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Clinton Foundation Whistleblown Apart

Clinton Foundation Whistleblown Apart

New insider information about the Clinton Foundation has been submitted to the IRS as evidence of illegal activities. Former President Bill Clinton comingled his personal and business funds – a big legal no-no – and was reportedly out of control where finances were concerned.

Now, a mountain of exclusive proof exists showing that the Clintons broke multiple laws and funded a corrupt, pay-to-play political organization in the guise of a charity.

Most provocative is the statement made by the Clinton family business whistleblower – who says he “knows where all the bodies are buried.” If this is literal rather than figurative, that could amount to a lot of corpses.

Andrew Kessel is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) once employed by the Clinton Foundation who spilled his guts to investigators from MDA Analytics LLC. The company’s seasoned ex-federal staff have been making continuing inquiries into the Clinton Foundation.

It looks like MDA Analytics team hit pay dirt. In late 2016, the organization collected damnatory testimony directly from Kessel who now says he got mixed up about the nature of his interview. According to a  statement released by the Clinton Foundation:

“Mr. Kessel believed he was meeting an old professional acquaintance who was looking for business from the Foundation.”

FBI agents interrogated Kessel in 2017 but said the Clinton Foundation CFO said nothing incriminatory about Bill Clinton or the charity.

MDA Analytics investigators submitted a 48-page document dated August 11, 2017, with 95 exhibits attached to support their accusations. There are even self-conducted internal Clinton Foundation legal reviews from 2008 and 2011.

The self-scrutinizing audits raised questions about “legal compliance, improper commingling of personal and charity business and ‘quid pro quo’ promises made to donors while Hillary Clinton was secretary of State.”

Lawyers representing MDA Analytics have contacted not only the IRS about possible financial violations but also federal prosecutors in the U.S. Department of Justice and FBI agents in Little Rock, Arkansas. The latter group has been looking into possible tax code violations and pay-for-play political trickery while Hillary Clinton was former President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State.

The Little Rock FBI inquiry is focusing on “whether any tax-exempt assets were converted for personal or political use and whether the foundation complied with applicable tax laws.”

The growing Clinton scandal is rising above the state level. “Last week, a federal prosecutor suddenly asked for documents from their private investigation,” according to Zero Hedge.

MDA Analytics stated with its evidentiary document submission:

“There is probable cause that the Clinton Foundation has run afoul of IRS rules regarding tax-exempt charitable organizations and has acted inconsistently with its stated purpose. The Foundation should be investigated for all of the above-mentioned improprieties. The tax rules, codes, statutes and the rule of law should and must be applied in this case.”

Kessel was candid with MDA investigators about Bill’s illicit fiduciary mismanagement, saying that “one of the biggest problems was Mr. Clinton’s commingling and use of business and donated funds and his personal expenses.”

An interview memo attached as an exhibit to the submission revealed:

“There is no controlling Bill Clinton. He does whatever he wants and runs up incredible expenses with foundation funds.”

The memo went on to explain the problem and how foundation staffers were unable to stop the train:

“Bill Clinton mixes and matches his personal business with that of the foundation. Many people within the foundation have tried to caution him about this but he does not listen, and there really is no talking to him.”

In an about-face public relations move – and perhaps realizing his tremendous gaffe – Kessel “strongly denies that he said or suggested that the Clinton Foundation or President Clinton engaged in inappropriate or illegal activities.”

The Clinton Foundation employed Kumiki Gibson, a private lawyer, to scrutinize the charity’s governance. The attorney found plenty to report to the Department of Waste, Fraud and Abuse:

“The work of the Foundation and the President are intertwined in a way that creates confusion at, and undermines the work of, the Foundation at virtually every level,” and was the source of “reputational and legal challenges, and…confusion, inefficiencies and waste.”

In addition to Kessel’s admissions, MDA Analytics has assembled in excess of 6,000 pages of comparable evidence from a different insider source. The watchdog organization claims that it is possible that the Clintons owe millions of dollars in unpaid taxes and penalties.

