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Cheney has fallen to the level of insignificance

Cheney has fallen to the level of insignificance

Perhaps it seems short-sighted to call a person with a best selling book and appearances on all the leftwing news programs insignificant.  You cannot deny that she has fame.  But significance?  Methinks not.

At one time she was a strong conservative voice in Congress – part of the GOP leadership team.  She was the good Cheney.  She is no longer that person.  Her vote to impeach President Trump resulted in her being booted out of her leadership position.  I have expressed my opinion that then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy was wrong to oust her.  I am convinced that it was that action that set her on the path to the bad Cheney – a woman scorned.

Before Cheney cast her vote to impeach, she had voted to elect Trump President in 2016 –and voted to reelect him in 2020.  While in Congress, Cheney supported Trump’s legislative programs 90 percent of the time – making her one of Congress’ most loyal Trumpers.  She was part of the MAGA coalition before MAGA was a political brand. She must have seen a lot she liked about Trump.

While McCarthy had set her on the slippery slope to eventual political irrelevancy, Cheney became her own worst enemy.  She went down that slope like an Olympic downhill skier when she agreed to serve on Speaker Pelosi’s highly biased Select Committee to supposedly investigate the events of January 6, 2021.  It was not  an investigation, but rather a political scheme to create the false narrative of insurrections and coup attempts.

Cheney expanded her hatred beyond Trump and McCarthy.  She joined the political left in virtually all matters while claiming she was still a conservative. She can save her breath on that one.  No one is buying it.

Her credibility is on life support because of her hyperbolic attacks on Trump as the instrument of some fantastical political Armageddon in America.  There is certainly a lot of room to criticize Trump but claiming his election will be the Draconian end of the American experiment in democracy is pure political poppycock.

Cheney has alienated the people of Wyoming – a state in which the Cheney name had been honored.  Her betrayal of the Republican Party – not just her animus toward Trump — created the political sea change in the electorate that turned her lopsided election victories of the past into an embarrassing crushing defeat.  She fell from her national leadership role to the status of private citizen – and not a widely popular one.

Her last hold on the public spotlight – and political relevancy and significance –is due to her anti-Trump, anti-GOP narrative.  Her media appearances are limited to leftwing shows.  No one – not even those who have her as a guest on their shows — give a rodent’s butt about her opinions on the major issues of the day.  She has joined the ranks of false flaggers.  She is the left’s cudgel against Trump and Republicans.

Despite her appearances on leftwing shows, Cheney will never be accepted as a made member of their mob.  No.  No.  No.  She is their temporary “useful idiot.”  And like all useful idiots, she will be dropped as soon as her usefulness is gone.

Ironically, Cheney’s claim to relevancy and the public spotlight depends on Trump.  Once Trump is either defeated or elected, here market value collapses. She has no political future – not in the GOP … not with the Democrats … and not as a political freelancer.

All the talk of her running for office in any major way is just that talk – idle flattery.   Her book gets her another 15 minutes of fame – a last hurrah.  But like all those other “best sellers” on the New York Times book list, hers, too, will eventually be gathering dust on a shelf or recycled into paper straws.

Liz Cheney has been reduced to the status of celebrity temporarily, but not important in any meaningful way.  She has become the Paris Hilton of politics.  Paris who?

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Frank stetson

    What happened to Cheney was your call. All she did was stand firm to her staunch conservative views as you moved into magarat land.

    And then you burned her at the stake and she is done.

    She has her book and that’s it.

    She can’t go left, we won’t have it. She can’t go right, you can’t let her. She’s done.

    She and Hillary can hang, but you should let her rest. You’re done too, you can’t hurt her anymore for standing true to her conservative beliefs.

