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Chaos in Venezuela, Former Chavez Notables Escape to Florida

Chaos in Venezuela, Former Chavez Notables Escape to Florida

The country of Venezuela has been in a state of emergency for two months now. Things looked grim in April when the nation announced it would soon run out of food, and the situation has only grown worse since. 

These two videos show desperate Venezuelans raiding food trucks before they arrive at grocery stores, where inflation and food rationing rules prevent individuals from buying enough food to feed their families. The most desperate have taken to sifting through garbage bags outside malls and restaurants; others have taken to eating dog food. 



A full 70% of the population lives in poverty. Crime and inflation have skyrocketed. The middle and entrepreneur classes have been hit with 90% tax rates. Numerous companies have either shut down or turned to illegal activity in order to survive under President Nicolas Maduro’s socialist policies. 

These are the effects of socialism, the form of government Bernie Sanders if fighting so hard to bring to America. 

Still, Maduro refuses to take responsibility, claiming that the nation’s productivity is “being paralyzed by the bourgeoisie.”




And now comes the news that high-ranking, pro Chavez socialists have been spotted in the United States. “This regime is sinking the country, and the rats are fleeing,” says Venezuelan-born Luigi Boria, mayor of Doral, Florida. His city, numbering roughly 60,000, is 25% Venezuelan. 

“Do they realize that this is a mess created by socialism?” asked Stuart Varney in a recent interview with the mayor. They know, confirmed Boria, noting that the number of Venezuelans in Florida is rapidly increasing as more people flee to the US. 

Venezuela is an extreme example of the effects of socialism, but this is what Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders wants. The chance is slim, but with Hillary facing potential jail time for the mishandling of government information, it is possible that “Socialist Democrat” Bernie Sanders could seize the nomination. 

As you can see from these two videos, socialism is the last thing America needs. 

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