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Clinton Admits Nervousness, 'Winning this nomination is no sure thing'

Clinton Admits Nervousness, 'Winning this nomination is no sure thing'

Is Hilary Clinton losing faith in her campaign? Recent reports seem to be leaning towards yes. Her campaign recently emailed supporters asking for a $1 donation from each of them to quickly raise $2 million for her campaign efforts.

In the email, she writes, “The contests in Iowa and New Hampshire will be here faster than you can believe (or at least faster than I can!). That means it’s time to be realistic about the resources we still need to be ready because right now, winning this nomination is no sure thing.”

For a candidate that many liberals have called “the presumed nominee”, it’s shocking to see her admit her nervousness in winning Iowa and New Hampshire.

Another sign the Clinton campaign is pulling out all the steps in a last-ditch effort? Her husband, Bill Clinton recently announced he will be campaigning for his wife, with two “grassroots organizing” events in New Hampshire scheduled for January 4th.

A member of Clinton’s team member released a statement about Mr. Clinton’s involvement in the campaign, stating, “He knows the people of New Hampshire want a president who will create shared prosperity, so that everyone has a chance at a brighter future. And, he knows Hilary Clinton is prepared to do that job.”

What is Hilary so nervous about? Nationally, she is typically the front runner in polls, however her opponent, Bernie Sanders, often ties or leads her in the New Hampshire polls for the first-in-the-nation primary election. With many polls showing Americans disappointed with Obama’s years as President and the direction of the country, maybe Hilary finally realized the people of this country are ready for true change.

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