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Comedians Stand Up to Cancel Culture

Comedians Stand Up to Cancel Culture

“So funny I forgot to laugh” comes to mind when addressing the ridiculous nature of cancel culture across our modern media. The matter has become so serious that nowadays only comedians seem to be able to properly talk about the issue and stand up for our should be all inclusive rights to freedom of speech. 

Joe Rogan

Most recently, comedians across the spectrum of life from Joe Rogan, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and even Jimmy Kimmel have stood up to speak out against the cancel culture narrative that is rampaging across our media landscape. The only people who seem to break through the wall of thought blocking today are the funny folks, and thank God that at least their truth is allowed to be shared within the public sphere. 

Joe Rogan said this week on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience that, “You can never be woke enough, that’s the problem. It keeps going. It keeps going further and further and further down the line, and if you get to the point where you capitulate, where you agree to all these demands, it’ll eventually get to – straight white men are not allowed to talk. Because it’s your privilege to express yourself when other people of color have been silenced throughout history.”

Rogan has received serious backlash this week from the media, but he is no stranger to controversial comments and continues to stand up for the freedom of speech despite his own host, Spotify, continuing to remove entire episodes and conversations from it’s network that do not fit the current narrative of speech. 

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle, on a recent episode of the Rogan podcast himself, said about cancel culture that “I hope we all survive it,” out of fear and concern that cancel culture is attempting to erase the freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech, no comedian would have a career. It’d probably be illegal to laugh about anything anytime unless it was mandated to be laughed at. So the idea of only straight white males being canceled is a fallacy too.

Chris Rock

Comedian Chris Rock chimed in this week as well, saying in a radio interview with Power 105.1’s the Breakfast Club show, “When everyone gets safe and nobody tries anything, things get boring. I see a lot of unfunny comedians, I see unfunny TV shows, I see unfunny awards shows, I see unfunny movies – because everybody’s scared to make a move. And that’s not a place to be… Now you got a place where people are scared to talk… bizarre, especially in America.”

Jimmy Kimmel

Even Jimmy Kimmel joined in to speak out against modern cancel culture in America, despite him not being the best example of a comedian who respects American values. His night time show shares many of the leftist ideologies that are destroying our nation, but if the freedom of speech is a reality all opinions from all frames of minds should be included and shared to the nation so the people can decide for themselves the direction to go. 

Kimmel spent a night this week at a Disney presentation speaking out and roasting all of the major television networks, “We’re here to tell you what our plan to avoid extinction is… more people contracted blood clots from the J&J vaccine than are currently watching network TV… We’re all screwed … We’re a dying breed, but we’re dying together.” He continued, “Things are so desperate, we’ve had to resort to doing the right thing: inclusion. We want ABC, Disney, FX, Hulu, Freeform, ESPN and Nat GEo to be a safe space where anyone, no matter what their racial or ethnic background, their gender or sexual orientation… can bring their stories to die.”

Even the major networks are starting to realize that cancel culture doesn’t make money.

They do nothing but alienate everyone and seek to destroy our foundational freedoms while dismantling what it means to be a free American today. 

As viewership and sales from those pushing cancel culture continues to decline across television and media, we should all be taking cues from our favorite comedians on why we should continue to stand up and speak out against anything or anyone who tries to tread on our freedom to say what we want and how we feel at all times. 

Cancel culture itself will become the real joke in time. 

The punchline will hit hard when big business realizes that going woke is going broke. 