    • Tom

      I agree with you Frank, very well said! I like the “burned her at the stake part, nice touch, great visual!!! But Cheney has a path that will be willing to listen to her as we commonly search out the truth. And that is the path of the higher evolved Independent/Unaffiliated voter. My hope is that you and Larry will both join us one day. :>)

      • frank Stetson

        Tom, pride cometh before the fall oh one is so evolved he has to remind us of his independence every post…..:>)

        No, Cheney is done, no one will listen. She’s too conservative for dems, demonized by magarats, and shunned by other Republicans who are too scared of magarats to speak out. Hell, some Republicans in Congress said exactly that. Vote to acquit on impeachment to avoid the threats stating that their vote didn’t matter anyway. Patriots all.

        • Tom

          Frank, let me know when you wish me to teach you the difference between pride and truth. By EVOLVED, I simply mean we are not beholding to any party allegiance or platform, we want government that works more than platforms that win party fame, and, we are always willing to listen to others. I am happy to listen to Cheney, she had some good points. And I will probably buy her book just to support her. Who knows, I may regift it to you! :>)

          By the way, did you notice that your second paragraph did not include we “Independents / Unaffiliated” which currently are the largest voting block? I agree with the paragraph but disagree in it’s lack of inclusiveness from the gentleman from NJ who claims to be very inclusive! :>)) And for the record, for the most part I think you are.

          I hope you have a happy holiday season, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! If the weather were better up there this time of year, I would visit relatives and stop by to have a beer with you at your favorite Newark pub! :>)

          • larry Horist

            Tom … Maybe you devolved … eh?

          • Frank stetson

            Tom, don’t drink but Burkes in the ironbound. Owned by friends.

            I understand the power of indies but I just left/right divide them.

            Sure, last graph a guess that i hope is wrong. But if she hits msnbc im off to newsnation…..

      • larry Horist

        Tom … I hope that you claim of a “higher evolved independent/Unaffiliated voter” is a joke. If not your statement smacks of Hitler-style beliefs. I see in the Rasmussen polls the highly evolved independents are going with Trump by a wide margin. Your sense of superiority is not the mark of a rational person. There are smart folks in all political camps — and some real Neanderthals among those who take unwanted pride in not joining a political party.

        • Tom

          Larry, you are manufacturing a Tom. I never said superiority. I simply said that many of us, not just me, have evolved to be willing to listen to both sides and be respectful of their opinions even when we disagree – which is much different than the MAGA neanderthals that populate your blog and suck up to your opinions just like you suck up to much of Trumps opinions which become his policies. And lets not forget that there are some real Neanderthals among those who take perverted pride in joining a political party that is led by a digital rapist, tax cheat, bellicose fool, womanizer, disrespect-er of women, political schemer, liar, bully, and fool who thinks God stopped rain for his inauguration while everyone had their umbrellas out, and narcissist that thinks (as all narcissists do) that he is better than any one else. .

          If you are referring to “eugenics” when you say Hitler style beliefs then you have never known me nor what those beliefs were that some of Hitler’s inner circle held. I have never advocated anything close to that nor would I ever. And if you are talking about master race theory, your MAGA folks have overwhelmingly demonstrated that, as you have as well, in their comments towards Dems. So please, if you will teach me, would you mention which Hitler beliefs you are referring to?

          Please stick to making your mythical Frank. You are much better at that. :>)

          • larry Horist

            Tom … I know you are a thoughtful guy, but you do suggest a bit of superiority in your repetitious references to you unaffiliated/independents status. I noticed that even frank called you out on that matter. I know you are not a racist or a supremacist of any kind, but I do believe you had a very poor choice of words. I just played on that. Sorry if I got your hair on fire.

            I will add one negative issue regarding non-affiliation. In most states, that precludes folks from participating in primary elections where the major candidates and the future officeholders are chosen. I think an argument can be made that if all those independents were participating in the primaries, perhaps we would not be left with Trump and Biden. I am voting against Trump in the Florida primary, but if I were an independent, it would essentially be a vote for Trump.

