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Clinton Foundation put on the Naughty List

Clinton Foundation put on the Naughty List
A prominent charity monitor, Charity Navigator (CN) adds a group to its watch list when it detects questionable behavior. Although CN has made it clear that it does not condemn the Clinton Foundation (CF), they have also said they aren’t comfortable with the CF’s “atypical business model.”
The Clinton Foundation found itself on the naughty list a few weeks ago after an investigation revealed a host of disturbing facts, first and foremost being that while Hillary was Secretary of State, the CF received donations totaling in the millions from foreign governments including Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Algeria. In addition, the CF decided not to report a half million dollar donation from Algeria in February. 
Earlier this year The Wall Street Journal published the surprising statistic in late February that the CF received over $25 million from 60 or more businesses lobbying the state department during Hillary’s tenure. The charity also saw donations from businessmen and companies with traceable benefits that depend on their relationship to the Clinton family. 
But donating to a charity is supposed to be a good thing, right? Well, not always: tax form investigations show that a surprisingly small amount of the CF’s large income was used for charity. Between 2008 and 2012 only about 15% was used for anything that could be considered “charitable.” 
Where did the rest of this money go? Well, over $100 million went to benefits and salaries and $25 million was spent on “travel expenses.” A full 60% of the CF’s disclosed revenue was used for “other expenses.” According to the Charity Navigator, a “good charity” will use no less than 75% of income/ donations on causes that actually relate to the organization’s mission. 
As rumors of bribery and conflicts of interest fly, the frightened charity publicly admitted making “mistakes” and announced that tax returns from the past several years would be refiled to correct errors. But the question remains: why is the Middle East pouring money into the Clinton Foundation?

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