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Confirmed: IRS Waged War on Tea Party

Confirmed: IRS Waged War on Tea Party

Judicial Watch – a government watchdog – claims the FBI has proof that the IRS did indeed target the Tea Party and other conservative groups in what has been labeled the “2013 IRS Targeting Controversy.” 

Judicial Watch is in possession of nearly 300 pages of FBI documents that prove IRS officials knew about efforts to target conservative groups a full two years before disclosing it to the public. 

Judicial Watch has become quite a thorn in Washington’s side, and has obtained numerous documents and interviews via the Freedom of Information Act. Such documents include a very interesting DOJ letter – released this week – reporting that DOJ attorney Barbara Bosserman spent over 1,500 hours looking into the IRS targeting scandal. 

It just so happens that Ms. Bosserman donated nearly $7,000 to the DNC and Obama campaigns between 2004 and 2012. 

Judicial Watch has also obtained interviews featuring former IRS official Lois Lerner – the woman who was largely blamed for preventing conservative groups from obtaining non-profit status. 

“They [the interviews] show that the IRS knew that they had a problem on their hands in 2011 about the targeting,” says Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “They knew that was happening.” 

The illegal targeting went on for three years before it was leaked in May 2013 when Lois Lerner mentioned the problem at an American Bar Association meeting. The FBI launched an investigation and eight months later announced that no one would be charged.

Author’s Note: I covered this story back in October, and am still shocked that Lois Lerner escaped the scandal scot-free. The IRS’s blatant targeting of conservative groups was disregarded as “ineffective management,” and deemed “not a crime.” Like the Clinton email scandal, this is yet another example of bullying and favoritism by President Obama and the State Department. If Hillary wins in November, we can expect to see further instances of illicit behavior that magically go unpunished – as long as the criminal is a Democrat.

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