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CNN Fires Chris Cuomo, But He Was Really Fired by the Democratic Party

CNN Fires Chris Cuomo, But He Was Really Fired by the Democratic Party

I’m no fan of Chris Cuomo, I think he is massively biased, a poor journalist and a liar. But he was not fired for any of this.

And he was not fired because of his collusion with his brother, stepping over the bounds of propriety for independent journalism and advising him in his troubles (as any brother would do), as has been claimed. CNN had allowed this for a long time, for YEARS in fact.

This was about the fight within the Democratic Party to oust his brother Andrew from his governorship. Andrew had become an embarrassment and a severe danger to the Party.

While ostensibly this was about multiple allegations of sexual harassment, this issue was actually small potatoes.

The real issue was that Andrew Cuomo had required that elderly COVID patients be returned to their nursing homes causing the needless deaths of thousands, maybe tens of thousands of vulnerable seniors. This is the most heinous of crimes, and should have resulted in billions of dollars in lawsuits and the destruction of careers (and perhaps even jail time) for a great many people. Then part two is that his administration covered up and lied about those deaths. It was starting to come out. The Democratic Party just could not become “the party of death.”

So, as every conservative commentator in American knew, the sexual harassment allegations were a smokescreen, blown out of proportion by a cooperative liberal media. This should have easily been weathered by the Governor. It took the entire Democratic establishment pushing against Cuomo to finally bring him down.

Chris Cuomo was a loose end. He was the most popular commentator on CNN, with a huge voice (formerly a loyally biased liberal voice). And with that capability, he is now in a position to talk about the unfairness of his brother’s treatment.

And here is the fatal blow. He might even be in a position to help his brother rehabilitate his political career. The Democratic Party cannot afford this, given the time and effort they have taken to cover up his heinous crimes, and the potential that they would spill over into the Party in general.

So Jeff Zucker got a call from the Party. Chris Cuomo is fired.

If Andrew Cuomo had won his fight, Chris Cuomo would still have a job.

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  1. Ben

    I’m with you, It is kinda shocking that the Democratic Party has held Governor Cuomo accountable for his predatory sexual behavior and not nominated and elected him as President.

  2. Dan Tyree

    I wonder what made the difference. They used to circle the wagons around Bill Clinton. Now they will eat their own.

  3. Eliot

    Every failure is a success!!!!


    It is obvious that Andrew Cuomo was the scapegoat for the Democrat Nursing Home Scandal.

    By shining a light on sexual harassment, Democrats found a way to blame and get rid of Cuomo, and sweep the Nursing Home Scandal under the rug.

    This would take the spotlight off the fact that not just Cuomo, but 5 FIVE Democrat Governors deserve to all be blamed. And 2 NY Senators deserve to have their Nursing Home involvement in the state with the highest casualties, looked into ALSO.

    “3/01/2021 – Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York was not the only state leader to have directed nursing homes to admit patients who had been hospitalized for COVID-19. Governors from Michigan (Gretchen Whitmer), California (Gavin Newsom), New Jersey (Phil Murphy), and Pennsylvania (Tom Wolf), all Democrats, enacted similar policies last year as fears grew that hospitals would be overwhelmed with new patients and too few healthcare providers.”

    Democrats wrongly think removing Governor Cuomo gets the media focus off of the other 4 Democrat Governors.

    Let’s not forget about NY Chuck Schumer and NY Kirsten Gillibrand who deserve a spotlight in Nursing Home scandal as well:

    “5/26/20 – Schumer, Gillibrand announce: New York’s Nursing Homes to receive $394 Million in emergency funding to keep the frontline against the virus going strong; New York gets greatest amount of Federal Funding.”

    No wonder Democrats wanted Chris Cuomo fired from CNN.

  5. frank stetson

    Bill Clinton = one consensual relationship, albeit very tackey that Democrats rallied around since it was consensual and a political witch hunt by Republicans and “where is he now” Ken Starr where they used sex and lies about said sex to impeach Clinton. The other abuse cases were pre-Presidency, the Democrats did not rally around him, he wrongfully attempted to deflect through discrediting the victims, and most, if not all, have been settled in or out of court with no guilt announced.

    Andrew Cuomo had multiple abuse allegations launched while still in office, the woke summer was in full swing, the NY AJ was launching an investigation, and sure, if Andrew called any Democrats they probably would have said: “game over, you should leave.” Wouldn’t you? It was a different set of facts, a different time.

