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Classified Docs Scandal: Are the Bidens a National Security Risk?

Classified Docs Scandal: Are the Bidens a National Security Risk?

The biggest scandal of classified documents hidden by Joe Biden for decades is now creating concerns that Joe Biden and his controversial son Hunter are a serious risk to America’s national security.

On Friday, January 20, the Department of Justice (DOJ) seized yet another set of classified documents from Joe Biden’s Wilmington home in Delaware. This time, six classified documents were retrieved from a box marked “important docs + photos” inside Biden’s house – the second time after one set of classified docs were retrieved from his garage.

The seemingly endless series of classified documents found all over Biden’s properties has got many conservatives asking how many more are there hidden by Biden.

And while the leftist media and their liberal audience struggle to rationalize and play down this scandal, the affair is becoming a question of national security concern involving both the father and son.

Last week, when another set of undisclosed classified documents were retrieved from Biden’s Wilmington house, Jeanine Pirro of Fox News asked Congressman Jim Jordan specifically about Hunter Bidden being a possible national security risk.

During their discussion, Pirro also brought up the fact that Hunter Biden had been paying $49,000 a month for Joe Biden’s Wilmington house, where the sensitive documents were kept for years.

Given Hunter Biden’s shadowy Ukraine dealings and the fact that some of the classified documents contained Ukraine-related information, Hunter seems a prime suspect in a big game of corruption and cover-up, while the complicity of his father, who somehow not only got to take these documents home but kept it for years without the National Archives bothering to demand he returned them.

The new set of documents found last week at Biden’s house further raised national security risk concerns for two reasons, both related to Hunter Biden. First, Hunter used to make frequent trips to the house and had access to sensitive documents. The New York Post wrote on Friday:

Hunter Biden apparently made more than 160 trips to the sprawling, lakeside house in just 52 days during the same time he was involved in controversial business dealings with a Chinese energy conglomerate.

In fact, the newspaper discovered a photo of the box containing the secret documents on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Secondly, how responsible Hunter Biden is with his laptops is public knowledge. He has lost multiple laptops, one of them he admitted he likely lost to some Russian drug lord in a video showing a naked Hunter talking to some prostitute.

Hunter Biden has been known to have drug addiction issues, particularly cocaine use for which he reportedly was discharged from the military.

There is no visitor log for Biden’s residence where these sensitive documents were kept. And only a thorough probe by a Republican House committee can hope to reveal whether Joe and/or Hunter Biden jeopardized national security by keeping these documents of years with no checks and balances. The question of whether both Bidens are a national security risk now looms over America more than ever before.

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  1. david

    does hunter biden possess a security clearance? if so, why was he given that sec. clearance? his less than honorable discharge would have disqualified him and prevented any future sec.clearance.

    also, i wonder about the 49,ooo.oo rent\mortgage payment for joes house. did, does hunter have a legitimate\legal source for such wealth prior to his corrupt involvement with barrista of ukraine?

  2. frank stetson

    Yes, Biden has a big problem. Hunter, Ukraine, Russia, open secrets, it’s a mess. It’s no longer a “gee, I just forgot a few papers” for Biden. The accessibility is a huge problem.

    BUT in every case, I am pretty sure Trump has it worse and we don’t know about Pence, Clintons, Bush’s, Obama, Carter’s etc. We need to know the same information for all. What they had, where they had it, and who had potential access. FUCK the magic pill of autodeclassify — we need to know the same facts for all and then let the law settle the outcome.

  3. George

    We don’t need to know EXACLY what is in those documents. It would be helpful to learn if China, Ukraine, and other countries that Hunter dealt with are are in those cardboard boxes.How long can DOJ, FBI, the White House and the media keep stonewalling and hiding this info? Do all of them think that the American people and half the world are so stupid? It would be helpful to Trump if he could give a synopsis on what he actually held and why. It would also be helpful to know who packed up all these boxes. In Trump’s case the docs could have come out of the White House. In Biden’s case, just where & how did he come by them?

  4. Mark

    Who is running the National Archives and why isn’t a sign in and out of security information in process and a return policy of 24 hours.

  5. frank stetson

    ExSqueeze me? Hunting Hunter is a GOP pastime, but get over it. Ask your same questions and replace HUNTER with Hunter/Trump/Biden/Clinton/Obama/Bush and all the VPs….. Then add ROW to Ukraine and China. And quit being so polite to Trump, he had over 35 boxes on the crap, some so top secret that they can’t leave the special room — how did they end up next to Trump’s public access pool?

    And I most heartily agree — for all of them — who packed those boxes and why not stand up and say what you saw. I mean 35 boxes of paper for a guy who does not read…… Papers for a guy who forgets from over six years ago, just lying around in his office and garage. How do you move top-secret to a garage?

    But all of them: same questions, same inquiries. I expect different answers given Trump’s obstruction indicating a good potential for either complete arrogance, stupidity or both and Biden’s HUGE security faux pas having any paper within 100 yards of the Hunter. Not like he didn’t have time to clean it up, more arrogance on top of stupidity at least.