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China Orders Soldiers to Make More Children

China Orders Soldiers to Make More Children

China, facing the ramifications of its past authoritarian decisions, is in a desperate race against time, grappling with a significant demographic crisis— a severe shortage of children, a result of its stringent one-child policy imposed in 1979. However, their methods to combat this crisis seem to be channeling the same authoritarian spirit. Instead of delving into humanitarian solutions focusing on children’s welfare, the nation is imposing another form of stringent control.

In the past, China’s totalitarian approach to control population growth was embodied in its one-child policy, a rigid regulation that remained in force for nearly four decades. Fast forward to today, the country is experiencing the flip side of its authoritative interventions— a plummeting birth rate and a surging elderly population. China’s past approach to population control is casting long shadows, forcing the nation to confront the unintended consequences of its own making.

China is now scrambling to address this situation by encouraging procreation, yet the measures seem to be a desperate and dehumanizing attempt to fix the numbers. The regime under Xi Jinping is directing soldiers to procreate more, packaging it as a patriotic duty. While it’s sold under the guise of making military careers more appealing to young professionals, the underlying tone of authoritarianism is undeniable. Soldiers and their spouses are now required to lead the charge in childbearing, symbolizing another form of totalitarian action, a stark reminder of the one-child policy days.

The approach appears to be a clear indication of the desperation seeping into the country’s policies, highlighting the extremes it is willing to go to combat the demographic crisis. It’s not just about incentivizing childbirth; it’s more about imposing a responsibility on individuals to meet state expectations, much like their stringent past policies. It’s as if citizens are once more tools to achieve state objectives rather than individuals with their choices.

The current attempts are more than just offering incentives for procreation; they are reflective of the prevailing ethos of the state’s control over individual choices and lives. For instance, in Shaoxing, couples with three children are offered significant credits towards home purchases, a seemingly attractive proposition, but one that doesn’t address the real issue at hand— the well-being and rights of the children themselves.

The irony is glaring; the nation that once penalized its people for having more than one child is now going to great lengths to persuade its citizens to have more children. Despite the scrapping of the one-child policy and the introduction of numerous incentives, the nation is yet to see a significant shift in its birth rates. It seems the citizens are skeptical about the government’s promises and the actual deliverability of such benefits, raising questions about the trust deficit between the citizens and the state.

China’s attempts to reverse the demographic trends seem to be a mixture of panic and authoritarian resolve, reflecting an intrinsic lack of regard for individual freedoms and choices. It is not just about addressing the dwindling numbers; it is a manifestation of the state’s continuous endeavor to shape and control the lives of its citizens. The entire scenario speaks volumes about how the echoes of past totalitarian actions are still resonating in its present-day policies, shaping a future that seems to be a refurbished version of its authoritarian past.

This is a living example of how state-imposed restrictions and controls can reverberate through generations, creating a series of unintended consequences. The urgent and stringent measures to resolve the demographic crisis are reflective of a deeper issue: a relentless pursuit of state objectives, often at the cost of individual liberties and humane considerations.

One of the stated purposes of Communism is to break the family unit and make the individual dedicated to the state. The problem with this is that it goes against a billion years worth of evolution, and if a society were to succeed in this, the resulting would likely be a dystopian horror that would die within a few generations. And I truly believe that.

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  1. frank stetson

    Ordering? As in a direct order to procreate? What is the penalty for not following a direct order?

    China’s ridiculous one child urging starts in 1978 to curb overpopulation
    the one child rule takes affect in 1980, in some areas, there can be punishments
    birth control becomes part of the constitution in 1982 (this is what I read, but I have not second sourced this sillyness)
    = people wanting boys sell their girls, unintended outcomes abound
    if spouse is single child, can have two kids in 2014
    labor force ages, now all can have two kids 2015
    hello covid, labor force still aging, now can have three kids 2021
    on september 7 2023, china offer’s 32 point plan, with incentives for military to have kids
    = known incentives include: extra vacation, child care, but plan not released
    = local areas are offering incentives too

    Yes, China’s mandates are the wrong way to do this, even if it is the right thing. Then again, forcing people to have babies who don’t want or can’t afford, or who feel that they are ill-equipped to raise kid including babies from rapes, incest babies, cripples, diseased, etc. is now the American way in half our country so who’s to say we hold the moral high ground here.

  2. Darren

    Not so sure about that Frank.
    In the U S A you can qualify to get government assistance when you have kids.
    The more Kids you have the more money you make. Same thing.
    Or we have so many kids they are SOLD , Aborted, or just plain Thrown away.

    • Sam Houston

      Ever since Lyndon Johnson’s great Society legislation was signed into law we have had an ever increasing Welfare society which once a person gets intigraed into the welfare system they never leave it. All incensentative to leave the system is met with the fact it is fainacially beneficial and encouraged to stay in it by having more and more children and have other people, through their taxes, pay for it. It doesn’t ven matter that we have unwed mother’s who’t total adulthood goal is to have more and more children becasue each one receives financial and medical help individually, thereby creating the “welfare queen” mother status. The problem had become so entreanched that children would be rented to accompany women to the welfare office’s while applying to show how many children they had, even though they were not theirs. I remember one lady with an address in Chicago who didn’t even have a real address isted but her welfare address was in Caprini Green, Chicago, whle she dorve one of the most expensive cars, wore the best clothing, and was well off, not being married and no visable source of income, showing she had 20+ children and getting paid aid for each one. Someone turned her in and she got dubbed the “Chicago Welfare Queen”. Of course nothing happened other than her welfare checks got cut back. When does this change or end, when the system ends or collapses. It is now an occupation to have children. Women who get pregnant multiple times rarely have the sperm donation from more than the same male.

