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Climate Activists Vandalize Artwork in D.C.

Climate Activists Vandalize Artwork in D.C.

The climate advocacy of liberals has by now turned into a war characterized by frequent physical attacks on private property, and artwork anywhere in the world is not safe from such vandalism.

In the latest attack, two climate fanatics vandalized the “Little Dancer Aged Fourteen” sculpture in Washington, D.C. 

On Thursday morning, April 27, Joanna Smith and Tim Martin smeared the case enclosing Edgar Degas’ famous “Little Dancer Aged Fourteen” sculpture at the National Gallery of Art (NGA) in Washington, D.C., with red and black paint. As they vandalized the display at the gallery, other visitors stood by and made videos on their cell phones of the two disrupters, who sat by the artwork and told the spectators the reason behind what they did.

Joanna Smith and Tim Martin told the onlookers that they are both parents and want the leaders to take action to protect the climate and biodiversity for the sake of their children. Moments later, the two were arrested, dragged to their feet, and hauled off by the police.

Smith and Martin have been recognized as acting on behalf of the environmental activism group Declare Emergency, which organizes various kinds of acts, from demonstrations to outright vandalism, to demand government action for climate protection. After the incident at the NGA, Declare Emergency tweeted to its more than two thousand followers about Smith and Martin “making a statement” at the gallery without mentioning the attack on the sculpture.

The video clips showing the climate extremist duo smearing the glass casing of Degas’ piece of art and subsequently getting arrested by the police were viewed over a million times on Twitter. Thousands of comments condemning the attack on art followed the video post, with some expressing concern over the slack response of security that appears missing from the scene when needed.

Conservatives on the thread shared memes that condemned the “anti-American” and “brainwashed” liberal worldview responsible for such disruptions.

In response to the vandalism incident, the NGA stated to denounce the attack on its artwork. The statement says:

“We unequivocally denounce this physical attack on one of our works of art and will continue to share information as it becomes available.”

The Daily Signal reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has launched an investigation into the incident. The story reported that since its launch two years ago, Declare Emergency activists have been arrested over 60 times. On its website, it describes itself as a campaign of “nonviolent civil resistance techniques” using which it disrupt the status quo and demands “meaningful action” from the government to address the “climate emergency.”

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  1. Frank stetson

    Thankfully, unlike your title, they did not deface the art, only the clear case surrounding said art. That fact only took you a few paragraphs to announce. Incite much? And then they clearly identified themselves so that when the FBI investigates they can quickly be put under arrest.

    Check out the Dumpster’s picture; did he pose for the statue?

    It was not private property as you clearly unequivocally state, but public property, as in national Gallery of Art. I believe it was donated by the Mellon’s.

    The Dumpster still regularly misstating facts and treating it as journalism. Soon, we will have to move him from.questionable veracity into full-fledged flyer.


    I am sure that the FBI will follow up on this investigation, the perpetrators will be arrested, convicted, punished and all will be well.

    I remember my dismay after viewing the Pieta in the mid 60s to see it vandalized by nut-job hammer in the 70s. Some “good” people pocketed fragments so that the pieces were not all available. However, it was restored and a lot harder than just clean the case job that have the Dumpster’s panties in a bunch.

    The perpetrator was captured, declared insane, and put away. A few years later he got out, was deported back to his home country, where he lived as a hermit until 2012 when he died. End of the story.

    Shit happens, but we are a nation that follows the rule of law, so let the law handle it. Hopefully, the stupid publicity that the dumpster and Twitter so gleefully provides in a demented manner of hate speak will not publicize these jerks and will not further incite others to follow or worse. According to this liberal, violent protests should never be condoned.

    So much for this environmental it’s group claiming to be nonviolent. End of story. “30”


    10 years in prison should get them the message to leave others things alone !

    • Bubbelove

      Thomas – without parole. These people are an abomination. We need stricter laws, and no “fancy jail” time. Hard labor. I am so sick of what is happening these days in our wonderful country. What has happened to our laws, and the lawless animals (sorry real animals) who are getting away with destruction of our country and moral?

  3. Bruce

    These people should be locked up for their arrogance, along with vandalism. Aren’t we sick of these self-appointed idiot dictators yet? And make them pay the cleanup costs!

  4. Frank stetson

    You guys make me laugh. I almost out with you ever been to an art museum. Much less than the national Gallery.

    I also wonder what you think about the January 6, 2021 Republican insurrectionist at the capital and the punishments they are getting.

    But on this one, let’s let’s ask be your friends. I believe the penalty for defacing public property has the magic number of $1000. Above $1000, you can be fined. $5000 and imprisoned for up to 10 years. Below $1000, the punishment is. A $1000 fine and potentially up to 180 days in jail. I am pretty sure that cleaning some paint off a clear display case will be in the $1000 area.

    All this was most certainly violence against property, it was not violence against people. I’m pretty sure the judge will take that into account.

    Nonetheless, we are a nation of all, and they should face the full brunt of the law and the punishment they’re in. Why your knickers are so nodded over this is beyond me. Like I said, I am doubtful you’ve ever set foot in an art museum.

    Myself, I love the national Gallery east wing. There’s a special service elevator to the right of the main door. If you take it all the way to the top, there’s a special one room gallery, where in the beginning, they kept all the Matisse cut outs. They are so very special, and the only other place I know to see them in grand display is the Barnes museum in Philadelphia. Another one of my favorites of which are moment I am a member. However, after you view, whatever is on display in this room, there’s a special staircase that takes you out above the entire east wing. It’s a very special path and well worth the effort.

    I also enjoy the sculpture Garden at the national Gallery. I am a fervent Rodin fan and there’s a version of the burghers of Calais in there. We’re all always remember my mother looking up the burgers robes to see if there was a bird up there. I have a picture… It’s priceless.

    These folks will be punished according to law, rest assured, stand back, and try some art for Christ’s sake.