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CEO of Dominion Voting Systems Lied Under Oath

CEO of Dominion Voting Systems Lied Under Oath

As reported by Gateway Pundit, the CEO of Dominion Voting Systems lied under oath when speaking to the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee about the integrity of the company’s voting machines. The hearing took place in Lansing, MI in December of 2020.

The perjury accusation comes from Michael Lewis Butz, a member of the Election Integrity Team for Macomb County, MI. In a letter dated January 25th, 2024, he wrote the following to Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham: “I have reviewed the Senate testimony of Mr. Poulos and have concluded that he failed to provide accurate and transparent information to Senators – Poulos committed perjury!”

Butz also noted in his letter that “Dominion was forced to disclose in Williamson, TN, that its source code was defective and the Dominion voting systems did not accurately tally the votes.”

Michigan was among 28 states that utilized Dominion voting equipment during the 2020 presidential election. The equipment came under question after then-presidential candidate Donald Trump and others claimed the machines were hacked in favor of then-rival candidate Joe Biden in the state of Georgia, potentially costing Trump the election. 

During his testimony, Dominion CEO John Poulos was asked whether the voting machines could be connected to the Internet. His response was vague, but seemed to suggest that it was the responsibility of local election officials to monitor whether or not the tabulators attached to the voting machines were connected to the Internet. 

According to manufacturers, modems are sometimes installed inside tabulators so that unofficial election results can be shared with the public as soon as possible. These modems can connect to the Internet via cell phone networks.

Experts say that even a brief connection to the Internet represents a major security risk. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, voting machines should not even have wireless network capabilities. 

“Once a hacker starts talking to the voting machine through the modem, the hacker cannot just change these unofficial election results; they can hack the software in the voting machine and make it cheat in future elections,” explains Kevin Skoglund, senior technical advisor at the National Election Defense Coalition. In many cases, he added, voting machines have been left online even after officials were briefed on the risks.

When asked whether Dominion voting machines could be hacked using a USB drive, Poulos told lawmakers that he ‘didn’t think so’ and added that any attempt to hack into the machines would be detected immediately. When asked how voters could be confident in the system’s integrity, Poulos answered simply that a “hand count audit and recount” would resolve any doubts. 

When Macomb Prosecutor Peter Lucido, a former Michigan State Senator who witnessed Poulos’s testimony in 2020, heard about Butz’s perjury complaint, he sent the following message to local attorney Michael J. Smith: “When I was in the Senate, on the Oversight Committee, we did Dominion. It was published and recorded, and it should be online. The president of Dominion testified, and so did his engineer or software maker, and the questions were centered around whether or not there was access to the Internet on these machines that Dominion made. He said no and it was a lie!”

As Smith later wrote, “Truthful testimony from election software and equipment vendors is critical for Michigan township and city clerks, county clerks, senators, and other public officials to identify potential election system problems and implement appropriate solutions to mitigate risks to election integrity.”

Detroit attorney Stefanie Lambert, who is representing Butz, has asked US Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) to subpoena Poulos and Lucido to testify before the House Judiciary Committee. Lucido says he is willing to testify that Poulos lied under oath, but the Lansing Police Chief has yet to acknowledge the case.

Poulos’s 2020 testimony was further undermined by University of Michigan computer scientist J. Alex Halderman, who showed lawmakers how a Dominion voting machine could be manipulated during a security trial in January 2024. Using a BIC pen and a $10 smart card, he was able to hack into the machine and flip a hypothetical vote from one candidate to another in less than 1 minute. He was also able to rig the machine to produce extra ballots.

“I know America’s voting machines are vulnerable,” argues Halderman, who has made a career studying electronic voting security. He explained to lawmakers how his team has been able to create “attacks that can spread from machine to machine like a computer virus and silently change election outcomes.” In every case, “we found ways for attackers to sabotage machines and to steal votes. These capabilities are certainly within reach for America’s enemies.”

Though officials in Georgia’s Fulton County claim Halderman’s hacking could never have taken place in real life due to existing security measures, the facts remain.

A separate investigation launched against Dominion back in 2017 seeks to determine whether the voting system is so vulnerable to hacking and errors that it represents a violation of Georgians’ constitutional rights. Plaintiffs seek a return to hand-marked paper ballots that are easier for voters and officials to understand. 

US District Judge Amy Totenberg, who in 2019 banned the state of Georgia from using its previous all-electronic voting system over concerns of fraud, has made it clear to plaintiffs that she lacks the authority to order the state to return to a hand-marked system. She can, however, ask the state to conduct additional audits and/or stop using controversial QR codes. 

Author’s Note: We expected something like this to come from the allegations against Dominion and it is very bad timing for states to consider whether they need to replace existing voter equipment. Despite how time-consuming it can be, perhaps our best bet is to return to a paper system we can all trust.

Editor’s Note: Amen


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    • Tom

      It is not on TV because of fear of liability if it is not true. One of the favorite GOP news stations named FOX proved why you don’t put this kind of stuff on TV.

      But to your point, maybe Tucker is looking for some more filth to peddle! I like you!!! You show the kind of brains the GOP wants and needs more of buddy!!!