          • Tom

            Sorry, I did not read the Hitler thing as a joke. I suppose its a trigger of mine because my dad flew 30 missions bombing Hitler, and between my dad and I we have three wars served. And here is a story. When I was a kid we lived in peace with all of our neighbrors until one day I was showing my neighbor Fritz Klaussen my dad’s arial photos of the marshalling yard and ball bearing works that my dad bombed (I was so darn proud that he led that mission) and all I was doing was bragging on my dad. Well, Fritz tried to run me over on the street and got very aggressive after that. He got ugly with my mom too. Well come to find out that Fritz recognized the pictures I showed him. It was his ball bearing factory that my dad blew up. He had given it to Hitler in 1939 as a gift to his Fuhrer! Yup, we were living aside of a card carrying Nazi for many years and never knew it.

            As far as the evolved thing, that was me having fun pulling Frank’s chain. But we’re good. No problem here.

            You have a good point about Independents/unaffiliated voters in primaries. I noticed from one of Frank’s posts that there seems to be quite a variance in the way Independents/unaffiliateds are treated across the spectrum of state primaries. In NC, I can vote in either primary but only one primary. This allows me the ability of a little more strategy. If the GOP person looks to be a shoe in, then I will vote in the Dem primary and try to beef up a good challenger if I think there is one. And vice versa. If it looks tight, and I like that candidate, I will vote for them regardless of party.

            The reason I often refer to me being an Independent/unaffiliated voter is because I want both sides to know that I do not buy into either party agenda even if I say something that looks like I do. The other reason is because I want to distance myself from certain respondents who often say such harsh things about Frank, you, and others, and use very bad language. I want the reader to understand that even though I may agree with something they said, I am not one of them, i.e. Dem or GOP. If others think that I am suggesting some sort of superiority, well that is their problem, not mine. They obviously have some sort of inferiority complex going on.

    • Byington Parley

      She is a traitor and Anyone who supports the likes of her is NOT worthy to be called an American!

      A Vietnam era veteran

  2. larry Horist

    Frank Stetson … you even attack when you agree with me. If you could cool down you emotions, you would see I wrote an objective analysis that suggests Cheney has lost here political relevancy. I even write that it may have been launched by McCarthy’s booting her. I would not have done that. While typical of your nasty approach, you seem to agree that she has no home in either camp. So, why the personal insults all the time? Your jealous obsession seems to have you emotionally unhinged. Cool down and embrace the holiday season,

    • Frank stetson

      Horist: what happened to Cheney was your call, on your watch. She did not change. Magarats burned her and you bowed down.

      She’s toast, she’s done, you did, I guess you can say I won. Cannibalism suits you, toss anyone in your party you want.

      It’s Trump’s way or the highway, yippee oh kiyay mfer….

  3. Walt Austin

    For being truthful, what gives these other republicans for that /

  4. Charles Covington

    Frank you are so dumb, and irrelevant, go blow your hot air elsewhere. do you live in mommies basement.

    • Tom

      Hey Chuck, this is just a tip from an Independent/Unaffiliated voter. If you are going to call someone dumb, irrelevant, and a blowhard, it would be best if your comment use the English of we intelligent, highly evolved Independent / Unaffiliated voters. It’s not “mommies”, no, no, that is poor English that displays lack of education and an unrefined nature. The word “mommies” would signify more than one natural mother, and we know this cannot be the case for any human being. The correct spelling would be “mommy’s” where the apostrophe shows possession! In this case it would show who owns the basement. And remember that all English sentences capitalize the first word! Like I said, just a tip!

      • Bill

        That would be, “of us intelligent…” for anyone who is measuring one’s own linguistic and educational superiority.

        • Tom

          I did not say anything about intellectual, linguistic, or educational superiority. I never even used the word superiority, that is your word, not mine. I was merely pointing out obvious English offenses to someone who is calling another one offensive where he called another person dumb. You apparently did not read the whole sentence, ” If you are going to call someone dumb, irrelevant, and a blowhard, ……” And as far as the use of we versus us, “we” in this case is neither a subject nor an object, but is embedded as part of a prepositional phrase describing the object “English”. Therefore we can be used.

