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Cincinnati Man With Concealed Carry Permit Prevents Quadruple Homicide


A Cincinnati man without a concealed carry permit fired at four people – including a 1-year-old boy – before a civilian with a concealed carry permit wounded the shooter in the leg. While the anti-gun groups of America consistently attack the legality of concealed carry, this incident perfectly sums up why such a carrying ability is necessary: people committing crimes don’t care about not having a concealed carry permit. 

Thomas McCary, the shooter, is being held without bond on four counts of felonious assault. Rather than the headlines today addressing the murder of 4 innocent people, thanks to one heroic man having the ability to make a difference – no lives were lost yesterday. 

McCary who was arguing with an unidentified woman, pulled out a .38-caliber handgun and fired three shots, Cincinnati police said.

While no one was hit, a civilian did get his own gun and returned fire, wounding McCary in the leg. 

This situation brings up a lot of questions regarding gun-free zones, like the recruitment office where the Chattanooga tragedy occurred. If just one of those marines were allowed to carry a weapon, the four could be alive and with their families today. Gun laws and restrictions simply handcuff the law abiding citizens of America, leaving criminals and murderers free reign to terrorize.  


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