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Collusion: The Riots are Backed by Democrats – Here is How I Know

Collusion: The Riots are Backed by Democrats – Here is How I Know

Maxine Waters traveled to Minnesota and told protesters they need to “stay on the street” and “get more confrontational” with regard to the Chauvin trial. This, in simple terms, is inciting a riot.

Chauvin, if you recall, was the police officer who had his knee on the neck of George Floyd when he died. Chauvin is on trial for murder. But if you have been watching the trial, you may come to the conclusion that while Chauvin’s actions were not what you want to show people on television, they a) may have been warranted by the danger of the situation, i.e. a very large agitated man on drugs, and b) likely were not the cause of Floyd’s death.

The most fair result possible is that an impartial jury makes the decision on Chauvin’s guilt or innocence without interference, that is the process set in our Constitution to prosecute crimes.

But if anyone from the jury happens to learn about Maxine Waters’ statements, they may fear the consequences of turning in a “not guilty” verdict, i.e. a riot that might kill people and destroy major part of the city that they live in.

That is jury tampering. Think about it, Waters is making a threat, this is a direct threat to the city that these jurors live in. If they don’t convict Chauvin of first degree murder, their city turns into a war zone. People you know from your community may be hurt or might die if you don’t change your decision based on the threat.

The sentence for jury tampering is up to 5 years. The sentence for “obstructing the due administration of justice” is up to 20 years.

How do I know that this is collusion among Democrats? Maxine Waters is not under arrest.

The governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz, is a Democrat. He should have an interest in keeping the peace and could have worked behind the scenes and prevented Waters from arriving, or he could have threatened charges to keep her out or he could actually have her arrested. He is doing nothing.

The Brooklyn Center Mayor, Mike Elliot (who is mayor only as a part time job), actually fired the city manager for suggesting that Chauvin be given due process. I don’t believe he is part of the collusion, I believe he is scared and is taking bad advice from outsiders. He has little power to do anything. (But if he were to arrest Waters he would become a contender for higher office as a Republican!)

And where is the FBI? They of course cannot act without the approval of the Biden Administration. Clearly, Waters has committed multiple crimes. REAL crimes. But they do nothing. In fact, the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is defending Waters to the hilt. They cannot arrest Waters without a green light from the politicians who control their purse strings.

Realize that this would not happen where the governor or state attorney general were Republican. It is only the fact that everyone up the chain of command is under Democrat control that allows this. If you want to know what can be done about it, all you have to do is watch what Governor Ron De Santis is doing in Florida. There is not a single city in Florida that is out of control like this.

The Democrats want the riots to happen.

There is no other conclusion I can draw. They want the riots to be destructive, where people will die, businesses and homes will be destroyed and we have a mass spectacle for the world to judge us by. It is part of their “apologize for America” wealth redistribution agenda that most of America finds ludicrous, it is furthering their race baiting propaganda that has divided America so starkly, it is an attempt to consolidate power using the most heinous of techniques.

I’m disgusted.

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  1. Ben

    I was excited for a min, I thought you were going to write about the insurrection at first, but then I realized that it’s been a couple of months since then and it’s time to get over trying to overthrow the will of the people.
    It’s amazing how quickly the bash a cop in the head with a fire extinguisher crowd has reverted back to the “ if he had only complied crowd.

    • Recce1

      Ben, there’s a minor problem with your series of analyses. The ONLY person murdered in the 1/6DC riot was AF veteran Ashli Babbit, shot by an as yet unnamed officer and unnamed person who gave the authorization to kill protestors. Also, it’s been revealed that Officer Sicknick died due to preexisting medical problems, not from any injuries or spray. That comes about 3 months after he was cremated.

      Furthermore, 2 officers sadly committed suicide. Also, about 4 rally attendees not part of the riot died due to medical problems such as heart attacks.

      Sanford, the retired firefighter who threw a fire extinguisher, is in jail. The FBI has been on a man/woman hunt for DANGEROUS SEDITIONIST CONSERVATIVES, even accosting those not at the rally. Also, the government has been torturing others they’ve arrested.