    • frank Stetson

      Charles, sorry to have an opinion, and sorry if someone with a different opinion is so offensive to you that you have to call him dumb, irrelevant, and talk about his dead mother.

      If everyone has to agree with you or be called names, you must have an interesting and diverse set of acquaintances.

      I will be right here as long as Joe allows it. Live with it.

      • Tom

        Well said Frank, we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

  5. Art

    Couldn’t have said it any better larry great job!!!

  6. Ramona manthei

    We WY residents do not take kindly to traitors nor liars….Liz Cheney has proven to be both. We supported her with no reservations but when she voted to impeach Trump there at the last, our eyes opened to who she really was. To add insult to injury she kissed Pelosi’s butt to get on the J6 Committee and then had the gall to try for re-election. She underestimated the strong Red state and she is no longer welcome here and best she stay in VA where she can lead a quiet life. She is an embarrassment and very insignificant to the Republican Party.

    • Frank stetson

      Oh Ramona, she knew she would lose.

      And she never changed. WY did.

      One less conservative powerhouse to deal with, good for you. Who ya gonna toss next?

      • Jim wampler

        You during the next insurrection

    • Byington Parley

      Well said, as a Vietnam era veteran and born and raised in southern Idaho next to the great state of Wyoming, I agree with your description of Liz Cheney, she IS A TRAITOR!

  7. Mike f

    Larry, Your attacks on someone willing to tell the truth are really getting disgusting! Most republicans have become sheep who are afraid of what white trash trump will do to them if they go against him-they are afraid that he will turn his followers on them the same way he inspired them to go to congress on January 6. Liz (and Adam) are strong enough to believe in their conservative principles and declare bullshit when the emperor goes too far. You (and most other republicans) are weak sisters who are afraid to speak the truth (yes, I know you fall back on ‘I won’t vote for trump in the primary’ BS-but that’s all it is-BS). Trump crossed the line so many times in office (and leaving office with all those documents!) that he should never be elected dog catcher, let alone president. Yet you (and the rest of the idiots like you) will vote for him in a heartbeat because you refuse to believe that what Joe Biden is doing for the country is good, and instead believe the lies that trump puts out about all of his accomplishments’! Trade wars-great (had to spend millions paying the farmers off to get their vote), praise dictators? Another great accomplishment! Negotiate with the taliban and ignore the actual Afghan govt? Great achievement! Cut taxes for the wealthy? Achieved dramatic increase of GNP of no actual gain…Raise the deficit? Check.. You seriously need to do some introspection and figure out whether you want to continue being a sheep so you can receive adulation of fools-or be a strong individual in the likes of Cheney/Kinzinger. I know who I want to emulate and it sure isn’t you…

    • Frank stetson

      Romney pretty said how much security you need to deca Republican that does not like Trump and some of his actions. $5K a day. Even then, it’s not worth being in the rowboat with Horist, pulling on the oars as Trump demands. Or else face the white trash rath.

      Deplorable, and I would say I like it, but we are all on his list now. Luckily, united we stand and we shall continue as we have just begun the campaign. Man, these debates will be legendary..

    • Byington Parley

      Boy are you brainwashed! You must NOT believe your own eyes and ears AND don’t have an ounce of common sense! Thinking that Joe Biden has done ANYTHING good for the citizens of the United States in his 50 plus years of sucking off the tax payers is a JOKE!

      The numerous FACTS coming out almost daily of his and his family corruption, bribery and treasonous acts are astounding! Why he has not been impeached and thrown into jail before now is reason enough to realize how he has weaponized the FBI, DOJ, and the other government agencies!

      The bought and payed for “Russian dossiers “ created and funded by wicked Hillary Clinton, helped Traitor Joe to get elected while he hung out in his basement!

