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China’s Mobile “Death Vans” Execute Thousands per Year – And Then Organs are Harvested

China’s Mobile “Death Vans” Execute Thousands per Year – And Then Organs are Harvested

The implementation of mobile death vans in China marks a significant and controversial development in the country’s application of capital punishment. These vans, essentially mobile execution chambers, have been part of China’s penal system since the late 1990s. Their introduction was touted by Chinese officials as a step towards more humane executions, arguing that they are cheaper and less traumatic for all involved compared to traditional execution methods. However, the secrecy surrounding their use and the broader context of capital punishment in China raises profound human rights concerns.

The exact number of people executed in China annually remains a closely guarded state secret, making it challenging to provide precise statistics regarding executions carried out specifically in mobile death vans. However, it’s widely believed that China executes more individuals annually than any other country in the world. Rights groups and international organizations estimate that thousands are executed each year, a figure that far exceeds the combined total of executions in the rest of the world. For example, the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty suggested that at least 8,000 people were executed annually in China from 2007 onwards. In contrast, Amnesty International recorded 883 executions in 2022 outside China, highlighting the stark disparity in execution rates.

The vans themselves are adapted from standard 24-seat buses, externally indistinguishable from other vehicles to maintain discretion. Inside, they are equipped with a lethal injection facility, featuring a windowless chamber where the execution takes place. This setup allows for a quick and mobile method of carrying out death sentences, theoretically reducing the need for traditional, stationary execution facilities. The presence of CCTV cameras inside the vans suggests that the execution process can be monitored, and possibly recorded, providing a level of oversight whose details and justifications remain opaque.

One of the most harrowing aspects of the mobile death van system is its alleged role in facilitating the organ harvesting from executed prisoners. The quick and concealed nature of executions conducted in these vans could, theoretically, make it easier to remove and transport organs, contributing to China’s organ transplant market. Although official figures are unavailable, some estimates suggest a significant percentage of organs used in transplants come from executed prisoners, raising ethical and human rights concerns internationally.

This is an example of the terror the average citizen faces in a totalitarian government live the Chinese Communist Party. Imagine a bus roaming around New York or Miami that picks people up and executes them on the spot – and then drops them off for the organ harvesting. Notice there are no courts in this mix, no due process, no right to an attorney.

Just death.

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  1. Boston Bob

    But it is efficient and it works. At least they do not harvest the organs when you are alive so they have some scruples.

    • ROBERT

      Well, lethally injected in a van or in a room, same experience I would think.

  2. John swann

    A gift for American democrats. From China with love

  3. Richard young

    Maybe we should have something like that in America. Take all the pro abortionists, send them to the execution vans and harvest their own organs for transplants. I’m not serious of course – or am I?

    • Jimwampler

      Richard 👍. Git er done!!!

    • Jack

      If you’re serious, you’re sick…


    Richard Young —- You are suggesting that we take half of America, kill them to steal their organs because you think them bad, bad, evil people that don’t deserve life because you said so?

    Right back at ya bud. And I am SERIOUS.

    What is wrong with you conservatives that you want to KILL all that don’t agree?

    What is wrong with PBP to publish this shit. Let JG reap the fruits of what he sows. Let this karma be returned to him ten tomes. This crap should never see the light of day.

    • Ron c

      Well you liberal democrat, act as if you don’t have blood on your hands? How many babies in the womb have been killed in the name of reproductive rights?


        Ron, I am really not that liberal, but you can’t see that, can you. Because anyone without a maga hat is the enemy and must be murdered, right? And then steal their organs. What’s next for you, using their skin for lamp shades? Mining gold from their teeth?

        No babies have been killed in the womb, just unborn fetus. But it is reproductive rights, you got that one.

        And over 65K rape babies unleashed on America by Republicans in Republican States where rapes rule. Texas scored 26,000 by itselfm yee haw little doggie-styles. Can incest babies be far behind? Hell, your President in a sexaul abuse artist of the digital rape variety. Most rape babies are tossed into the system never knowing Mom, and no way they know Dad. If you think missing some school over covid does a mental health number, WTF do you tihink you have done this time?

        None of this is to the point: I did not call for your death because of your beleifs as an Amercan citizen. You folks are. You are asking us to become China so you can dispatch citizens who don’t walk, talk, and squawck like you. Stick it where the sun don’t shine. And rotate. Slowly. To the left, of course.

  5. Darren

    The very thought of it is unamerican.
    I am sure to a degree it is being done on some level right now.
    If Biden had a problem and needed what you have, do not go
    into a DC hospital for your appendix.
    They would Clintonize you!


      Darren, better to be clintonized than trumpified.

  6. JoeyP

    Just in case . . . I’m INNOCENT and am NOT suicidal!

  7. Thomas

    Biden’s having thousands killed around the world now, he doesn’t need a van.

  8. Andrew Gutterman

    And this is why we do not want to elect Trump as president. He has clearly stated that he thinks authoritarian government is the best way to operate, just like China, North Korea, Russia and similar.

    • vernon speer

      Interesting comment Andrew. You say “We?” don’t want… okay, so you’ll vote Biden…again…just like 2020. All the red flags were there before the election when “they” sent him to the basement. Trump good, Biden a blank. 70+ million voters figured that out, apparently you didn’t. Besides…what makes you think your vote counted? Biden is President…but there are still so many unanswered questions about election results. Amazing that I went to bed Tuesday night with Trump winning and woke Wednesday morn with Biden well ahead…and no one has really explained that. Lots of questions…but crickets. Biden isn’t running this government, he’s just a cardboard cut out. “They” elected him.


        Well Vern, let me explain that. When you are tired, you go to sleep to replenish so as to not be tired. When you are awake, you could have looked at the map tallies and realize he was ahead, but he was not winning. Or turned up the volume and the little man in the box would have said so.

        At this point Vern, the evidence is overwheming that the only cheating going on was by Team Trump where FOUR of Trump’s lawyers, so far, have not only pleaded guilty, but were in the room when he made the decisions and will testify against him. Anyone who thinks old, stupid, dithering, stumbling, JOE has pulled the wool over you eyes for four years running. You had 65 court cases tossed. The DOJ is against you. YOU did a half dozen recounts: I guess the GOP is against you.

        The only fact you have is that you think it was rigged.

        • Blind guide

          Children PLEASE!
          Wake up & smell the coffee!
          It is NOT Right vs Left, Republican vs Democrat, MAGA vs USSA – rather – it is us vs them, where “them” is the “political caste” and “us” is everyone else.
          It’s been coming since the installation of the FED and the creation of their policeman the IRS at the institution of the temporary “Income Tax”…decades later, Eisenhower openly warned “us” about “them”…they silenced Kennedy.
          It is a documented fact that agencies of the ‘Shadow State’ has been ‘disappearing’ folks for years…the murder of the unborn – whether you term those souls a ‘fetus’ or not, Frank – is murder nonetheless and operates on the scale of genocide…I can absolutely see “mobile death vans” in our country, can’t you?