      The new DC police chief’s claim that there were tens of thousands of ARMED Trump insurrectionists has been proven to be false. The ONLY gun confiscated at the rally was from a known LEFTIST. No Oath Keepers had weapons.

      Still, Officer Chauvin was wrong to restrain Floyd in the manner he did. Floyd may have been a walking dead man due to drugs in his system, but Chauvin didn’t have the right to end his life even an hour early. The force he used was excessive. The verdict was correct, even if done under the threat of violence and death.

      So tell us, do you excuse Rep. Waters’ call to violence if a “proper” verdict wasn’t arrived at? How is it she gets a pass on calling for pillaging, looting, arson, assaulting (murder?), and rioting, while Trump was impeached for telling his supporters to PEACEFULLY march on the Capitol? What will you say if on appeal Chauvin’s verdict is overturned due to the domestic terrorist agitator Waters obvious threats to the court and the jury?

      One last point. Name any well known conservative who said the riot or throwing a fire extinguisher was proper. However, should we list the socialist seditionist Democrats who’ve approved of the riots leading to the coerced, even if proper, guilty verdict against Chauvin, or the last year and half’s riots by the Marxist BLM and ANTIFA?

  2. Ben

    Holy cow, if you are upset about this, you should check out the footage of Customs and Border Patrol flying a surveillance drone over the protests against police brutality. It’s unnerving that our government would be spying on protestors exercising their constitutional rights.

    • Recce1

      Are you speaking of those “peaceful” pillaging, looting, burning, assaulting, and murdering protests by the domestic terrorist groups like BLM and ANTIFA?

  3. Ben

    Was wondering how you feel about trump saying his supporters had to “fight like hell” to keep their Country?

    • Will

      And WHAT do you THINK he meant by that, chap? Which side are you on?

    • HB

      Fight like hell from Trump was not processed like the riots the Demorats processed! It was a matter of speech nothing more. Your insane if you figure differently. PERIOD! The people that riot in the streets are going there to inflict carnage brought about by the Demorats.

    • Harold

      President Trump said to march PEACEFULLY and let your VOICES be heard, he said NOTHING about confrontations if it doesn’t go your way unlike Watters

    • Recce1

      In his speaking to his followers, did he or did he not tell them to march PEACEFULLY and patriotically to the Capitol?

  4. JoeyP

    WHY isn’t MAXINE Waters in PRISON after IMPEACHMENT?!? NOT CHAUVIN! . . . Just ASKING. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

    • Ben

      You’re not going anywhere? What does that mean ?
      Unfortunately for your Caucasian Caucus, minority babies are being born at a rate much higher than white babies. So you are going somewhere.. you’re going to be the minority.
      No MAGAT is enlightened. Quit being delusional.

      • Shell

        Clearly reading your comments in opposition to those of obvious Conservatives it can be only assured you are a real dyed in the wool “RACIST” the kind that organized the first KKK, now ANTIFA, BLM and infiltrates the nation MEDIA, COURTS, 99.9% OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, illegal aliens, and real political slave owners.
        The true definition:

        Learn to pronounce
        noun: racism
        prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.
        “a program to combat racism”
        racial discrimination
        racial prejudice/bigotry
        the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another.
        “theories of racism”
        Translate racism to
        Use over time for: racism

        Definitions from Oxford Languages

  5. Eli 7777

    At 2016-2017 conventions, Pelosi, and Socialist Elites met with George Soros to form a Resistance to Trump, and Regain Socialist Agenda, as soon as Hillary lost. Waters, Kamala, and Democrats have motivated, and ignored the terrorist violence and destruction of the Antifa, and Marxist BLM for nearly a year. They should have been held accountable for aiding, encouraging, and praising the riots. Regarding the Capitol Insurrection, our friend’s family was there to watch several vans unload Antifa & Marxist BLM rioters to infiltrate the crowd, that Trump had just told clearly in the video, to walk peaceably to the Capitol. FBI had found pipebombs near the Capitol, the day before, and confiscated emails of organizing threats. They had arrersted the BLM Utah Insurrectionist, John Sullivan, , who was known for attacking conservatives and entering the Capitol before. In fact, he was paid thousands by CNN, and other media for his story. But they have trouble revealing the truth or facts, if it would benefit Trump. The CNN director was caught admitting, their game plan of deception and propaganda to take down Trump. We have been verbally fighting, and in court, so these are the methods, in which we’ve fought. Biden had said in a 2018 invterview with Joy Reid, that he wanted to get out boxing gloves to fight Trump. He even went so far, to suggest other means to fight. Socialist Democrat leaders have fought Republicans in every way possible with their racism, and shut down strategy. But many Blacks understand the strategy, and are also fighting against the Socialist/ Communist scheme to divide and conquor. Stand with Joe Collins, who is fighting against Maxine Waters now. We shouldn’t let Pelosi and Waters actions be above the law.