      Don’t try and spread more of this TRAITOROUS administration’s LIES to those of us Americans who know how to think and reason and who love this country the same way as President Trump does!

      A Vietnam era veteran

    • Tom

      Well said Mike f!!!

  8. JoeyP

    No USE for a not so useful IDIOT. She did it to herself.

  9. Darren

    Liz was for Trump until Trump took his verbal shots a Jeb Bush.
    This is because the Bushes were for a Republican Trump before the Shot was taken.

    Liz is joined to the Bushes no mater what their stance is. Her decision one war or another
    is her Kiss of Political Death!

    Rightly so as she served as a Joke to most, a trader to the other half!
    As I have said in the past, her service to the Bushes is so extreme because of her fathers relation to
    the Bushes, that would be the only reason she was excepted into office to begin with.

  10. Robert D Sartin

    You are an articulate proponent of essential values – strong national defense, strong economy, and representative government. All of that I agree with. Your phrase, “false narrative of insurrections and coup attempts” puzzles me. You think Trump is innocent of any significant role in the January 6 calamity?

    • larry Horist

      Robert D Sartin …I believe there was a demonstration by folks who wanted the members of Congress to not certify the election based on their belief that it was stolen. That comes under the right to petition, and voting against certification is not illegal or unconstitutional. I think a small portion of the demonstrators engaged in an iconic riot … trespassing, vandalizing, stealing and injuring — and we have seen much worse in many other riots. I do not believe that it was an insurrection nor that Trump ordered or led an insurrection. Contrary to public misconception, Trump is not charged with insurrection That fact that the courts found that the Proud Boys were motivated by insurrection does not spread the issue over the larger numbers. I think that all the talk of insurrection and coup attempts are hyperbolic political narratives. The Republic was never in peril –and is not now. I think Trump is highly vulnerable on the documents case. I think he will be paying more for defaming his accuser. I am not sure that he will be found guilty of the January 6 charges — and they may not even hold up. Have to see what the supreme court does.

      • frank Stetson

        “That comes under the right to petition, and voting against certification is not illegal or unconstitutional. I think a small portion of the demonstrators engaged in an iconic riot …”

        Have you seen the saucers?

        On 1.6.2021, after a Trump rally where Trump urged supporters, many of whom he knew were armed, to go to the Capitol to show their displeasure. It was a 100% Republican riot of magarats.

        They came with gallows, confederate flags, all sorts of crap for weapons, and over 2,000 physically overwhelmed police and stormed the building to destroy, defecate, and stop the election.

        For a short time, they did STOP the completion of the 2020 election which means they stopped the government from working. Who know what would have happened if they found Pence, Pelosi, or others. One was shot dead trying to enter the Speaker’s Lobby. Over 140 officers wounded, some seriously.

        Trump’s lawyers have all pled guilty to trying to rig the 2020 election at his command in Georgia. It seems he wanted to overturn the will of the people and convinced his own people to make it so by cheating. Adjudicated guilty with more to come.

        Over 600 have plead guilty so far, over 100 have been convicted by trial. Over 400 are convicted and in jail. Over 100 have home detention. Many, in court transcripts, blame Trump as lying to them, deluding them, and setting them on a path for their own destruction. A handful have been convicted of seditious conspiracy. A handful have sentences around 10 years, one guy – 18.

        An estimate so far of $30M in damages.

        And Horist will vote for the guy who sent them there and the watched on TV for over 3 hours before doing a God damned thing to protect the Capitol, protect the election, defend the country.

        Yeah, iconic riot just like BLM torching a strip mall in Portland……..

        Seems he’s talking himself into “tourists gone wild” description…. No wonder he thinks Cheney so bad.

        Ask yourself —- what would you say if the same exact thing happened, but it was BLM?

