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China Arrests First Doctors to Report Coronavirus

China Arrests First Doctors to Report Coronavirus

Eight Chinese doctors were arrested in December after attempting to notify the public of what they believed to be cases of SARS using the social media network WeChat.

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Days later, Chinese authorities confirmed they had ‘taken legal measures’ against the doctors for ‘spreading rumors.’

When the coronavirus was officially reported on December 31st, authorities threatened to punish anyone caught spreading “rumors” about the virus or sharing foreign news articles about the outbreak.

Employees working at train stations and airports were told not to wear face masks so as not to alarm passengers. On social media, posts by users whose relatives had died from the coronavirus were deleted.

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Entire cities were put on lockdown with little-to-no advance notice. Many patients were turned away by hospitals, and those who died were cremated immediately after death.

Reports suggest China significantly downplayed the severity of the outbreak in Wuhan for up to one month, including the false claim that no new cases were detected between January 3rd and 16th. Authorities have also been accused of claiming the disease was not contagious despite proof of human-to-human transmission at medical facilities.

By January 28th, the coronavirus had spread to every inhabited content and caused over 100 deaths. On January 30th, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a “global health emergency.”

To date, the virus has killed 427 people and infected more than 20,000 worldwide.

The outbreak is reminiscent of SARS, a highly contagious coronavirus that killed nearly 800 people in 2002-2003 after originating in China.

China’s poor handling of the SARS pandemic, including under-reporting, is widely believed to have facilitated the spread of the disease. And while China was initially lauded for its quick and transparent response to the novel coronavirus, it seems the country hasn’t made as much progress as we had hoped. 

Author’s Note: It’s important to remember what a totalitarian government like China is capable of, especially during a crisis. Just like SARS, this new epidemic may have been exacerbated by China’s attempts to preserve the illusion of normalcy.

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  1. Rich

    This is the type of Communist Control Demented-Dems would endorse in America.

    • Helen Pariza

      You got that exactly right!

  2. Donald Nicholas

    Good thing our tech giants allows the Communist Chinese to censor and otherwise control the freedoms we take for granted. Hello! Socialist Democrats! Your socialist leaders are always trying to censor all, what they deem, unauthorized speech. You’re not so far gone you can’t see that, are you?

  3. David Barron

    Another good reason to have secure boarders or we will end up with the same problem with the invasion of foreign illegal aliens. Not just Mexican or Central Americans, the world crosses our boarders at the Democratic invitation and lack of response. California will be the first state to slip into a bionic disaster since it has basically said come and get us we will welcome you with open arms no matter whats wrong with you. The rich of California live behind walls anyway with helicopters and will escape the devastation they have created.

    • Shirley Brady

      We already have drug-resistant TB and leprosy in CA from the illegal aliens

      • David Barron

        You forgot the incurable VD that is coming across too.

  4. Moe

    This will be America when Democrats take power and we are over run by countless millions of aliens here for free shit benefits, America will be a socialist shit hole led by asshole like Cortez and her communist squad pals. We already know we have stalinist and Maoist style propaganda instead of news, and entertainment Like the average Chinese citizen we watch and realize we are being fed lies, half truths, and socialist propaganda. Like in other communist dictatorships our news is a tool of one party and they support people whom plot our destruct like Soros through the new world order financed by the open society organizations. Evil plans to seize our republic helped by a deep state controlled federal, agencies a deep state that even control justice through a two tier justice system that allowed a Obama criminal with his administration to walk away laughing after committing numerous crimes openly. The leftest socialist are plotting to take power by hoax.

    • CG

      YOU Are so right, – and now there are so many of us who KNOW the truth – Knowledge is power, people!

    • David Barron

      You forgot to include both Clintons, Bill and Hillary for all the crimes they have committed over the decades of political climbing. We have all seen the list of people that are not dead that had evidence or were to testify against them, Even Jeffery Epstein was a hit job by someone, be it MI6 to protect the Royals, the Clinton’s to protect Billy Boys pedophile sex in he Bahama’s or what ever. We see George Sorros constantly the seed money for attacking our system of government because he hates our system. If you really want a scare, google up Businesses owned by George Sorros and you will see where it gets his endless supply of money. Money is power.

  5. JTL

    It’s easy to point fingers at a socialist dictatorship. Should they instead follow our example, since we’re the great United States?

    After 9/11, authorities declared the air at Ground Zero safe to breathe–an outright lie. They didn’t want to delay Wall Street reopening, after all. No need for anyone to be alarmed.

    As a result of this false report, the clean-up crews and others in the area didn’t understand the need for special protective headgear. The health consequences have been disastrous, with hundreds dead (including police officers and rescue workers) and others beset with debilitating respiratory diseases. Eventually the number dead is expected to exceed the number who died directly from the attacks.

    A Republican held the office of President at the time.

    • Recce1

      Who was the president who refused to war the new incoming president about clear indications of an eminent terrorist attack?

    • David Barron

      You can’t blame the Republicans, go back and discover why Ben laden did this. Clinton made promises to arm and support Ben Laden against the Russians. So what did Clinton do instead, he sent in cruise missiles. Another thing we have to thank the Clinton’s for..

  6. Daniel Mount

    I have zero doubt that the Coronavirus did come from one of their Labs that are inventing biological weapons. The United States, as well as the UN, should put a stop to all countries that have weapon labs. There is really no need to have biological weapons in the world. It is bad enough that we have enough Nukes to destroy the world 1,000 times over.

  7. Joseph Strigle

    Trump has been very successful

  1. Thanks for the apology Dan. I appreciate you. Yeah I am disgusted with both parties and do not think either…

  2. Well I have never claimed to represent all independent voters. But I do think like many of them. Today's numbers…