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Child Abuse: Sick HHS Sec “Rachel” Levine Advocating “Better Puberty”

Child Abuse: Sick HHS Sec “Rachel” Levine Advocating “Better Puberty”

The ongoing debate surrounding gender-transition treatment for minors has intensified, shedding light on significant concerns of potential child abuse. Dr. Rachel Levine, Health and Human Services assistant secretary, has been at the center of this controversy, advocating for underage puberty blockers, hormones, and surgeries. “Adolescence is hard and puberty is hard. What if you’re going through the wrong puberty? What if you inside feel that you’re female, but you’re going through male puberty?” Levine said on ABC’s Nightline. Levine targets children, barely out of puberty, who are confused (or may have been groomed) to believe their sex is wrong.

Opponents of Dr. Levine’s stance emphasize the importance of safeguarding children from irreversible procedures that can cause profound psychological and physical harm. The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds), a prominent group of medical experts, has strongly condemned these treatments, labeling them as child abuse. They contend that pushing children towards a lifetime of chemical and surgical alteration can have devastating effects, including sterilization and the destruction of perfectly healthy reproductive organs.

Dr. Michelle Cretella, executive director of ACPeds, states, “Conditioning children into believing that drastic interventions are the only solution to their gender dysphoria is not only misleading but also harmful. We must prioritize their well-being and provide comprehensive psychological support rather than rushing into irreversible medical procedures.”

Critics draw attention to the alarmingly high rates of regret and suicide attempts among individuals who have undergone gender reassignment surgery. The Guardian, in 2004, reviewed 100 studies and reported that 20% of transgender individuals experienced regret after undergoing the sex change. Such statistics, they argue, are conveniently overlooked by proponents of gender-transition treatment for minors, who often emphasize immediate affirmation and physical interventions without considering potential long-term consequences.

The ACPeds report challenges the prevailing narrative, asserting that the psychological nature of gender dysphoria should be the primary focus of treatment. They argue that the psychodynamic and social learning theories of gender dysphoria have never been disproven. The report highlights that as many as 98% of gender-confused boys and 88% of gender-confused girls eventually accept their biological sex after puberty, suggesting that a rush towards irreversible medical interventions may be misguided.

Governor Abbott of Texas, echoing the concerns of many, has taken a strong stance against gender-affirming treatments for minors, labeling them as child abuse. He has directed Texas Child Protective Services to investigate reported cases, aiming to protect the well-being of children. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton further supports these efforts, stressing the need to prioritize evidence-based practices and ensure the preservation of families.

Critics argue that the endorsement of sex change surgeries and hormone treatments by the Biden administration fails to consider the potential harm and long-term consequences for vulnerable minors. They caution against allowing politically motivated agendas to overshadow the well-being and natural development of children.

The controversy surrounding gender-transition treatment for minors raises pressing questions about the ethical considerations and potential harm involved. Advocates for cautious approaches assert the need for thorough evaluation and psychological support to address gender dysphoria in a comprehensive and compassionate manner. The protection of children’s physical, emotional, and psychological well-being should be at the forefront of these discussions, ensuring that the path chosen is one that truly supports their long-term health and happiness.

At Free Sovereign we believe in freedom, the right to make choices, the right of the individual to be the individual. Inflicting surgeries and “woke” values onto children who know no better, convincing them to do things that are damaging and permanent is not protecting rights or freedoms. That is abuse, that is coercion, that is sick.

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  1. Rand

    Is there irrefutable proof that “Dr” Levine is indeed a “Doctor”? If so , which doctorate does “she/it/he/whatever” really pocess?
    Methinks , “her” doctorate is Witch “doctor.
    Her brains were donated to Goodwill.

  2. Joshua Dizon

    I HOPE Trump makes this sick, ugly man his first firing.

  3. frank stetson

    They are a doctor, they are a admiral in the Navy, what’s in your wallet?

    They do look like the mad scientist in Independence Day played by Randy Quaid — sorry, but strikes me every time I see that hair.

    Your “facts” are not based on primary research, but instead are a mash-up of other non-peered reviewed assessments. ACPeds are doctors; they are also doctors with a right-wing bias against all abortion, gay, lesbian, queer rights. Think I would review their data with that in mind. They are 700 folks that push “anti-LGBTQ junk science” according to SPLC. They had 1,200 members, 500 have quit. The Guardian review, almost 20 years old, is notedly flawed, by the researchers themselves, who stated: “”The bottom line is that although it’s clear that some people do well with gender reassignment surgery, the available research does little to reassure about how many patients do badly and, if so, how badly.” As in, based on the data, we know some fare badly, but how many and how bad could not be determined. Another researcher here noted: “Ms Burns added that the greatest flaws in medical literature about gender reassignment were in those studies unsympathetic to transsexual people. For example, one study was based on a survey of seven transsexual prostitutes interviewed in one gay bar in Chicago.” You noted the 2004 study date, too bad you missed these results which took up a good part of the article.

    You seem to conclude that ANY post-pubescent person can never make this decision at that time with their parents, doctors, and other professional recommendations instead preferring the State to MANDATE your opinions as law. That can’t be any more true than what these folks desire, freedom of choice.

    “Free Sovereign,” what is this and why should we care what you think in Daniel’s article? Methinks a cat is out of da bag. Are you Free Sovereign when YOU say “…we believe in freedom, the right to make choices, the right of the individual to be the individual” as you profess the exact opposite.

    The topic of teen’s transcending is certainly worthy of study, worthy of investigation, with real science. But until then, keep your hands off other people’s kids. Why do you need to control everyone and everything to follow your fine examples? Why do you keep getting the State to control others? What happened to less regulation, more freedom of choice? Let the teens, the parents, the doctors, the psychiatrists, and other experts make their INFORMED decisions instead of your jack-booted State thugs taking their freedoms away.

    NOTE: I have no stance on this except that we should not tell parents what to do whenever possible. This does not affect me, but just don’t have the need to affect others on this one, at this point, based on what we know or don’t know.

  4. Rayzor

    Can a child decide to buy a gun, drink whiskey, sleep with a 35 year old man, drive a car, buy a car, sign a contract, etc, etc etc? No. The perversion and ultimate agenda of sick adults is driving this insanity. Anyone who thinks its proper to do these surgeries is not following science. Look down in a shower and that’s your sex. Evil people pushing lies and perversion, brainwashing children for attention is what’s driving this. Chaos spread by politicians and people who shouldn’t be anywhere near a child. Not a word of this cultural evil is proven. Funny how a video posted by a hispanic woman who’s child was transitioned after the state seized her child for not mutalating her and confirming her mental illness. The child went out and knelt in front of a train. Fact. The video was pulled within 24 hours. Can’t let people know the truth. EVIL.

    • frank stetson

      Absolutely a child can decide to try illegal things. Adults too.

      “The perversion and ultimate agenda of sick adults is” your opinion and like assholes, everybody has one. You may have too.

      ” Anyone who thinks its proper to do these surgeries is not following science” is not true, plenty of science concludes, on the proper occasion, according to the facts, and professional assessments, it can indeed be proper. And more beneficial than not.

      Funny how your terrible anecdote must be true because you have no proof and were stupid enough not to make a copy? Don’t matter, an anecdote does not a valid statistic make. I have one of a Trumplicant committing suicide by death penalty after killing 23 in a Walmart. Does that prove all Trumpers are perverted and sick? No. It’s an anecdote and not a truth as proven by science and statistics.