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China is Neck Deep in the Israel-Hamas Conflict

China is Neck Deep in the Israel-Hamas Conflict

In October of 2023, the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched a surprise attack against Israel that resulted in an estimated 1,400 deaths and 240 hostages. The attack featured more than 3,000 rockets, which provided cover for the terrorists to flood into southern Israel and begin slaughtering and kidnapping civilians. 

Not surprisingly, the tragedy prompted Israel to declare war on Hamas and is being likened to Pearl Harbor and 9/11. 

“[The attack was] extraordinary in its strategy, scale, and secrecy,” writes Kali Robinson, a Senior Writer for the Council on Foreign Relations.

“It is completely unprecedented that a terrorist organization would have the capacity or the wherewithal to mount coordinated, simultaneous assaults from the air, sea, and land,” adds CFR Senior Fellow Bruce Hoffman.

In the video linked below, United States Army Special Forces veteran Dovid Weiss provides a concise explanation of Hamas’s strategy. Following is a brief analysis by Tim Kaelin, former CIA agent and CEO of Impact Analytics.

Hamas and Israel are engaged in asymmetrical warfare, explains Weiss, which is a “type of war between belligerents whose relative military power, strategy, or tactics differs significantly. And as a result of this, the weaker opponent will use unconventional tactics in order to maximize one’s strengths against a stronger opponent’s weaknesses or vulnerabilities.”

The weaker group (in this case, Hamas) has fewer soldiers and fewer resources than its adversary and is forced to conserve as much as possible. Thus, a prolonged attack is only possible if the weaker opponent has a constant supply of resources and enough territory in which to hide and regroup. Hamas has neither of these things. 

Instead of a direct attack against legitimate military targets, Hamas did something that would demand a stronger and more sustained response from the Israeli government. Hamas understood that Israel’s response would put Palestinian lives in danger, but took no action to evacuate its civilians.

“In this asymmetric environment, Hamas is not only incentivized to kill Israeli civilians; they are incentivized to maximize their own civilian casualties in the short run in order to elicit western intervention on their behalf,” continues Weiss. “Hamas understands that the real battlefield is not in Gaza, but in the streets, university halls, and newsrooms of the West. And so that is their target.” 

This theory is demonstrated by the shift in public opinion that occurred (though not intentionally) when the Vietnam War’s Tet Offensive produced a swelling of anti-war sentiment in the United States. 

Expanding on Weiss’s explanation of asymmetrical warfare is Joe Gilbertson’s commentary that China must have played a key role in the attack:

“Weiss’s video reinforces my own suspicions that China was the the instigator of this conflict, albeit with two layers of separation:

1) China has committed $400 billion to Iran for oil infrastructure. This is a major bond and of course we suspect the attacks were inspired by Iran.

2) China is known to have a multi-billion dollar propaganda apparatus with reach into American universities and others around the world. We already see that protesters have pushed the anti-Israel agenda to the hilt, which is something neither Iran nor Hamas could ever hope to do.”

Hamas is an Islamist militant group and political party that has “governed” the Gaza Strip (one of two Palestinian territories located within Israel) since 2006. It is considered a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union. With support from Iran, Hamas seeks the destruction of Israel and the establishment of a Palestinian state. Its current military leader is Mohamed Deif.


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  1. frank stetson

    Alas, Alice is at it again. First, she strategizes about Hamas’ tactics, being the underdog. Almost sounds like what the British said about the dastardly Americans who did not fight fair, hid behind trees and rocks, and then attacked at crack of dawn, the day after Christmas dinner and other festivities, those dogs… While that’s the nature of being the underdog, what Hamas that is outside the bounds of human decency has nothing to do with guerilla warfare.

    China has lived off Iranian oil well before the war. They take about 80% of Iran’s output today. I noted that earlier, when I hinted that bombing Gaza by us may open a much larger war. While obviously Iran funds terrorist groups like Hamas, China only funds Iran from what is known. No one except Gilbertson and a few others see China’s hand on the Iran or Hamas terrorist tiller.

    They also fund our colleges, re Confucius Institute, seen by some as an avenue of propaganda but no one has put China at the front of pro-Palestinian or anti-Israel protests. More often, it’s all about China “propaganda” wise.

    That’s just Alice and Joe conflaberating. Thing is that it’s very hard to disprove what no one can see. And like their guesses, conflaberating is really not real or a real word. It is their guess.

  2. Tom

    Alice, a word of advice. If you want to make in on PBP it would be best to stick to your own original thoughts and the thoughts of credible publishers. Joe Gilbertson is neither of these. Referencing things Joe says will only serve to pull your articles down. Heck, Joe is so lame that he cannot even tell us what his Master’s Degree is actually in.

    As far as China and Iran oil is concerned, oil business between the two countries has been going on for a very long time, much longer than you have been on Earth. China is heavily dependent on oil and is the largest oil importer. China is engaged in an ideological war against the West. So what China is doing is increasing the oil production capacity of Iran in order to have multiple supplies at sufficient levels to run their country. It has nothing to do with terrorism.

    As far as China and its propaganda machine is concerned, ask Joe Gilbertson for his sources. You will find his only source is his groin which he rubs frequently to ejaculate new thoughts. China’s propaganda ministry is headed and funded by the China United Front. Its purpose is to spread Chinese culture and thought. It funds the Confucian Institutes which are being used in the USA as pro-Communist Party of China propaganda outlets and to teach the conflate of communism in a Confucian backdrop. Its goal is to get American youth to think that Communism is really nothing more than Confucianism, and therefore nothing bad for you. It is to further China’s soft power influence peddling throughout the world. Confucian Institutes are also in other Democratic countries as well – but we have the only mentally ill Joe Gilbertson. It has nothing to do with anti-Israel. What is actually happening is that China is attempting to supplant the USA as the primary negotiator. Again, this is to gain soft power and recognition which are good to have in its war against Western democratic thought.

    And one more thing, Joe Gilbertson does not represent free and unfettered democratic thought. Joe Gilbertson represents hard right censorship and grade school like attacks on free thought.

    Again, you would be much better to stay away from referencing Joe Gilbertson. By referencing him, you are giving away your power as a writer. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  3. Frank stetson

    Tom, oh man, that’s StetsoN harsh :-).

    My fil from genoa used to say: “my grandmother blew her nose with two bricks.” Old world humor, my clients from Belgium loved it, I missed it , asked and he said “one man’s honey, is another man’s poison.” Or each to his own.

    So on your post, I’m going with, one man’s Hoist is another man’s Gilbertson. 😁

    And finally he did fess up to his masters and it was a good one, he is not civil 😁. Took awhile but he did it.

    • Tom

      Hi Frank!

      Oh, I did not see him fessing up to his masters. What was it in? Was it in AI or some software discipline?

      • Frank stetson

        Think electrical or computer, but not software or mechanical. It was in one of the threads we were ❗️ ing on him about it.

        Just use the pos search engine. Oh, I forgot, extreme free speech does not like extreme search engines. 😁. Cheapsake.