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China Released COVID on Purpose, Confirms WHO Virologist

China Released COVID on Purpose, Confirms WHO Virologist

The coronavirus that has decimated countless economies and killed more than 950,000 people globally was manufactured and released “intentionally” by the Chinese Communist Party, claims World Health Organization virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan.

“The thing is, I get deeply into such investigation in secret from the early beginning of this outbreak. I had my intelligence because I also get my own unit network in China, involved [in] the hospital…also I work with the top corona[virus] virologists in the world,” Yan told Fox News.

“So, together with my experience, I can tell you, this is created in the lab…and also, it is spread to the world to make such damage,” she added, explaining how the makeup of the virus’s genome proves it did not evolve in nature. 


There are two main theories about the evolution of COVID:

  1. The virus evolved inside wild animals (likely bats) and was transferred to humans. This is the position adopted by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who claims COVID was “not artificially or deliberately” created.
  2. COVID is a manmade virus/bioweapon created in a Chinese lab. 

Yan came to our attention this summer when she confirmed suspicions that the CCP attempted to suppress information about the nature of COVID, including blocking experts in other countries from conducting vital research, and knew about the virus long before it said it did. 

Yan started looking into the COVID outbreak in December 2019 after being urged to do so by a supervisor. She claims that her colleagues at the Hong Kong School of Public Health ignored her research.

When Yan started talking to the press, the CCP removed her from government databases and launched a social media campaign to damage her reputation. The WHO claims it has no record of Yan or her supervisor working at the lab in Hong Kong.

Yan fled to the US in April in fear of retaliation from China. This week, she published a report explaining how COVID can be “conveniently created” in a lab in six months. She is planning to release another report soon. 

Yan’s account lends credibility to the position of the Trump Administration, which has accused the WHO of working with China to suppress information about COVID and of ignoring early warnings that could have saved lives.

Author’s Note: This woman is incredibly brave. If her words are true, the situation is even more ominous than we believed. We can only hope Yan is not kidnapped/assassinated by China.


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  1. Robert

    Such total BS spread to try to convince others of the lie being spread by this person if there is such a person.
    Now countless labs around the World, who have studied and disassembled this virus, not one has said it was man made and nearly everyone in every lab, has said it was a natural evolving virus which we have already seen it change to no less than 3 different things since it was first found, in China. The other thing is that WHO does not let their people make off the re4cord comments about the actions or findings of WHO.

    • Richard U

      Robert, you continue to prove yourself a dumba$$ every time you put words to paper.

    • R. Hamilton

      A virus does NOT HAVE to be genetically engineered to be altered from its original form. There is a controversial (we’ve done it too) technique of encouraging a virus to hop species by introducing it to some target species (some have guessed going from bat to pangolin) and repeatedly transferring it among members of the target species until it will transmit among them unassisted (just by exposure rather than transfer of samples by injection). The USUAL purpose is to study the risk of the virus jumping unassisted to humans. The technique is controversial because if there’s a breach of confinement, there’s a risk of giving it the opportunity to jump to humans, which may be more possible after the first transfer to the test target species (which tends to be one generally more similar to humans than the original host species).

      One or more of the labs in Wuhan may have been doing that sort of work; at one time, we may have even supported them doing it! And they were sloppy – there was an earlier story where one of their sample collectors was exposed to bat biohazards due to lack of proper protective gear; fortunately not infected, but held up as a hero for risking it rather than as an example of dangerous incompetence, whether institutional or individual. I don’t have any indication whether there was ORIGINAL intent to create a weapon, or to release it. But given a probably inadvertent release, and a definite initial coverup at the local level, there is IMO no other reasonable explanation for limiting internal travel from the affected area but NOT international travel from there, except that the PRC national government decided that the rest of the world, esp. but not limited to adversaries and competitors, was darn well going to suffer at least as much harm as the PRC did from COVID-19, so that they would not be at a relative disadvantage, not fall behind either economically or in their plans to dominate at least the region.

      Whether or not you want to call that a purposeful release or weaponizing an accident IMO doesn’t really matter to the dead or harmed; there was severe malicious intent at some stage (as well as massive incompetence before that).

    • Shelby

      Actually it has been Proven that the virus is not in a mutative form. Meaning that it was DESIGNED for humans

  2. Jersey Prophet

    @ Robert. At least reveal that you’re a shill for the CCP before posting unsupportable lies that Covid-19 is naturally occurring. Eminent virologists the world over say the SARS-type virus has a “gap” into which artificial gene coding can and WAS inserted artificially. One such virologist, Yale University’s Dr. Francis Boyle, spoke to this fact six months ago:

    The organs of media suppression under the influence of China, as well as shills such as you, have done a pretty good job of truth-suppression, but I for one will not let lies spread while the truth is stifled.

    The virus is man-made, created in a Wuhan bio-warfare lab, and wilfully spread by the SAME kind of lies that now individuals such as you are trying to propagate. The truth will get out, sooner or later.

    • Wendy Lee

      People who support SOCIALISM and Government Control should be sent into outer space!
      The DISCOVERY or CREATION of this Virus is incidental. Yet was INTENTIONALLY SPREAD by, and can ONLY be BLAMED on CHINA!!!
      The US is in BIG TROUBLE if we don’t keep DONALD TRUMP PRESIDENT.
      He doesn’t take shit from ANYBODY.

  3. DB

    Yes, Mr. Yang, or what ever, of Beijing China. We understand your attempt to attempted cover up. We also have a 24 hour guard on World Health Organization virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan as your government believes in making people disappear that don’t follow your line of lies and deception. As the old Chinese proverb goes take the obvious and reverse it.

  4. SUSAN D

    Since CHINA gave us this Virus…HOW ABOUT Every COUNTRY STOP Doing ANY Kind of DEALINGS w CHINA…

  5. Moe

    Alice Green is an excellent journalist the article is well written and carefully done like a professional taking no sides by sharing both sides. This particular scientist was not in Wuhan that is an is was brought up by pro-CCP writers. Most of us believe Obama’s administration paid for this virus study that escaped the lab. Thus nothing will be done, since he is above any law that applies to the people. I think most are pissed China allowed infected area resident to travel across the planet killing nearly a million innocent people.

  6. JK Espinosa

    I believe the COVID 19 was produced by Chinese government. The only country with so much population from any other country, they thought that by spreading a virus world wide would diminish the population in every country , it would be less threat to the CCP from any kind of invasion to China. It makes sense with all the population China has , which is 3-4 times more population then any country , if they lost milllions of their people , they would still have enough personnel in military to invade any country they would want . That’s what XPing mentally is . Another fuckin Hitler but communism . We the world need to come together and crush China , and teach them a lesson to never forget . Nucke the bastards , let’s not wait any longer . I say we do it now . Fuck communism . Xping is another Hitler . We need to terminate him now , just like we did to Hitler…