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Clinton Aide Huma Abedin is Dating the Heir to Soros Fortune

Clinton Aide Huma Abedin is Dating the Heir to Soros Fortune

Hillary Clinton’s longtime advisor, Huma Abedin (age 47), is in a romantic relationship with Alex Soros (age 38), the son of Democratic megadonor George Soros. The lovers went public with their relationship on Valentine’s Day by posting the cute image pictured above to social media.

News of their relationship is making waves as people start to theorize about the potential impact that a closer relationship between the Clinton and Soros families may have on US politics.

Others are just making jokes about Abedin’s dating preferences. “Man, talk about a political groupie,” wrote one commentator. “She went from a convicted politico to the ‘heir-apparent’ of the Soros empire. Doesn’t let any grass grow under her feet. Probably taking tips from Hillary!” 

Abedin was married to former Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY), a convicted sex offender who resigned from the House of Representatives in 2011 after he was involved in multiple scandals involving “sexting.” Abedin filed for divorce in 2017. The two share a 12-year-old son named Jordan.

Aside from the drama with her ex-husband, Abedin is famous for working closely with Hillary Clinton, whom she met in 1996 when she was working at the White House as an intern. Abedin served in key roles during Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, her Vice Presidency (2009 to 2013), and her 2016 presidential campaign. 

Though not as directly involved in politics as Clinton, Abedin’s new boyfriend’s father, George Soros, has long been a key element of the Democratic Party. Born in Hungary, Soros made his billions through hedge fund management and founded the Open Society Foundations to promote Democratic candidates and causes.

In previous articles, we have criticized the elder Soros for supporting soft-on-crime district attorneys, including one who openly supports the “defund the police” movement (click here to read more), and donating to an anti-Israel nonprofit group with ties to Hamas and other terrorist groups (click here to read more). Soros is believed to hold sway over Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan District Attorney who announced the 24-count felony indictment of former President Donald Trump last year, and is sometimes referred to by Republicans a “bogeyman” for the frightful amount of power he holds.

Last summer, it was announced that George Soros would be retiring and handing control of his $25 billion empire to his son. As chairman of the Open Society Foundations, Alex has already met several high-ranking officials and has been spotted at the White House at least 20 times since President Joe Biden took office. In July 2023, Pope Francis hosted Alex Soros and Bill Clinton at the Vatican.

Based on comments to reporters, the younger Soros plans to follow in his father’s footsteps and utilize the Open Society Foundations to support progressive causes including abortion, gender equity, and voting rights. His views align nicely with those of Abedin and I’m sure we will begin to see the disastrous results of their partnership soon…


Huma Abedin is Dating George Soros’s Son

George Soros’ son Alex dating Huma Abedin, ex-vice chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 prez campaign

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  1. Frank dtetson

    Alice needs to get laid.

    Sorry, based on this story, just needs to be said.

    Newsflash; Joe Gilbertson had sex last month. Horist, last year. Dempsey: we don’t talk about that stuff round here. Stetson, yesterday, Wampler’s wife. Tom, by himself, independently. Dan, nbl.

    Just trying to getvall the naughty bits together under Alice’s sex talk umbrella.

    • Harold blankenship

      Go lay your daughter

  2. LMB

    I wonder who introduced Abedin to Alex Soros?! Could that have been Hilary?! Hmmm. Sounds very suspicious now doesn’t it!!

    • Tom

      I hear Joe Gilbertson screams at himself as he whacks it! Horist says it was last year but his dementia causes time distortions, it was actually last century. How did you do Wampler’s wife when that swastika bearing puppet is made of sawdust? Actually Tom was busy on a 900 number with Stetson’s wife. Dan is still busy trying to figure out why he wakes up every morning sticky.

      Hey, IMHO good for Abedin. After her marriage to that teeny bopper flasher, she deserves a good retirement package! Alice should do the same! I asked her but she never answered. Maybe I am wrong gender?


        first pbp laugh in a long time, thanks tom. and to your question: with a ten foot pole. His name was jacobvia.

        • Tom

          Uh oh, I guess I am glad she did not answer!! LOL Yes this one was a fun post. Nice to be able to still laugh!

    • Tom

      Good point!

  3. Darren

    I guess the Devil does wear Prada!

  4. Thomas

    Clinton’s are good teachers.

  5. Mike F

    Is this really a newsworthy moment? I guess so for followers of the windbag post… And repeating one comment that Huma doesn’t let grass grow under her feet-it’s been 7 years since she filed for divorce from Wiener-mighty slow growing grass I’d say. Just another example of conservatives attempting to dig up an issue where none exist;;;;

    • Tom

      Nope not newsworthy. Just fun to comment on.

  6. Hal E Oates

    It’s an age-old story, LIKES attract. In this instance, low-life, bottom-feeders attract. I won’t say here the real reference I started with.