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CNN Struggles to Retain Viewership

CNN Struggles to Retain Viewership

CNN last week dropped to 15th place in prime time viewership, suffering a double-digit decline that put it behind the Food Network. 

Fox News remains in first place with an average of 2.5 million prime time viewers.

MSNCB is in third place with 1.77 million.

CNN’s average is 783,000.

In terms of daytime viewership, CNN averaged 613,000 viewers compared to Fox’s 1.44 million and MSNBC’s 1.01 million. Compared to last year, CNN’s prime time ratings for the month of April are down 26%. MSNBC is down 14%, and Fox News has remained consistent.

CNN’s most successful show is “Chris Cuomo Primetime,” which averages 917,000 viewers. Compare that to the most-watched “Hannity,” which averages over 3 million viewers.

The only good news here is that CNN’s dismal viewership last week is an improvement over the previous week, when it lost nearly 50% of viewers. There’s also the fact that up to 89 million people who don’t watch CNN still pay for the network. 

Analysts say the decline in viewership is related to Robert Mueller’s conclusion that President Trump did not conspire with Russia to win the 2016 election.

CNN, which advertises itself as an objective news outlet, spent tens of thousands of hours supporting the Russia conspiracy theory. And the debunking of that theory understandably makes viewers feel betrayed.

CNN had better pray for a Trump victory in 2020 because without Trump to complain about, its viewers won’t have anything to watch.

Editor’s note: This is a very simple principle in marketing. Trash someone who is on top, it’s always a ratings win. The extremeness of this narrative provides for a fun and competitive political game, but with the arrival of the Mueller Report (and its lack of support for the “Trump and a criminal” meme), even some liberals are starting to realize the fraud of the anti-Trump genre of media.

I believe a Trump victory will give CNN four more years to turn themselves around. Since there will be no further opportunity to deny Trump a second term, perhap CNN will calm down on its anti-Trump rhetoric and find some other ways to get ratings (maybe even reporting unbiased facts?).

But then again, don’t hold your breath…

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  1. George

    CNN is at the End of being Bankrupt and they wont be able to Save it, if they don’t wake up to the truth and stop the Fake News and start being fair to President Trump specially with the Russian Collusion.

    • Jennifer

      FYI: On a layover in L.A. in early February 2019, I was stunned to find that ONLY liberal TV is in hotels (and everywhere else that I happened to be, like airports, restaurants etc.) I asked that maintenance come to my room to fix my TV because I was unable to get FOX News.
      The gentleman did not even know what Fox News was! I was shocked to say the least. It is one of the few stations that report the facts! Feed them poison so they will dumb down for life or die in ignorance..

      • DAV

        That’s Callousfornia for you !

  2. George

    Communist, Illegals & Muslim will destroy USA.

  3. Dave

    CNN might try to improve by hiring people who have the backbone to report factual reports. I do not turn on CNN at present. The network needs a complete replacement of personnel.

  4. Connie Pryor

    It is very sad that CNN bad mouthed our president for over two years. People want to hear facts. Our president has the best economy and the best employment record of any other president and CNN won’t give him the time of day. People are not stupid. I once watched CNN for news but every day it is bashing Trump and people are fed up. Don’t you think people see all the corruption that went on in the Obama years especially with HRC and they won’t touch that. They are fake news. They destroyed our trust.

  5. CharlesWilliamMorganJr

    We halted watching CNN many months ago. If we are traveling, and an objective network, or BBC, is not available, we may watch CNN briefly if nothing else is available. We are thoroughly disgusted with CNN as they do NOT seem to have the ability to be fair and objective with President Trump. CNN is super negative and we will NOT tolerate it!
    CNN needs to STOP being politically correct and tell the truth about the Islamic political-religious system! Their sleeper cells, constant worldwide terrorist attacks, and their goals for our nation need to be emphasized. CNN could actually play a part in saving our nation is they emphasized the truth!

  6. Bob

    The only way CNN has a chance at survival is if CNN co0mes out and starts mandating it’s show hosts, it is time to tell the truth and quit trying to be a backdrop support for the Democrat party. If Chris Cuomo is the best that CNN can come up with, CNN is in real trouble., Chris Cuomo, like his brother, in New York, is nothing more than a bouncing board for the idiotic left wing agenda of the Democrat Party. Chris Cuomo is an attorney and maybe that is why he thinks he’s so good at bullshitting people. If Chris Cuomo and CNN woke up and understood that America is tired of the gibberish and Trump trashing that CNN has done for the last two and a half years. But I’m sure, CNN, like the rest of the Democrat sided news media, and the radicals in the Democrat party, will continue to trash the president and act as if they believe the stupidity they spew 24 hours a day. CNN used to have some good news announcers, several years ago, but they have all jumped on “Let’s Hate Trump” bandwagon. I have not listened to CNN for well over a year, but I see it occasionally on TV in an airport, where most people are on their phones and not interested in a one sided news program, loaded with irrational, and definitely uninformed, show hosts. God Bless America.

  7. Sue Plegge

    Wake up, Folks!! Obviously, Fox News is all FOR Trump!! CNN is all FOR those who lean toward Democrats!! You can pick whichever you choose !!

    • Paul

      I’m glad to see you posted here and my presumption is that your emphatic use of exclamation points indicates you are upset with this story and that you ‘pick’ CNN as your trusted advisor. But you are here reading the other side and so I sense that there is something bothering you, something you can’t quite put your finger on, something that says to you that maybe you’re not hearing both sides and being afforded the chance to make up your own mind based on the facts. With an almost imperceptible slight of hand in reporting it can be pretty easy to fool us. Sure, both sides are guilty to some degree. But keep asking questions, watch for the red herring, don’t believe it’s true just because somebody said so (get the facts and decide for yourself), don’t trust that any of these news people are held to the truth, and definitely compare notes. I think you’ll eventually become one of us.

    • Uriah Ray

      Get real you obviously don’t know anything about Fox news. Only what you hear the rest of snowflakes are saying. If you research each of their shows you would find that there are always liberal guests on to give their views. And also you would find that there are also liberals that are part of the show. Like Juan Williams on the show the five. I could go on but being a liberal you would just be more confused.

  8. Glenn

    Chris Cuomo is not worth the oxygen he uses to tell lies. CNN is the worst network news there ever was. The only thing you can count on them to do is make up the most ridiculous lies. Someday they might make a mistake and tell the truth but I am not going to hold my breath.