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Children Found In Bedroom Along With Drugs and a Body at “Drag Party!” 

Children Found In Bedroom Along With Drugs and a Body at “Drag Party!” 

A sick discovery was made by first responders in Boston – four children hidden cowering in a bedroom behind an ongoing “drag party” featuring “alcohol, drugs, sex toys,” and a dead body! 

A fire department report obtained by the Boston Herald and confirmed by police indicated that firefighters were dispatched over the weekend on Saturday morning to the city-run Mary Ellen McCormack Housing complex after being told a man had gone into cardiac arrest and desperately needed medical attention.

The Herald reported that the Boston Fire Department crews performed CPR on the man but were unable to revive him. A BPD spokesman told the Herald, “At about 11:11 AM, on Saturday, June 17th, officers responded to the area of 381 Old Colony Avenue for a death investigation. District Detectives handling, not suspicious, no further information.”

While the nature of the man’s passing was “not suspicious,” his environment certainly was.

According to the incident report, “The apartment was in an extremely unsanitary condition. Approximately 6 adults, who appeared to be males, were seen in the apartment.”

WCVB-TV noted the men were “all dressed up in women’s clothing.”

“Cries for Help”

City Councilor Erin Murphy told WFXT-TV that there was “a lot of drug paraphernalia and sex toys all around, and then one of the firefighters said that they heard a cry for help.”

The men, at least one of whom was “wearing a wig,” were reportedly uncooperative and denied that there were children inside the apartment. Despite their alleged protestation, firefighters followed the sounds of the cries and found “four children in the back bedroom being hidden by another adult male from first responders.”

The children were ages 5 to 10. First responders reportedly indicated that the children were likely being abused and neglected.

Nick Collins, the Democratic state senator who represents the area, stated in a Facebook post, “No child should be exposed to what these children are alleged to have been exposed to.”

The Department of Children and Families informed WFXT that the children who live in the home were taken into DCF custody. Fire crews had prompted this secondary rescue by filing a 51A “Report of Child(ren) Alleged to be Suffering from Abuse or Neglect.”

Boston City Council president Ed Flynn said of the first responders’ findings, “This horrific and inhuman incident demands accountability! It also underscores the need for a complete review of @BHA_Boston inspections and eviction practices, security efforts in developments, and protocols to ensure children are safe in every BHA apartment.”

Councilor Murphy noted on Twitter that a hearing had been scheduled for later in the month to review Boston Housing Authority safety protocols regarding the properties under their management.

The BHA told the Herald that it had received no prior complaints about the unit where this all reportedly took place.

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  1. frank stetson

    This sounds awful and I hope the investigation uncovers all the guilty for punishment at the full extent of the law. Who and what were these “people” and what were they doing with and to who?

    Wonder where the community was to witness this and not make a call.

    The government will address issue in public housing, but can they, and will it be enough?

    However, this case does not indict an entire class of people any more than the demographic of a serial killer condemns that slice of the population either. At least according to the science.

    • Richard

      Boston votes Demon crats, what would you expect?

    • Tom

      I agree but the proportion of violence in this class IS much higher than the proportion of violence in the normal population. I already supplied these statistics once. This one seems like someone took a drug they should not have taken.

  2. Char

    These people are deranged in the head. Anything involving children with Drag Queens should be outlawed. Sick!

  3. Darren

    Very well put Frank.

  4. frank stetson

    Thanks folks, and Tom —- think they be professional druggies so probably everything under the sun…….

    Tom, can you repost your proof that “he proportion of violence in this class IS much higher than the proportion of violence in the normal population.” Hard for me to believe a valid statistical analysis was done on LGBTIQQ perpetration of violence. Must have missed yours, although that’s surprising too in that it should have caught my attention as unusual study vantage point.

    Your data may even update my own baggage-oriented stereotypes. Used to say nothing worse than a pissed-off Congressional Democratic female since, on top of everything else, they have to prove they be military-strength tough to party with the big boys. Now with your data, I may have to change “female” to LGBTIQQ pushed over the edge…… I mean it’s bad enough conservatives fear the Hillary death squad, and they may have a point; she pushed the Iraq war button in a nanosecond and how about Vince plus the other 50 opponents they killed, but now you fear the violence of RuPaul…… Oh my, what a world……

    • Tom

      Sure Frank, I will try to find it after my golf tournament. BTW, I am not a conservative nor do I fear RuPaul, I do not even know who he is.