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CEO of Planned Parenthood Testifies before Congress

CEO of Planned Parenthood Testifies before Congress

Baby killing accounts for over 80% of Planned Parenthood’s revenue, yet according to CEO Cecile Richards, abortions make up only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s procedures. Yesterday, Congress questioned Richards for the first time, with particular emphasis on Medicaid fraud and sexual abuse of minors.

The hearing was held on Tuesday with Cecile Richards forced to testify before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Jason Chaffetz, Utah Rep. and Oversight Committee Chairman, opened the hearing with his opinion that Planned Parenthood is an incredible waste of tax dollars. 

Planned Parenthood spends about $5 million each year on “travel” and pays its executives well. In fact, CEO Richards makes nearly $600,000 a year, about 26x the average salary of a medical assistant.

When asked to explain the 80% vs 3% discrepancy, a flustered Richards said that the numbers were not connected because abortions are not paid for with federal money and that abortions are “probably more expensive than other procedures that we provide.”  

Speaking of other procedures, the bewildered CEO was forced into admitting that Planned Parenthood’s services for women do not include mammograms – the agency only refers women to other doctors for that procedure. 

Nancy Pelosi tried and failed to defend Richards when she suggested the Center for Medical Progress be investigated for doctoring their now-famous videos. She then admitted that she hasn’t seen a single one of them.   

After forensic analysis and cyber security, the Alliance Defending Freedom reported that most of the footage released by CMP was authentic. They also said that any missing footage was “non-pertinent,” such as bathroom breaks.  

Under questioning, the CEO estimated that Planned Parenthood acquires a pack of birth control pills for about $3. But when seeking government reimbursement, some facilities ask for $33. This brings us to the topic of Medicaid fraud. Richards also admitted that last year Planned Parenthood had to settle a case totaling $4.3 million for false statements and claims made by a Texas facility. 

Until we get a real conservative in the White House, I fear that Planned Parenthood’s behavior will continue to slide and this holocaust of unborn children will continue – all under the pretty name of “women’s health.” 


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