  3. Mary

    My guess is that more male children will be welcomed than female. Does this mean that the female babies will be drowned like in the old days? I’d put money on that. Either way, it’s a horrible way to live.

    At the rate the USA is going with letting millions of illegals in from all over the world and letting the criminals run amok, China will be laying down the laws of our land before long. I sure hope I look good in a brown shirt and khakis.

    That’s all.

    • David Barron

      If their looking to restaff their military drowning female babies is totally wrong. I have seen some pretty dangerous female soldiers who I would not want to mess with, expecially during that time. They have no qualms about hurting or killing you. Look around at other nations who have female members of the military and all the jobs they do.

  4. frank stetson

    Not so sure that you can “make” money having unwanted kids in American living on the dole. But yes, we do offer assistance to kids whose parents fall under the poverty level. Until we see the Chinese plan, the 31 elements talked about, I am not sure how we compare to this new effort.

    My point is the Chinese are urging parents to have more kids because their society is aging, and the existing policy is awful anyway. We mandate that pregnancy test positive people are FORCED to have kids. In some places this includes diseased, disabled, non-viable, rape, incest, babies as well. One state has a law forbidding others from even helping pregnant people to cross state lines to get an abortion and Texas, Missouri and Tennessee are trying this as well. I think Texas attempted to ban the day after pill. Like I said, given our abortion status versus China’s urging people to have more babies, I am not sure we are on the moral high ground even if we proved a meager dole for those who can’t afford kids. FYI: no kid that I have would ever be able to live on that. Not in the manner I am accustomed to.

    • Dan tyree

      In China the government can make people do anything. Or wish they had. The kind of government that the left in America wants for us.

    • stopspending

      You do realize, Frank, that there are more than 1 MILLION on a list to adopt a child – esp newborns. NO ONE is forcing American to raise children they do not want. Any child can be left at a “safe space” and will be cared for, no questions asked. Centers to help pregnant women are being firebombed and destroyed by the left. Dems actually approve of abortion up to and including time of birth. Educate yourself, and maybe others, to reality.

  5. Frank stetson

    Dan actually believes that the democratic party and the ccp have the same goals.

    That’s a tight tin foil hat.

    • Wes

      Evidence(punishing opposite views, money from son too father(the big guy), from China, Ukraine, and others, putting Americans last, Biden’s own words, using the FBI, DOJ, Big Tech, GEF, CDC, Soros, mainstream media, “The View,” to punish dissent. Using January 6 and the virus too attack Trump. Yes, Pelosi ignored requests for the National Guard. Confirmed by the head of Capitol Police. Punishing parents for standing up to school boards. Transgenderism. Allowing men in women’s bathrooms, just because they claim to be female. What the hell. Allowing criminals to loot, burn businesses, attack police and civilians in the name of equity. Not equality. Big difference. Forcing mask mandates, closing businesses, schools. Dr. Fauci is irresponsible for the virus which he was funded by the United States and NIH. Fauci is a liar. He has been messing with viruses(AIDES) for years. Ban guns. Attacking First and Second Amendments. Harris, Walters and others encouraged violence. In their own words. Using Floyd as the reason. There are blacks killing whites, etc. Where is the news on that? Socialism, Communism, Marxism, or whatever else you call it. Suppress the public. These people or agencies knew Trump was a threat to their lifestyles. Their big paychecks, corruption, and control was the threat. Not Democracy. Hillary challenged the 2016 Election. Hired people to lie about Trump’s involvement with Russia to win election. Deleted thousands of emails, and the server. Trump decided not to press charges. Should have. They lied about him for over six years now. January 6 Committee. Nothing. No questions asked. “The First,” and NEWSMAX are the only stations showing the facts. Not just running their mouths. Jesse Kelly and Bill O’Reilly are awesome. The border is another intentional act by these Democrats. Record fentanyl, human trafficking, child sex and slave labor. Attacking Churches, schools. It’s not the gun laws. It’s the criminals not being jailed. Mentally ill not getting help. Peer pressure in schools. No outlet. San Francisco, one of many states with homeless and drug addicts at record highs. Read IMPRIMIS, and pass out to everyone. Pray in Jesus Name. Satan alert.

  6. Robin W Boyd

    This is what happens when government is allowed to control every aspect of the lives of citizens. This is what both Progressives and Islamics want to happen in the U.S. Progressives are pushing for Communism while Muslims in U.S. government positions are pushing for Islamic control. These two extreme opposites of the ideological scale have fascism in common. While they will work together to destroy freedoms for citizens worldwide, if they succeed, these two ideologies will commit to constant war against one another.

  7. Frank stetson

    Wow, I thight it was about China.

    Guess Robin will turn down social security, medicare, and the public library to name a few social programs deemed by some as communism.

    Robin, there’s a huge difference in socialist program and communism.

    Can you be specific about the.”controls” you fear progressives are pushing?