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CNN and MSNBC Have Become Anti-News Networks

CNN and MSNBC Have Become Anti-News Networks

For the past two weeks,  CNN and MSNBC reporters, anchors and panelists have repeatedly criticized President Trump for not appearing in public.  Rather, they spent their airtime conjecturing wildly as to the reasons – mostly suggesting that he has gone stark raving mad over the results of the election.

Because Trump has not conceded, they accused him of undermining the Republic and the entire principle of democracy – even though the challenges and recounts are perfectly legal and constitutional.  They happen in every election.  Even if they do not overturn the election results, they do ferret out corruption and technical problems – and that is a good thing.

Weeeell … you can imagine how eager the folks at the networks would be to cover Trump when he did announce that he was going to have a press conference.  You can almost hear the top management at the networks yelling to their reporters to get their butts over to the White House.

But that is not what happened at CNN and MSNBC.  The first hint came when I heard CNN’s Trump-hater extraordinaire Brianna Keilar announce that the President will be having a press conference regarding prescription drugs — and that they will break away IF he starts to answer any questions.  In other words, the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” was going to boycott – with malice aforethought — a major news event called by the key player in the post-election controversy.

I flipped over to FOX News to watch the press conference.  I knew they would cover it.  It was big news for the American people.  The Trump administration had reached agreements that significantly lowers drug prices.  Basically, the American people would no longer be paying much higher prices for essential drugs than folks in other countries.  In fact, the U.S. prices are to be pegged to the lowest price paid by a foreign nation – a benefit for every person who takes any prescription drugs.   Another promise made and kept.

In a world of honest newscasting, this would have been … shall we say … newsworthy – even headline newsworthy.  But not to CNN and MSNBC – two networks that have made their raison d’être the propagandizing on behalf of the Democrats and the cancelling of Trump, Republicans and conservative principles.  Their lack of coverage was nothing less than censorship.  News agencies do NOT censor.  They report.  Ergo …?

I switched back-and-forth between FOX, CNN and MSNBC just to make sure my fear that they would block-out Trump’s first public appearance since the election was ill-founded.  It was not.  As the President and other top government officials laid out the details of the concession won by the administration, CNN and MSNBC were continuing their retread attacks on Trump.

Since I was quite sure that the FOX post-press conference would be more informative and objective  – yes objective – I turned to CNN and MSNBC to see how they reported on this important bit of good news.  Crickets. There was no good news reporting on what is obviously good news for the vast majority of Americans – and a feather in Trump’s battle-tattered cap.

This lack of coverage (censorship) harkens back to the election of 2016, when the left and their media component declared a #NeverTrump Resistance Movement with a doctrine of never normalizing Trump – as in never saying a good word.

Words like unprofessional, unfair, shameful, disgraceful and dishonest are insufficient to describe the level of corruption to which these faithless members of the Fourth Estate have descended into the cesspool of propaganda.  The type of jaded reporting that we see from these folks is not the kind of journalism the Founders had in mind when they specifically protected a FREE press in the Constitution.  They were not referring to a media self-enlisted into a biased or partisan role of deception and disinformation.

It is no small irony that the left-wing news media is part of a culture that demands expanded rights of free speech – even covering disinformation – while supporting policies that cancel the rights of certain citizens to speak freely — and censors them when they attempt to do so.

Since the news enterprises are private corporations, they are not constitutionally required to be fair or unbiased.  That is only an honor-bound tradition – a tradition that has been kicked to the gutter in these modern times by an east coast cabal of media tyrants.

We the people cannot vote the media personalities out of office.  If we could, I dare say that there would no longer be a familiar name over at CNN or MSNBC.  There is no judicial redress for their propaganda reporting – or they would be covering their own trials.  There seems to be only one option left for we the people.  That is to boycott the worst elements of media corruption and protest against the advertisers who support the propaganda industry.  Today’s journalism would benefit from a walk-away campaign.

The Founders, Abraham Lincoln and so many other American patriots have expressed the existential importance of a free and honest press to the concept of a well-informed public – and the importance of a well-informed public to a healthy Republic.  When that service is distorted – and news is put through a lens of biased self-interest – the public is no longer informed, but misinformed.  And THAT is the existential threat to democracy and the Republic.

So, there ‘tis.

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