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Companies Mandating Vaccines in Order to Work

Companies Mandating Vaccines in Order to Work

Some of the biggest companies in the United States are all putting their foot down on the American people by mandating Covid vaccines if they want to still have the capability to make money. As if the mask mandates were not enough, American workers across the nation are currently being forced to become vaccinated if they want to be able to continue to support themselves and their families. The freedom of choice is being destroyed by companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Disney and even Wal Mart. 

Google was the first big tech company to make the demand, making the decision for all employees on July 28th. Facebook quickly joined them in making the same decision for all of its employees on the same day following the announcement from Google. 

Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote a letter to all Google employees, stating that, “Getting vaccinated is one of the most important ways to keep ourselves and our communities healthy in the months ahead. Anyone coming to work on our campuses will need to be vaccinated.”

The next day, on July 29th, Netflix announced that it was one of the companies jumping on the vaccine mandate bandwagon. Now, all employees for the streaming service will be required to have a vaccination to maintain continued employment. All cast and crew, from directors to producers to writers to actors to camera operators to extras, everyone is included here. This was the first ‘Hollywood’ film studio to make this decision. 

By July 30th, Disney and Walmart jumped into the mandate party. Disney imposed new measures that require those on salary and non union hourly employees across the nation 60 days to comply with the vaccination order. Also now required is any newly hired employee to be fully vaccinated before beginning employment.

Disney said in a statement to the public that, “Employees who aren’t already vaccinated and are working on site will have 60 days from today to complete their protocols and any employees still working from home will need to provide verification of vaccination prior to their return, with certain limited exceptions.”

Wal Mart is also one of the companies mandating vaccines for all employees who work at their headquarters offices and all store managers who travel within the United States to be vaccinated. While still allowing the freedom of choice to a large number of their employee base otherwise, the decision is still a step in the direction of further reducing the freedoms of the working class. All employees mandated for vaccination must comply by October.

Scott Pope, a Walmart spokesman, said in a recent statement that, “We’re hoping that will influence even more of our frontline associates to become vaccinated.”

In a reversal of a decision back in May to allow vaccinated employees to not wear a mask, the recent recommendations by the CDC have made Wal Mart decide to return to mask wearing policies for employees. In addition, stores in areas with high rates of Covid will ask customers to wear a mask inside the building as well as providing a ‘health ambassador’ at the front door to pass out masks and enforce local rules. 

Looks like big money is making big moves to force as many people as possible to take the medicine they want you to take. Nothing is being said about natural health or the healthy practices that could improve personal immune systems and natural defenses. No recommendations to eat well, get exercise or to walk outside in the sunlight. Recommendations and freedom of choice seem to be becoming a thing of the past quickly, being replaced by health mandates and requirements. 

My question now is, since the companies who make the vaccines are not allowed to be held responsible for any medical issues or deaths that occur from vaccination, of any number small or large, past, present or future, will these massive companies now be held accountable instead if there is an individual problem since they are now the ones responsible for taking away their employees freedom of choice on the matter? Yes, the vaccine is free. But what happens if there is a problem, or even a reaction that leads to further hospitalization or death? Will those companies now cover those costs of any potential complication for their employees? 

The issue most likely isn’t even a thought to many Americans, and from what I can see many are more than happy to go along with whatever they are mandated to do. As I have written before, I am not anti-vaccine. I just believe in the freedom of choice for all people, and that seems to be rapidly slipping away. 

Now they’ll just say, if you want freedom, you can have it. 

You just can’t work here.

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  1. frank stetson

    Often, and I am guessing Jacob is one, folks who support of business owner’s right NOT to sell a wedding cake to a gay couple suddenly gets twisted knickers over a supposed vaccine “mandate” by business owners exercising their right not to have the unvaccinated sicken their employees or customers alike. Is that the definition of “two-faced,” (for us low brows) or false equivalency (for the high brow crowd)?

    In most cases, it’s not even a mandate, a word which is like waving the Stars and Bars to a conservative, it sounds so gay they say, I mean man-date, what’s that all about…. in most cases, it’s not a mandate, you have freedom of choice, either prove vaccination OR feel free to be tested once or twice a week. Personally, I like daily….

    Bottom line, it’s as legal as the gay wedding cake prohibition, get over it, get the shot, actually do something for your community and country. Stand up to the enemy, just like we did in World War II, be the next greatest generation instead of a whiney, scarred, baby pushing the false narrative. The vaccines are safe, been tested in more arms than any other medicine ever offered on the freakin planet. Vaccines, in general, throughout history, from the 1950’s, had suffered very few long term effects. And the small number that have had longer term issues have produced such issues within a few months of being publicly available. We are coming up on a year of public availability in December.


  2. Ben

    This is the Republican backed “Right to Work” law in full effect.
    The right has long fought for an employers right to fire an employee without cause. Well, these laws are coming home to roost now.