    IF Bill Clinton set’s the bar for support, then Donald J. Trump had stepped way over it well before being elected, fyi. He paid hush money to sex workers for example which seems to indicate guilt. And she said he was guilty….

    So, I don’t see the vast conspiracy or incredible coincidence that Joe does with some pretty wild allegations, but certainly he was under investigation, or about to be, by the NY AJ, the woke summer is putting higher pressure on sex abuse and victim’s rights, and certainly any Democrat he called for advice would easily have suggested “this really looks bad, not sure I can get on board for a defense.”

    Not sure I see partisanship at play here or a giant shift in values, or as Joe might think, a way to put Cuomo in the penalty box so we can bring him back later. Nope — I do not think he pulls a Lazarus here, he’s dead to the party and probably politics too.

    And Chris —- well so long fellow. He might come back, but Brian Williams he ain’t.

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    I love how sites beg you to leave a comment.
    And then when you do, they don’t print it.

    Even if it is a g-rated comment.

    I already unsubscribed from Punching Bag Post for not printing g-rated comments in the past.
    I must have commented against their or their “checkers” agenda.

    For some reason they have now started sending me emails again.
    So I thought I would give them a 2nd chance.
    Looks like I need to unsubscribe AGAIN.

    • Susan kemp

      They have a time delay. So keep posting.

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        Yeah, the website that’s always crying about cancel culture holds most of the posts for a day or more. Who knows why… but sometimes they don’t get past the censor.

  7. Joseph S. Bruder

    My first comment a couple of days ago apparently got censored, so I’ll try again.

    I have no opinion about Chris Cuomo as a journalist. I don’t really watch CNN, unless a video clip gets featured by other sites, but it doesn’t happen enough for me to know anything about his style or politics. But apparently, he crossed the line from objective reporting to being part of the story. It’s natural to want to help family, but he could have and should have recused himself on anything that involved his brother. It’s a mark of journalistic integrity that CNN took action in this case. Too bad that FOX News, Newsmax, and OANN don’t have the same integrity. They have far worse transgressions than this on a daily basis.

    I also wasn’t following Gov. Cuomo’s trials and tribulations that closely. But in the Democratic Party, women matter. Sexual harassment is taken seriously, unlike in the Republican Party. I don’t know about the optics of what Gov. Cuomo did with elderly nursing home residents, but if killing 10’s of thousands of constituents by inaction or poor judgement is a consideration, then there are a dozen or two Republican governors who should also be forced out of office. The difference is that Democrats will take action when one of its members is not acting with integrity, Republicans will not.

    The Democratic Party did absolutely nothing to affect Chris Cuomo’s job. That’s just pure Democrat bashing by a partisan Republican masquerading as a Conservative. But finally having a President with integrity after 4 years of a President with absolutely no shame, no integrity, and no fucks to give about anyone else may have influenced CNN to do the right thing.

  8. Democrats WANTED the Covid numbers to go UP, so they could justify taking CONTROL of the police, hospitals, etc.

    This article is about Chris Cuomo, but when people can not win an argument on it’s merits they always bring in Trump.

    Bill Clinton did NOT have “just 1 consensual” relationship NO matter how the media suppresses it.
    And how easily the sheep believe the propaganda.
    Clinton has been accused of RAPE by several women, Juanita Broddrick CAMPAIGNED FOR HIM.
    Paula Jones, was a former Arkansas state employee.
    These women were not set up by the opposition, these women were DEMOCRATS.

    And other people who don’t like to stick to the Chris Cuomo article above, but want to do a “tit for tat”, “Republicans did this”, fail to step out of the fishbowl and put 2 and 2 together.
    Chris Cuomo has a PLATFORM by being on TV. Chris could EASILY go off script and say something against the DEMOCRAT party for what they did to his brother Andrew Cuomo.

    Even a moron can see that Andrew Cuomo was set-up by the Democrats.

    Democrats ORDERED Democrat governors to offload contagious Covid Hospital patients to Nursing Homes, which are loaded with old people with pre-existing conditions.

    Democrats WANTED the Covid numbers to go UP, so they could justify taking CONTROL of the police, hospitals, etc.


  1. Horist: makes you wonder what Reagan did so poorly that moved him behind a couple of racists. Twas 154 scholars…

  2. Joseph S Bruder..... LMAO. Your list has the two most racist presidents of the 20th Century ahead of Reagan. FDR…