyes.”

Thousands of UFO sightings are reported and documented every year, according to

The number has jumped from 319 in 1990 to 7,267 in 2020 alone. These individual reports include everything from triangle-shaped UFOs in the skies to UFOs breaking apart into geometric fleets. They also include reports of UFOs, astonishingly, coming from the ocean instead of coming down from the sky. Some have been reported to shut down nuclear facilities. Some have been reported to actually abduct humans from the Earth.

The truth still seemingly remains unknown. But as information is set to be declassified sooner than later, let us hope that the real truth is what we are about to see and not further games from players on the world stage with a set agenda of God knows what. There is a great deal of hype around the subject. And many are prepared to build an understanding of what is happening here. 

My big question, personally, is why now?

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    Gee, hundreds of thousands of the public know the answer to that question. We know why the aliens are up there. So why don’t the so called experts know? Experts – use your damn brains. The answer is so obvious that it is pathetic.


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