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Clinton Email Probe: FBI’s Bias Let Her Off the Hook

Clinton Email Probe: FBI’s Bias Let Her Off the Hook

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok is suing the agency after he was sacked for unprofessional conduct.

Strzok was fired after exchanging politically charged text messages with colleague and mistress Lisa Page on FBI cell phones. In his lawsuit, Strzok insists he was fired “because of his protected political speech” and claims the dismissal represents a violation of his First Amendment rights.

In the words of Strzok’s lawyer, it is “indisputable that his termination was a result of President Trump’s unrelenting retaliatory campaign of false information, attacks, and direct appeals to top officials.”

Before he was dismissed, Strzok was leading the Clinton email investigation and the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation of suspected collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Moscow (both of those investigations are now being examined for misconduct and bias).

In a filing submitted Monday, the DOJ outlined a series of offenses committed by Strzok – including dereliction of duty and security violations – and said his actions undermined the “FBI’s ability to function as a trusted, nonpartisan institution.”

Text messages revealed this week show Strzok agreeing to treat Hillary Clinton kindly during an interrogation because she was expected to win the election:

“One more thing, [Clinton] may be our next president,” said Page in a text to Strzok. “The last thing you need [is] going in there loaded for bear. You think she’s going to remember or care that it is more [Department of Justice] than FBI” conducting the interrogation?

“Agreed,” replied Strzok.

Strzok later claimed the messages didn’t mean “we should treat [Clinton] differently because she’s our next president.”

But that’s exactly what happened. Strzok and the FBI changed their behavior towards Hillary because they believed she would win the election (or kill them if they turned on her).

Despite overwhelming evidence that Clinton put the nation at risk by mishandling top-secret information, then-FBI Director James Comey decided not to prosecute her. So much for FBI integrity. 

Editor’s Note: This is certainly a smoking gun that government institutions have been politicized and illegally used to attack political opponents. Strzok should be in jail, with several others, including former FBI director Comey.

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  1. Michael Mahler

    They are just as guilty as Clinton. Looking the other way, makes all involved accomplices to Clinton’s crimes. The same as if they made Clinton’s emails as well!!

    • rufusvondufus

      Charge the bitch, Clinton, and all of the other bitches, too!

  2. Rivahmitch

    Frankly, everyone in the agency (including especially the agency shysters and executives) involved in that “investigation should be fired.

    • ssilv48

      Fired??How about put on trial for coup, it is the take down of America and the POS Clinton was with the help of a Kenyan born muslime to take control of your lives. It’s call death by hanging

  3. Laura Wagner

    Fortunately, I believe most have been fired. Strzok is fighting it, trying to get more money out of it. The corruption of the FBI started at the top, but we have no way of knowing how far down it went.

    • ssilv48

      When American had a Kenyan born muslime in charge of America for 8 illegal years, it’s not very hard to figure it out

    • DB

      I hope his added BS just gets him in so deep he gets charged for more crimes and he ends up in prison. To me he stepped so far out of bounds it becomes sedition to reason.

  4. ssilv48

    I would like to know why they are not going after Hillary for the 5 classified emails on wieners lab top. Those are different and should be tried on a different hearing, by a real investigator, as they were not in the first 33,000 emails that she was criminally investigated on. Hillary put her information on the illegal lab top and she knew exactly what she was doing, along with all of the people she received emails from. HILLARY WANTED TO TELL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ONE THING, WHILE SELLING AMERICA DOWN THE ROAD IN REALITY FOR MONEY. SHE I A LYING BITCH FOR INHANCING HER BANK ACCOUNT AND ONE WORLD ORDER. HANG THE HAG

    • David Barron

      Wait until Trump 2.0 is her in November. He has cleared the way by getting rid of his enemies from the Obama administration to pave the way through the Justice Department to go after her and her ilk with guns blazing. If I were her I would be looking for some other more friendly place to live while the getting is good.

  5. Kurt Walker

    They accomplished one thing for sure. Nobody trust the agency except those who work there. And that’s a disgrace because there are some who do their best. But these pos have destroyed the trust in ALL of them./

  6. Greg

    This guy lied to Congress he lied to the people of america and still lieing that’s why we have a nasty person named Hillary that not in jail that had American killed because he’s above the law every time they find more info from her emails this nasty person don’t deserve to be call a woman that makes woman in this country look bad that’s not fair if someone don’t go to jail this shit will keep happening all those how have been put in jail for less of a crime than this if you break the law you must pay that’s even illegal people that have come here the wrong way america is made with a rule of law the courts should do something about this abuse even these that are in the house of the USA they took a oh to uphold the Constitution and they are doing what ever they won’t any one of them that lie or make up things No matter their position should go to jail It’s a coup to overturn the presidency that’s illegal hold them accountable for their actions no matter how they are illegal is illegal

  7. Rocket

    It has been a fact for a few years now that Hillary actually was corrupt and put our Countries National Security in jeopardy. It is a fact she used her personal email for Government Business. Then she deleted them when they were supposed to be turned over and ruined her hard drive to hide the evidence. If that is not someone guilty I don’t know who is. Yet the FBI let her get away with it. Then they put a Naval guy in jail for innocently taking pictures on a submarine. Her offenses were so much WORSE. Yet she continues to get away with it. SHE IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW. The Democrats say no one is above the law even the President. So why is Hillary treated like she did nothing wrong. Then she works with Ukraine during the 2016 election to create a fake dossier to go after Trump for Russian Collusion. The only one colluding with Russia was HILLARY. SHE NEEDS TO GO TO JAIL.

  8. Mike

    Don’t any of you idiots follow the news, or do you just watch Faux news? The email investigation has just been completed, and low and behold, they found evidence of some mistakes made at a lower level, but nothing to charge Hillary with. If there was something there, you can bet asshole Trump would be going after her. He isn’t because there is no there there. Wise up fools and stop listening to the conspiracy theories, they are total bull shit….

    • Knock knock

      Why go after the dead fish when the money is better spent on the live ones that are still in the swamp? There’s plenty there and they are looking into it finally, but you don’t care because you will only believe what you want to…whatever supports the dream world you live in.

    • mikesanidiot

      Dude, drugs are bad, look what they did to your mind, your thought processes are whack. Put the pipe down, and leave it alone, no more drugs for you.