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Chris Matthews: “Was Hillary Clinton part of the cover-up?”

Chris Matthews: “Was Hillary Clinton part of the cover-up?”

Chris Matthews, notorious left wing political analyst and host of MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews” seems to be suffering from a case of amnesia in regards to his thoughts on Hillary Clinton.

Responding to Donald Trump’s accusations that Hillary Clinton acted as an “enabler” to Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct while in the White House, Matthews said in disgust ,”I have never heard anybody go after Hillary Clinton and say she’s an enabler.”

He continued, “Hillary was shocked by Monica, and I believe that story that she had no idea something like that was going on in the White House. She was hurt by it. People could see the hurt in her face, what it had done to her.”

It seems as if Matthews has forgotten about his initial reaction to the Clinton sex scandals during the 90s. Back in the 90s, not only did Matthews not believe Clinton was unaware of the entire situation, he questioned her involvement with the cover-up! Since Matthews seems to have a hard time remembering how he truly feels about Clinton, let’s take a look at what he’s previously said to refresh his memory:

“In 1998, in January, on that Matt Lauer interview on the ‘Today’ show, she didn’t offer herself as a character witness. She offered herself as an alibi. She said, ‘He didn’t do it.’ I’m here — I’m this guy’s wife and I’m telling you it didn’t happen. … How can a woman, who’s been betrayed by her husband so vividly, come back and offer herself once again as a character witness? How can she swear to his character if he betrayed her?” Matthews said on his MSNBC show on September 18th, 1998.

Then just a little over a week later, he noted, “Men feel they get married and they cut a deal. It’s called fidelity. It’s a great deal, you spend your life with somebody you love, and it’s a great deal, let’s face it. But there’s one little catch. … And then they see Hillary say, ‘Well, our deal’s a little more complicated,’ as they like to say at the White House. Everything’s more complicated when you’re guilty.”

He even went as far as to question Clinton’s character, “Was Hillary Clinton part of the cover-up (of the Monica Lewinsky scandal) the last seven months?”

As it turns out, Donald Trump is not the only one questioning Hillary Clinton.

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