The  IRS has been checking up on the Clinton Foundation since July 2016, “after 64 GOP members of congress received letters urging them to push for an investigation.” That close scrutiny is underway at the IRS facility in Dallas, Texas.

In 2011, the legal firm Simpson Thatcher reviewed Clinton Foundation audits from 2009 and 2010. The analysts found “material weaknesses” such as no required board meetings and board meeting minutes that lacked proper signatures. Some charity employees had conflicts of interest and others abused expense privileges.

Representative Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) leads a congressional subcommittee that held a hearing with U.S. Attorney John Huber on December 5, 2018. Prosecutor Huber was appointed a year ago to investigate the Clinton Foundation.

The political soup is thickening as accusations and allegations mount up against the Democratic Clinton dynasty. Many Americans are eager to see justice served so we can move on and leave the troubled past behind.


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  1. Daniel Imbs

    How much did the Clinton Foundation pay other agents or agencies to try to bring President Trump down?

    • Marilyn Martin


    • AngryAmerican

      Follow $Breadcrumbs$ around The Mueller Monies. Is that right?

    • linda

      DANIEL that’s what I would like to know.they never ever get whats coming to them if it was me id be in prison,for a very long time. but I do pray about this so im hoping some one will go to jail

    • Steve E

      Enough to put both of them in prison.

  2. Gloria Nuccio

    All I can say is ,”It’s way past time that these people face up to all the illegal and corrupt
    things they have been doing. It puts America to shame that they were allowed to operate above
    the law for so many years. I am very elderly and I hope I’m still around to see the day that
    these evil people are finally arrested and made to pay for their selfishness. They are traitors
    to the millions of Americans that have believed in them , trusted, defended and are still duped
    about what they are all about. Bring it all out into the light once and for all, be done with them.

    • Annie-gal

      Intelligent people and anybody who cared to investigate these scumbags from the moment they appeared on the scene knew what and who they were and voted against them…..but the gullible, pro-socialist Lying Communist democrats refused to see the truth when it smacked them in the face….and they still suffer from the same affliction,.

    • Shirley

      Gloria, I agree with you, what takes so long to find out about a crook, when all along there was a warning sign. They like Obama have lied to the public and lied and stolen from the American people the whole time that they were in office. Bubba Clinton with his abusing the women while he was in office not just when he became President but long before and into running for Government, we all know the history of both of the Clintons and there was a long stream of bodies left behind, but so does our maker and they will be dealt with.. As for Obama, he was a illeagal and a liar we knew nothing about him, except his corruption while he was in office, his refusing to let the United States know anything about him or his illegal moves , hiring one of his representives that stood up and said at the podium and said, I am a Communist flat out and nothing was done for a long while. running guns to Mexico was a joke putting over 27,000 guns in the hands of none American hands and we never got them back. This was suppose to be a ploy to catch them “what a lie” but of course that was all he was about to the American people. Paying thounds of rebel roursers in streets to break up windows and burn down businesses and even when the National Guards were there to help them, Obama ordered them to stand down.
      What a joke he was right up there with the lying and thieving Clintons…. I to am elderly, 81 years but still am very active and and am keeping up with what is going on with my country. I admire you for speaking your mine, I sure do what ever I think about the things that happen in the news about my country whatever I think comes up and out of my mouth. I love my country God Bless America , and In God We Trust……………

      • Marilyn Martin

        All the above remarks pretty much tell their history . I have read many times about the victims

        • linda

          SHIRLEY I am to an elderly person who loves this country.obama Clintons you are so right about them and yes the GOD that we serve has something in store for the Clinton and the obamas.I just thank GOD for president trump is he perfect no but he does love our country.and that is what the democrats hate the most,they want to destroy our country make into a socialist country.if Hillary would have won the election we would be in big trouble I pray that the Clintons and Obama will be investigated from what I hear they are doing that now.hope so

    • Richard Tremaine

      Gloria Nuccio
      I certainly know how you feel Gloria, the Clinton clan did have a loyal following in the Democrat party so you would understand how someone like myself, a loyal Republican Conservative might feel about the same people representing themselves as Democrats.

    • Bob

      You want to live for a million years??

