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Clinton Email Case Continues – Criminal Probe?

Clinton Email Case Continues – Criminal Probe?

According to New York Post sources, the FBI considers the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of private email for classified documents to be a criminal probe. 

“It’s definitely a criminal probe,” said the source. “I’m not sure why they’re not calling it a criminal probe.”  Naturally we know the answer to that.

If Ms. Clinton is found to have allowed classified information to leak, then by all rights she should be charged under the law.  Whether she has the ability to bury such charges is not an easy question, but this could be the end of her erstwhile presidential campaign.

In the mean time, Judge Sullivan, the Federal district court who has kepted watch over the Clinton case, ordered the State Department to request a formal statement from Hillary Clinton her two former top aids, Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin. The former Secretary of State and her staff must confirm that all documents and records regarding the Judicial Watch case have been submitted. 

In doing so, each of them would be stating under oath there are no missing records. 

This past Friday, Clinton was the first to make a formal certification varifying that she had indeed handed all federal records from her private email over to her formal agency. The other two have failed to do so. Instead, Mills and Abedin’s lawyers have both submitted letters to the court regarding their clients’ situation. 

Here is a brief example:

“Ms. Mills does not believe that she has paper copies of potential federal records in her possession. Following our production on August 10, 2015 we have instructed her to delete any and all electronic copies in her possession.”

Without the complete documents from Mills and Abedin it will be extremely difficult to cross-exam the completeness of the documents that Hillary has turned in. Remeber that it was because of Sidney Bluementhal’s email cache that it was learned that Clinton had not turned over all documents. 

If Mills does destroy any documents, as her lawyer instructed her to do, then these actions would only heighten our suspition that Clinton has something to hide. 

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