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Confederate Flag over SC Capitol – Symbol of Heritage or of Racial Hatred?

Confederate Flag over SC Capitol – Symbol of Heritage or of Racial Hatred?

After the recent brutal killing of nine people in a church in South Carolina, flags on the Capitol in Columbia were lowered to half mast as a tribute.   When this was covered by the media, it raised anew the issue of the presence of the Confederate flag which sits next to South Carolina state flag.   The Confederate flag a symbol of the South’s attempt to secede from the United States during the Civil War, has was immediately condemned as a symbol of racial hatred by the media.   Should it be removed?

Mitt Romney tweeted to his followers the flag is a ‘symbol of racial hatred.’ In this he agrees with President Obamain calling for its removal.  The Detroit Free press is calling for the flag to be burned, ultra liberal director Michale Moore weighed in as well, tweeting “South Carolina, where the terrorist rebellion by racist traitors – also known as the Civil War – began in Charleston on April 12, 1861.”    

Breitbart laments that as usual the media blames the symbol, not the individual who commited the crime, the flag and its issues are irrelevant.  Lindsay Graham, who just announced his presidential candidacy for 2016 noted that for some in South Carolina the Confederat flag is a symbol of heritage.  Its not the flag that makes people racist.

Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz took a different approach saying South Carolina doesn’t need outsiders telling them what to do.  

Here at the Punching Bag Post, we are reminded of how outsiders are trying to force the Washington Redskins to change their name to something more politically correct.  Should an historic symbol be discarded because the current political dialog has attempted to re-defined it?   It does seem since Obama was elected, political correctness has become rampant, sensitivities to racial injustice have been inflamed out of proportion.  The results have been seen in Ferguson and Baltimore.      

What will South Carolina do? No word from Governor Nikki Barber just yet.


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