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Chris Christie Says GOP Jeering During State of the Union Was a “Big Mistake”

Chris Christie Says GOP Jeering During State of the Union Was a “Big Mistake”

Former New Jersey Governor and one-time Trump supporter Chris Christie say the GOP made a “big mistake” booing and jeering President Biden during his State of the Union address. 

Christie, who Trump and his followers now dub as a “RINO” (Republican In Name Only) along with others like Senator Mitt Romney, said the House GOP’s jeering at President Biden during the State of the Union address last week was a “big mistake” by the Party. 

“Big mistake. Look, you know, you don’t want to — you don’t want to rise to the bait, and they did, a number of them did, and it was a big mistake,” Christie told host George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week.”

House Republicans, most notably Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG), (R-Ga.) booed and heckled the president at points during Biden’s sweeping speech to a joint session of Congress, with an eruption of dissent as Biden said some in the GOP want to sunset Medicare and Social Security. 

“Look, the better response would have been to respond to that with laughter. If you really wanted to respond to the president saying something as ridiculous as the Republicans [want to sunset the programs], because of what one Republican said, Rick Scott, which was immediately rejected by almost the entire rest of the Party, what they should have done was just laughed at the president then, and moved on,” Christie said. 

“The yelling and the screaming stuff, look, I think that’s always bad. It doesn’t get you anywhere. And it gave Joe Biden an opportunity to engage them back in a way that was spontaneous, that I think was probably the best part of his entire speech,” the former governor added.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) shook his head dismissively as he sat behind Biden, besides Vice President Harris. MTG stood to shout “liar” at the president when he made references to GOP cuts in Social Security. 

Biden played off the audience’s audible dissent in improvised lines mid-speech. 

“So folks, as we all apparently agree, Social Security and Medicare is off the books now, right?” Biden said. “Alright,” he added, throwing a thumbs-up.

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  1. Mar

    Perhaps next year Mr. McCarthy will spend the entire time the president is speaking feverishly making notches in his copy of the speech so that he can stand up at the end like a proud toddler who has just used the potty and tear it in half. So much better!

  2. JoAnn Leichliter

    And we care aboutbwhat Christie says because…?

    • SJ Jolly

      Christie may well be the smartest person in the GOP/GQP.

  3. Doris

    What was worse then when Pelosi ripped up Trumps speach.

    • frank stetson

      Maybe he should have shaken hands when she extended one and he turns away.

      But you are right, it was rude.

      And MTG was rude.

      Where does it end? Christie got it right, and I am no fan for sure: when you take the bait, you are on the hook. Both sides.

      • Tom

        Your wisdom is right on Frank! I love wise fishing metaphors! The GOP in their rudeness acted just like those blow fish I used to catch in the Chesapeake Bay!

        • frank stetson

          ah, the bay. many a day I sailed the bay, neighbor had a 50ft ketch and needed crew. Got tsch’d tsch’ by a Priest at St. Michaels for swearing. Crikey, I was in a dingy, if sailors can’t swear who can? Never fished there, though. Ate a lot of fish there…. All the crabs you could eat was great until tourism ruined it. Kept going until your fingers bleed. Old Bay on an open cut, nothing like it.

          Funny story. So this guy had a punk kid, like 7 years younger than the youngest in HUGE Catholic family so you know this kid was probably brain-damaged, but what a snot of a spoiled brat being the youngest, being the only male with like seven sisters. I’m sitting on the bowsprit, he’s giving us never-ending shit, he turns away and I am gone, down on the chains at the watermark. Friend yells, OMG, and the kid takes off to Daddy at the wheel at the stern to announce emergency, man overboard… Dad looks up and there I am on the bowsprit, calmly catching some rays. Pretty funny at the time. Nice old sailboat; mahogany. Dude was rich on inheritance, coulda kept it up, but sold it for a new fiberglass one which he took on the inland, lost his engine in GA, and they towed him under a low bridge, mast came down, and it sunk. Seemed like his God was sending a message.

          Ah, the bay. In college we’d make the journey to Marmaduke’s Pub, a sailor’s bar featuring free clams on Fridays. So, with little money, just enough for beers, and hungry, we were off in my roomies vw featuring bad kingpins so we already were weaving like being drunk before drinking…. One night there was a sign: no clams, clammer drunk. Well we could go hungry and by beer on empty stomachs, or do the right thing and eat. Not sure how we made it home, can’t remember much except peeing off a second story porch, hearing: “WTF,” and this was a biker party so we retreated rapidly. Amazingly now it seemed we were driving in a straight line. It’s was Jump’s party so the next day I asked what happened to my date from the bar. Jump said: “thank you.”

          Ah, the bay. Went to some nice weddings at the Academy, once we all lifted the wedding VW onto a stature.

          Sorry, memories. Annapolis is a great town. Gotta love the Bay.

    • Bubbelove

      JoAnn and Doris – Pelosi was a disgraceful piece of you no what. Republicans should have called her out. Biden deserved to be called out for his lie and lie – hurray for the Republicans. Christie is a has been.

  4. Doris

    Oops speech

  5. Joyce ailstock

    Who gives a crumb what RINO’s say; they should join the lying Demo’s!!!!!

  6. Retired4ever

    I assume we’re talking about politicians here, right????? Just what do you expect from either side? That includes Christie. Once they get on the public tit they want to remain until they are financially able to buy on Malibu’s Broad Beach.

  7. Tom

    Not a fan of Christie, but he was right! Biden got agreement without having to even have a debate. Made him look like a good leader! Hard to say anything about his dementia when he outsmarts you!

  8. william spires

    Maintaining decor is fine in concept but was sorely lacking from democrats, even to the point of treason and sabotage when Republicans are in power. It’s also hard to refrain from jeering when one is at the Cirkus Maximus Clown Show.

  9. DONrs

    Chris Christy has demonstrated being at best a RINO, but more of a Neo-WOKE JERK!

    Any idea that escapes from his wee little brain has proven to be such a horrible mistake. Go back to CNN, where you are more comfortable!

  10. frank stetson

    Man, I just love it when you guys eat your own for merely having an opinion. Priceless. Yeah, ding him with the RINO crap. Get rid of all the RINO’s, cast them out, be gone with them.

    I am from NJ, no one in Chris’ home state would use the woke descriptor with Christy even if we knew what neo-woke means.

    He ain’t no Democrat, you don’t want him, Independents don’t want him, wow —- where’s the fat man going to get his next meal? Maybe you should rename yourselves the Greene party. Gotta Gaetz me some of that!