  3. James

    Loc both of them up and throw away the key!!!!



    • linda

      yes we do,we just have to watch and see.hillary I read somewhers she has her own cartel and they are dangerous not sure if its true who knows.BENGAZI is what I hated about Hillary telling our ambassador to stand down he was raped and strangled and got beat up pretty bad all he wanted was more protection he did not get and lets not forget the 4 people that died that nite in an attack,talk about a let bad she was not sorry I have no love for her.and yes I do pray for GOD to forgive this old women.

    • madmemere

      Kathleen -Currently, we have an AG, who, I believe, will do exactly that.

  5. Jan

    LOCK THEM UP !!!…. NOW… and the dimrat party will blow up like a bunch of rats running for cover. The whole entire democrat party is corrupt and has been for years. It will take someone like Trump to put a stop to it. Go after them Mr. President.

    • linda

      lock all of them up the ones that need jail time for things they have president should have to go through what president trump and his family have been through with the makes me so mad Obama did not get that kind of treatment from any of us .

  6. Michael Joesph Frieders

    To bad he is a dead man and doesn’t know it yet.


    the CLINTON’S are traitors some people believe traitors and liars because of all the fake news, they don’t want to hear the truth, because then they have to admit they made a mistake donating to crooks. them And we know how much democrats love to admit they made a mistake right? WRONG!!! It’s way over due that the Clinton’s face the fact they have been caught in criminal activities. Bill and his pervert life style, to child trafficiting, keeping the uranium money from selling it to Russian, past time that these people face up to all the illegal and corruption they have been involved in, the American people have a right to know. Would love to see her talk her ay out of this one….oh I can’t remember, or I don’t know, or I didn’t do it. WRONG ANSWERS….you used the money for your daughters wedding, purchasing her a house/mansion, paid out money for yours and bills pay to flay activities on the island and probabley other areas too, funds to redo your hone etc. your a crook PERIOD! May God deal with you as he sees fit, hoping it is full exposure and firing squad she knows the law, doesn’t obey the law and lies under oath,t ry[s to destroy America and President Trump from dossier collusion with Russian, so many involved, SHE IS DONE AND HISTORY. CAN’T WAIT FOR Verdict

    • linda

      right on they will get every thing they deserve.oh did any of you see where bill Clinton said that Hillary has been with more women then he has,lol

  8. proud patriot

    “he “knows where all the bodies are buried.”

    I don’t really care about the money issues. The government can’t make the rich pay their outstanding taxes. Very few get punishment.

    I want to get to the bottom of the pasted statement!!!

  9. Big Joe

    It takes balls to go against the Clintons. I wonder if they know that they are” committing suicide by Cinton”. Like the mafia the Clintons take their enemies out. I guess there are more corpses that will show up again, just like before. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that people die after becoming witnesses against Bill and Hillary. LOCK THEM BOTH UP!

  10. madmemere1

    I have waited more years than I can remember, for these two miurderous thieves to be brought up on charges – -just maybe, that will finally happen!

  11. charles

    The Bill and Hellery (I mean HELLery hard to think it could happen in the U S A. The demoncraps are all crocked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Carolinatarheel

    Crooked Hillary offered favors to numerous foreign countries who donated millions to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation!

    Where did all those millions go?

    Thank God for President Trump!

    America First!

  13. Wyomingman

    Sadly these crooks along with the rest of the crooked democrats will skate. For some unknown reason there never has and never will be an investigation that yields the truth. There is always someone out there that will keep all of these people out of jail. Maybe they need to refresh their memory and study the French Revolution.

  14. stephen leonhard

    I am a 93 year old veteran of WW2 and I don’t expect live long enough to ever see the Mueller Documents. Nor do I expect to witness the Clintons explaining any of their very questionable activities.
    Uranium One for example. Or how they left Arkansas poor but since then accumulated serious wealth?
    Santa Clause, perhaps?