  6. Ben

    I was wondering how you felt about trump telling his cult, “you have to fight like hell to take our Country back”?
    I would assume you would hold him to the same standards, correct?

  7. John J

    The chimpanzee must be removed from office, she’s unfit to serve in ANY office

    • Ben

      These are the kind of readers that follow you. Does that answer this mornings column? When you have openly racist POS in your party, it makes it difficult to recruit new voters.
      I don’t agree with everything the Democratic Party stands for, but I realize that accepting as many demographics of reasonable voters is the key to outnumbering Republican votes and their racist supporters.
      Until the GOP deals with their supporters that post racist garbage like some of the comments on this discussion, you can forget about ever having political power again.

    • Joseph S. Bruder

      Well, it’s not like YOU are a racist!

  8. JC

    Fake news like CBS, CNN, NBC are just as guilty as anyone. The Democrats are grinning like hyenas because it plays into their agenda, Maxine the pig, AOC the idiot, Pelosi the long term flop. They should all be shut down. And Al Sharpton, the little twerp that swaggers out to his jet when he owes our government millions in taxes. Obama let that trash sleep in the White House free

  9. bob

    Im sure this will be called paranoid or crazy etc but by now I dont care anymore
    This is all a plan for the Left to establish a National Police. The Left wants this country to
    become 3rd world country. Destroy local law enforcement, when crime soars and people begin crying
    for a solution, Washington will decide they have the answer an NPF.. This is what they want and are working toward

  10. Michael Ross

    “Realize that this would not happen where the governor or state attorney general were Republican.”

    That’s mostly true. But the are also some RINO, anti Trump Republican governors, such as being MA’s Charlie Baker (or Charlie Parker” as Joe Biden named him). If Maxine were here in Mass. Baker would welcome here.

  11. Joseph S. Bruder

    You seem to confuse support for a movement with encouraging rioting. While the country took a step forward by convicting the murderer Derek Chauvin, in the past week 3 more Blacks were killed by police. A 13-year old “man” (as Tucker Carlson called him) was shot in the chest with his hands in the air. Another Black man was “mistakenly” shot with a gun instead of a taser (one is orange plastic and weighs 6 ounces, the other shiny black metal and weighs about a pound). And a 15-year old Black girl fighting against grown women in the street, who called the police for help, was shot 4 times by a policemen within 10 seconds of him arriving. Blacks, whether in Congress or on the street, have every right to urge support for their cause, and I wouldn’t begrudge any white people who support their cause either. It’s not the same as urging supporters to attack our foundations of Democracy, or to go into mostly BLM protests and turn them into riots.

    Ex-President Trump spent 6 months whipping his white racist extremists into a frenzy, urging them to attack the Capitol and interrupt the business of the Senate, hoping for the ability to turn it into emergency rule. And yet, he’s not in jail. And, what, about 50 or so members of the House and Senate are STILL claiming, without any proof whatsoever, that the election was stolen and Trump really won. They are trying to claim that the Jan 6th rioters were “peaceful family men” even though several policemen were killed and around 50 injured. The crown of Democracy, our peaceful transfer of power, now has the Trump stink on it. What’s even worse, is that it was just a blatant grab for money by Trump, and his supporters were betrayed by Trump’s lies. But don’t worry, Trump and many of his followers will go to prison for their insurrection. The FBI already has about 500 of them, probably some who used to follow your website. These days “conservative” is generally synonymous with “racist”, whether it’s attacking BLM, demonizing Democrats that support the rights of minorities, or Republicans that make excuses for the right-wing racist extremists.