  11. Robert D Sartin

    I take it as given that the Democrats are, in so many instances, stumbling over themselves. I have great respect of your perceptions and narratives. Have you written about the current state of the Republican party? I see it as in greater disarray. Thus, unable to articulate conservative values and enact quality legislation.

    • larry Horist

      Robert D Sartin …. I have touched on the subject of GOP disarray, but not definitively. I do not see the American political world as divided but as shattered with both the right and left in pieces. And as far as basic conservative doctrine, it is being confused with other doctrines. There is a lack of clarity in the market place of ideas. Personally, I hold the the basic fundamental of conservatism, which is limited government and maximum personal freedom. Our founders had no love of government — especially excessive governments. If you notice, the entire purpose of the Constitution is to warn us against a powerful central government. It calls for limits on government as the regulator of our daily lives. I believe the Founders would be unhappy with what has evolved.

    • Tom

      I would agree with that Robert! They are a party divided.

  12. Tom

    Larry, I basically agree with you but it may be more complicated than we know. She was definitely a staunch GOP before MAGA was popular. I think she was and still is very strong on her convictions that Trump lied about the election being stolen just like MAGA folks are equally as strong on their conviction that the election was stolen from Trump. Before McCarthy had her booted she was verbally assaulted by Trump and some of the strong MAGA folks which pricked her sense of honesty and betrayal. And then the venom surfaced which was finalized by the McCarthy boot. This is the way I saw it.

    Yes I think the final straw was being on the Select Committee because it gave GOP folks bad optics of a renegade member who is not only going against their religion of election lies, but was also willing to fraternize with the devil herself, Nancy. I had been monitoring comments on Facebook about her in a few Wyoming blog groups, and the comments got noticeably vicious when she went on the committee. They viewed it as betrayal, that they voted for her thinking she was true red, and she chose to side with Dems. I do not think she was siding with Dems nearly as much as she was deciding on getting to the truth – which never came out in the optics.

    I might respectfully disagree with your statement that she has no political future, which you and Frank both agree upon. Your statements are based on 1) A two party only system, Independents not included; 2) Limited offices of POTUS, Senate, and Congress and does not include supportive staff, appointments, lobbyist, 3) Does not include many careers such as campaign managers, analysts, political reporters, talk show hosts for channels looking to be more moderate, and columnists for significant publications, and informed opine-rs on PBP such as yourself. Also, she could be a good fit for purple states that do not like the extremes of either party. So my jury is out on her “political future”. Maybe elected offices you could be correct, time will tell. But the field of politics is much bigger and I feel there is plenty of room for Liz.

    As far as the comparison of Paris and Liz, Paris is very influential in Europe and growing in Asia. Here she is viewed as an airhead rich kid with checkered past – but she has a lot more between the ears than most people realize. Liz has a lot between her ears too. And she has a father with much experience as well. Yes i agree that her notoriety from tv shows will fade, but she will find her path.

    Lastly, I agree with you that we all should tone down the rhetoric and enjoy the wonderful holiday season. MERRY CHRISTMAS LARRY AND TO YOUR FAMILY!!! I hope you will have a very enjoyable holiday season!

  13. AC

    Larry, Liz is not any more gone than are you.
    Think about it. Her influence and legacy will go on long after you on PBP go silent. Same is true for her other detractors. Sound and fury amounting to nothing. A tempest in a little English teacup has no affect. A laughing stock and entrainment in the moment only, then gone.

  14. Tony L Bell

    Choices and consequences.
    Frankly, Liz exudes what most democrats suffer, lack of significant analytical thinking, forethought.

  15. Frank stetson

    I’ve given significant analysis as a forethought to determine Tony Bell is a stereotype Republican. He has been examined, assessed, and measured to be totally adequate.

    He thinks half his country is not able to think.


  16. frank Stetson

    Tony Bell believes in stereotypes like almost half of his country suffers a “lack of significant analytical thinking, forethought.


    He has been assessed, analyzed, with forethought, and has been determined to be completely adequate.