  15. Geri

    When it comes to the Clintons, our justice system is a joke! It is true that it will take a great deal of courage to make them pay for all of the illegalities they have orchestrated over so many years. However, it MUST be done.
    I, too, believe that there were some people “taken out” by, or the act was paid by this couple. OD course, not being in any position to take on this cause, I have no proof. But when you add ALL the facts together, I believe there is probable cause.
    They truly believe that the laws of our country do not apply to them; they think they are too clever and/or powerful to be touched. Someone or som e official group MUST prove to them that they are not that privileged.

  16. James Hay

    I Am Hoping That This Is Not Just Another Occasion As Previous Ones Where The American People’s Hope For Justice Is Not Another Cruel Hoax Raising False Hope That Justice Will Be Finally Served. I Reserve Any Anticipation In This Respect Until I See Bill & Hillary Clinton Convicted And Hauled Off To Prison In Handcuffs And Shackles. And That Other Career Political Criminals Beginning With One Of The Most Dangerous Of Them All Barak Hussein Obama Who Rightly Deserves To Hang By The Neck Until Dead Imprisoned Or Executed. Until The American Are At Long Last Afforded Justice I’ll Continue To Severely Doubt That There Is Such an Thing As Justice In The U.S.

  17. Glenn

    There is no doubt that the Clintons deserve what you say. But they are past history. We have something growing in the DEMOCRAT PARTY, a whole field of completely stupid democrats( How stupid you say ? ) They want to get rid of planes and instead build tracks on top of the ocean to replace planes with Trains. Besides that they want to turn America into Venezuela, a socialist state. We all know what that place is like, so do the people down there, that’s why they walk up here because they know that we have people trying to turn the USA into where they come from. They know they can get free stuff until we go under too

  18. Dan Danser

    I wonder how much longer Before Kessel has a accident or suicide by shooting himself two times in the back of the head?? With his non dominate hand!

  19. Jean

    It is time for justice to be doled out to the Clintons and Obama.

  20. Djea3

    The Clintons were KNOWN criminals and Bill was KNOWN to be sexually abusive even before he ran for President. The fact is that it was covered up but truly out there for anyone who looked. The spin was that it was all lies to stop the elections.

    Then again there is Hillary….who abused Bill’s victims verbally and publicly. Together they are the Left’s DARLINGS. They stand for EVERYTHING the LEFT believes in.

    Bottom line, as long as there are democrats that control more than 25% of the political positions there will NEVER be a conviction against a Der leader. Not even for murder that was witnessed on the air!

  21. Daniel Kennedy

    Tenth year after the Clinton library opened middle east fancy jets landed in Little Rock.
    Wonder why? Hillary was Sec of state. Hummmm?

  22. stephen leonhard

    While they certainly have earned incarceration it will never happen.They know where a lot of bodies are buried…figuartively of course!
    Don’t forget Eric Halder who provided the weapons lost in Fast & Furious. My, my, my such carelessness

    stephen leonhard

  23. Merlyn Votaw

    Why worry about where the bodes are buried ? Why s the question and who were criminals that helped them? I don’t think they did it with out help but they are the leaders. I would love to see the behind bars in solitary confinement for a long, long time

  24. db

    Nobody can touch the Teflon Clinton’s.

  25. Sal Belardo

    With Comey & McCabe gone who is going to cover Hillary & Bill’s rear end?

  26. Randolph Chin-Quee

    Well slid willy how are you going to get out of this one, well you probably can blame it on Hillary and all the staffers that she had but with all that slush money you had, who was counting after all you didn’t think that some day it would run dry did you. Well everything else at some point it must end, but when all that money was in your hands and Hillary was promised a sure victory, slid willy would be back in the Whitehouse and calling the shots, except President Donald J Trump was the winner of the Whitehouse. In a way I surely wish that I could have been their to watch you pee in your pants and choke on Hillary when it was announced that Donald J Trump would be our next beloved President of the Whitehouse and not you corrupt, untrustworthy, lying Democrats who continues to lie, cheat make stories about our President which are not true all because you have him, although he reached out to you snakes to come together and make America great again together, but instead you conifer and told false lies about him in the hopes of getting elected into the Whitehouse, well put your Moines at ease that’s not going to happen,because we the people will not let that happen, God Bless America the home of the brave and the home of the beautiful.