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Christian Mother Sues Oregon for Denying Child Adoption

Christian Mother Sues Oregon for Denying Child Adoption

The state of Oregon is refusing the adoption of children to a Christian woman because of her faith that doesn’t acknowledge transgenderism in children.

The woman is now suing Oregon for penalizing her for her religious beliefs.

The lawsuit was filed on Monday (April 3) by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) on behalf of Jessica Bates, a single mother of five in southeast Oregon, who applied to adopt a pair of siblings from Oregon’s foster care system last year.

While she was eligible to become a mother by adoption in every other way, the state denied her application on the basis of her Christian faith that wouldn’t let her comply with the state’s requirement of transgenderism in the children up for adoption.

They required Bates to show that she was open to gender fluidity in the adopted children, while she believed that gender is biologically determined at birth.

The Federalist published details of Bates’ lawsuit whereby she refused to use pronouns for children that go against their biological sex. In addition, Bates expressed unwillingness to allow transgender procedures on children or bring a child for cross-sex-related medical appointments.

The official website for the Oregon Department of Human Services states that for child adoption, applicants are not discriminated against due to their religious beliefs:

Applicants are considered regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

As the ADF tweeted about the lawsuit against Oregon on behalf of Bates, conservative Christians on the platform expressed hurt and anger at the discrimination the leftists running Oregon are showing to Christians.

In their press release announcing the lawsuit, ADF wrote that Oregon is imposing its own agenda against the constitutional and moral obligations it must follow to let a person adopt children irrespective of their faith. The press release stated:

Oregon is putting its political agenda above the needs of countless children who would be happy to grow up in a loving, Christian home like Jessica’s.

Commenting on the issue, Tristan Justice cited evidence showing serious, often life-threatening risks associated with what the left calls gender-affirming procedures, i.e., transgenderism in children. He wrote that licensed clinicians subjecting children to such procedures are “eager to cash in on what is estimated to be a $5 billion-dollar industry by 2030.” 

Liberals in the United States and abroad are aggressively pursuing transgenderism in children, while conservatives continue to put up a fight to protect children from the left’s agenda.

Exposure of minors to the transgender lifestyle, considered by many conservatives as a mental illness, is seen as a deliberate effort to sexualize children.

Even some advocates of the LGBTQ movement, like Oli London, speak against pushing transgenderism on children.

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  1. frank stetson

    “Liberals in the United States and abroad are aggressively pursuing transgenderism in children, while conservatives continue to put up a fight to protect children from the left’s agenda.” What the hell does the Dumpster even mean. For close to 70 years, this liberal has walked the Earth and this United State’s liberal has never “pursued transgenderism” anywhere.

    Haters gotta hate.

    In 2017, Jessica Bates filed a civil lawsuit against Montwheeler, the guy that did the headon with her and her husband in 2017, then a wrongful death lawsuit in 2018 against several institutions, including the Oregon State Hospital and Oregon Health Authority. She was awarded a judgment of more than $540,000 in the civil case. The wrongful death case was dismissed. She lost her suit against the State and probably did not collect much against the ass-wipe that killed her husband even with the judgement.

    It will be an interesting case to watch. The woman has her rights but does she have the right to express them on an adopted child of the State when those rights go against State’s rights? The fact she is a frequent flyer in litigation against the State will play a role no doubt as well.

    Dumpster is a hater.

    • Theodore

      Just look in a mirror, and you will see who the hater is. It would be Frank (Big hat, no cattle), Stetson.

      • Tom

        Wow, that was hateful Teddy!

    • Tom

      You are correct Frank, this will be an interesting case to watch. This could have potential to be picked up by the ACLU and taken to the SOUTUS. What is most interesting is that the state claims to not discriminate on its website. I have not checked the website personally to verify. But if this is true, I hope she wins because then the children win.. The one question I do have is why does she not go to a Catholic or other Christian adoption agency that would love to give her a few children. I had the same question when those two homos wanted to force a Colorado bakery owned by Christians with lots of Christian clientele to make a wedding cake for them – why didn’t they just choose a homo bakery!?

      Sometimes I think these suits are prompted by and for notoriety and actually stupid because there are in each case, choices.

      • frank stetson

        Happy Easter — mini ham is a cookin, yams a baking, asparagus and a little cranberry sauce to round our our fare.

        It will be interesting especially given her proclivity to sue the State even though she lost the last one. I am on both sides at the same time although fully admit I do not understand trans, don’t plan to if I can avoid it before I meet our maker. Just too much variation tween the scene of self-id, hormones, surgical, or just drag for the library….So, my answer is on the gay side of it; I can not speak to the trans side of it. BUT for the gay side — while I can understand her standings re: religion and that’s OK for her and her actual kids, as in I may not like it, but I understand and it is her kids. I also understand that her doing what she might do if her adopted child was gay is just not OK, IMO, and IMIO, the State would be right in making sure that does not happen to a kid that is not of her loins and has every right to ask/demand an answer before giving her a ward of the State.

        So, interesting case for sure.

        RE: the Bakers — yeah, most often I walk, but sometimes I squawk. It just depends. Sometimes the stupidity of the wrongness just gets you pissed off enough to raise the roof. That may be her case. It’s may be not that she couldn’t find a child for adoption elsewhere, it’s just that the State has pissed her off so much, starting with her husband’s wrongful death, and now this afront to stopping her from getting what what was taken away with her husband’s passing which she also blames upon the State.

        As a Mother, she’s probably grooming them kids to hate the State with all her hate. And it’s Oregon —- those kids will find lots of State-hate friends in the land of the anarchist. I just hope it all works out for the entire family and the find happiness as a family.

        See you after I resurrect myself tomorrow. The ham it beckons.

    • Miles collins

      The child ain’t property of the state. That’s exactly what democrats want. Not on my watch.

      • frank stetson

        Miles, I continue to suggest you read, you research, before you post since you continue to look like a freaking idiot of the “you can’t fix stupid” variety. Once again, your post is ridiculous making no sense whatsoever. Foster care, wards of the State, has absolutely nothing to do with political parties. It is already happening on your watch and has nothing to do with what Democrats want or don’t want.

        • Miles collins

          I am going by what’s being said and done. We were warned about these things many years ago when the Russians said that they could take America without firing a shot. I know that communism is said to be of the past in Europe but it’s alive and well in America. It lives in the democrat party

          • frank stetson

            And Russia is taking America cuz the litigious widow’s can’t have wards of the State to groom?

            What thread do you think you are on?

  2. Frank stetson

    Ted gets personal.

    It’s all he’s got.

    • Miles collins

      Frank why should kids be groomed by sick people who think being queer is normal?

      • Frank stetson

        Stupid baiting question, wrong thread,

        What kids are being groomed by sick people who think gay is normal?

        What does that have to do with a trans in a sorority that allows trans?

        What thread so you think you are on?

        • Miles collins

          It seems that you keep your head up your ass. School systems in several states are pushing queer lifestyles on children. Not just sorority bimbos

          • Frank stetson

            Miles, so you’re now not talking trans in a sorority or sick gay people grooming kids but now you’re kvetching about school systems pushing gay lifestyles.

            And you are fascinated about my ass.

            Not sure what you’re trying to say. You don’t seem to be able to stay on point. And you have no evidence. No facts. .