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Clinton Holds the Lead Over Trump in Most Recent Polls Except for One

Clinton Holds the Lead Over Trump in Most Recent Polls Except for One

Until the election, there will be countless of articles and polls with predictions about who will be taking over the oval office. Will it be the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton or her Republican rival Donald Trump?  

In the latest polls by Ballotpedia, Clinton holds the lead in seven swing states, including Iowa, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia and Pennsylvania. The poll reveals that overall Clinton is ahead by 11 points.

She also performed better than the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, Clinton received 44%, Trump 34%, Johnson 13% and rest went to “neither,” according to the survery.  

While in a mashup against John Kasich, Clinton lost Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, Virginia and Pennsylvania to the Ohio Republican Gov.

Ballotpedia survey’s margin of error is either + or – 4 points.

But, how does this poll compare to the other popular ones out there?

The Ballotpedia poll seems to be much more in Clinton’s favor than others. Investor’s Business Daily and Public Policy Polling reports Clinton ahead by only 4 points in their polls, while Reuters is closer to Ballotpedia’s data with Clinton ahead by 10 points. A Fox News poll also puts Clinton in the lead by 6 points.

Rasmussen Reports doesn’t have the Democratic candidate ahead, instead the poll reports Trump in the lead by 4 points.

These numbers are bound to change before November 8 of this year. Although the months in the election season prior to election day are particularly difficult to predict, Trump has some hard work to do to overtake Clinton. But then again, when has he ever been afraid of a challenge?

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