About The Author

Jacob Machine

A human who works like a machine for the future of nature, technology and the freedom to dream. As a Constitutionalist turned Republican over the years from being a former Democrat, Jacob shares a wide range of viewpoints that is impossible to place into any box of modern thought. With a deep passion for creativity and a love for the foundational values of the United States, Jacob's vision here is to inspire a world of free market capitalism across the globe where humanity can be free to think and produce as they see fit. For the individual, for our families and for God. Jacob Machine currently has 5 albums of self produced music, 3 published books and has directed 2 feature length films. Always working to bring more dreams to reality every single day. His most recent book, Understanding 2020: An American Journal is a day by day analysis and reflection of the events of the year 2020. He started writing the book on January 1st of the year, having no idea or conception of what was to come in the days ahead of the time. An essential read for anyone concerned with the time. His most recent movie, Shirt Happens, is about a suicidal boy who comes home from work to fall asleep. In a dream, different aspects of his personality talk and convince him as to why he shouldn't kill himself and to keep working. The movie is a dark comedy, designed to show how anyone has the capability of learning to laugh at their own pain. Machine music can be found on all streaming platforms as M4CH1N3. Machine movies can be found for free to stream on Youtube. Machine books can be purchased on Amazon as Jacob Machine. His motto: "Don't look up to me. Don't look up to any human. I only desire to inspire all of you to become the best you that you can be. Work to make you true". Discover the future today IG @jacobmachine3


  1. Ben

    Cancel culture is nothing more than the free market speaking. Why would I give my money to an artist or corporation that does not align with my values?

    Besides that, the right has tried to cancel rap, heavy metal, Dixie Chicks, NFL, MLB, Kapernick, Coke, the Pope… I could go on, but I’m sure you get the point.

    If enough people feel the way you do, withholding your dollars is a good way to make your voices heard. Unfortunately for the right, the left seems to have more purchasing power, companies want to be inclusive and appeal to as many customers as possible. The best way to do that is to have the most amount of potential customers. And you can’t do that by alienating people of color, religious minorities, or people the right would deem “lesser than”.

    I do have to agree with Joe Rogan though, being a Cis white male is the absolute worst right now ( sarcasm). I mean, the Mayor of Chicago won’t even talk to someone like me. Ha, just kidding, although it’s not as good as when Archie Bunker roamed the earth, it’s still pretty damn easy being a straight white guy.

    • Jack65

      Cancel culture is not free market speaking.

      • Ben

        What is it then?
        Essentially, cancel culture is withholding money from from businesses, artists, companies, and advertisers that support those businesses, artists, and companies for promoting things that you don’t agree with.

        Like conservatives did to the NFL for bringing light to Police Brutality. Or like Republicans did to Liz Cheney for speaking the truth. You withhold your patronage.

        Why should I support a company that doesn’t share my values? Capitalism is nothing more than making the most money you possibly can. The way to do that is to appeal to as many people as you possibly can. If enough people feel strongly enough to withhold their financial support, companies feel that in the bottom line, and that’s really all that matters.

        Plain and simple, free market Capitalism.

        • Anonymous

          Cancel culture goes far beyond withholding support from things you don’t agree with. It has become the aggressive suppression of an opposing viewpoint. It’s the difference between not feeding someone vs. actively choking them.

          • Ben

            Anon Hmmm, it only works if businesses, corporations, and advertisers think it’s in their best interest.

            For instance. Nike took a calculated risk on the Keapernick endorsement. Conservatives made an all out push to cancel him, the NFL, and Nike. Although conservatives tried to aggressively suppress views they didn’t agree with. Today the NFL is as strong as ever, Kap signed a multi million dollar deal, and Nike stock has gone from $79 ( prior to signing Kap) to $136 today.

            The only difference between the left exercising their purchase power and the right’s use of cancel culture, is we are good at it.

  2. hypo

    Aside from Jimmy kümmel being a goof… why are WHITE “journalists” allowed to talk????
    They should be silenced too!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Look up definition of racism-your remarks are racist. You are a a racist.

  3. Dawn Roberts

    Rant for today! Cancel culture is a croc of crap. I don’t care what color you are. There are racist in every culture. If want racism to end start in your own backyard. I taught my kids it’s not what is on the outside of the a person but what is on the inside is what counts. I always try to look for the good in all and so should everyone else