  2. Darren

    Well if the FBI hid everything about Hunter Biden, this stands NO chance of ever getting looked at.
    Most of the People of America have suffered Because of another Dem Lie!
    If Dems wish to drink the Cool Aid, that fine, leave the smarter people out if it please!

    • Tom

      Darren, how is this a Dem lie? My Independent eyeballs read that “Dominion” lied, not Democratic Party lied.

      The truth is that any electronic system can be altered or compromised, and putting that system on the internet makes it more likely. But what I also read in the article was that a Michigan computer scientist who has made a career of studying voting machine hacking and fraud found it easy to hack with a pen and a credit card.

      But: 1) This man has knowledge that the public does not have;

      2) This person most likely had a Dominion voting machine in his laboratory to investigate.

      3) AND MOST IMPORTANT, Dems could not have hacked these machines because all GOP agree and have written on many blogs how stupid Dems are. Thus, they would not have the intelligence to hack a voting machine.

      4) THE GOP HAS NOT investigated its own members! Perhaps this hack was a GOP disgruntled Trump or former Trump supporter!!! The problem with the GOP mind set is that they think only Dems hate Trump and would hack a machine. Nikki Haley proved that 15-30% of GOP hate Trump and will not vote for him. And since GOP is the self declared party of smart people who are endowed by God with the knowledge of how to Make America Great Again, it is much more likely that a disgruntled former Trump employee (maybe a female with computer science degree that he fondled without permission) or disgruntled MAGA supporter or someone with a computer science degree, time, and a Dominion machine access, did the hacking. It may have been a MAGA person that Trump was rude to, lost a retirement condo deal because of Trump claiming bankruptcy, raped by Trump, could even be Melania’s Revenge for all the extra-marital sex he was having while she was pregnant., maybe a disgruntled big donor.

      Darren, there is a world of possibilities that would be suitable answers to “Who would want to damage Trump”? I know of many! At some point, GOP needs to examine themselves. The idea that “Dems stole the election” is only one possibility. This Independent thinker believes if something did happen with the vote, it was most likely someone who hated Trump. And since four years of investigations have not generated sufficient evidence to say Dems did it or colluded with someone to do it, it seem likely that the finger should be pointing to disgruntled GOP. Maybe someone like Jeb Bush, or Mit Romney, or some other RINO that the GOP has hatred for.

      • frank stetson

        This is a lab excercise and I am pretty sure anyone armed with a credit card and a pen, or the usb fob, messing around with a machine might be noticed….. did he do it while voting, or from the back?

        nonetheless, we agree, anything can be hacked, the question is can best practices (like arrest people taking your machines apart with usb’s, pens, credit cards…..). might require federal standards referencing best practices to be followed as law.

        not sure whata you saw in the sources, seemed to replicate the story. Yes, Alice seems young, inexperienced, but more important —— untrained and without a decent editorial staff to squash shoddy journalism before it besmears the quality of PBP further. This was journalism 101 stuff but I agree it seems to be that of a novice versus malintent.

        • Tom

          Yes Frank, I agree. This was one of my points, that doing something to a machine in a lab is much different than doing something to a machine while it is being used. Yes Alice could use some coaching for sure.

  3. frank stetson

    oh come on mountaine, read deeper……. these dogs don’t hunt, not yet at least. Not at all probably.

    Alice has a nice story here. Too bad she has violated many of the most basic rules of journalism, first by forgetting the word “alleged” or “allegedly” in the headline and the first paragraph making it look like the man is guilty before his day in court.
    Would fail to make my High School newspaper and would be forced to re-write.

    First, let’s be clear. There was no hack, there was no corruption of 2020 voting machines. The report named vulnerabilities, none of which has been proven to have been exercised except in the lab. It’s a lab report.

    Then she tells a story, it’s true, but she posts no sources discounting or just potentially mitigating the facts, and there are plenty. I will not bore you with them, but there’s a lot.

    The story is about what could have happened, Alice does not touch on what did happen. Alice does not provide a whimper that it did happen, or even could have happened.

    One way to hack is via the internet which requires a voting machine to have the optional modem. While it is possible, Alice does not mention a single instance where it ACTUALLY happened. Neither does her source. IF Alice had done due diligence, she would have found that a company that scoured the nation via the internet and only found 35 machines that were internet connected. The reason they are connected is to get unofficial tallies, fast. The idea is plain stupid and even if 35 machines were hacked, it will not toss a national election. And all you need to do is pull the modem, problem solved.

    Then she goes to the fact that a person with a USB drive could hack the machine. Again, Alice does not mention a single instance where it ACTUALLY did happen. Neither does her source. Think about it, if I could come into your polling place, walk behind a voting machine, open er up and stick a usb drive in it, couldn’t I just drop off a stack of paper ballots just as easy?

    Fact is most of these vulnerabilities can be resolved via best practices. A internet-connected modem is not included in any best practice. Heck, a network-connected modem is not a best practice.

    Dominion released a report stating reasons why the hacks were reasonably unlikely as well as software fixes for any fixable hacks discovered. Unfortunately, most states may not be able to deploy by 2024.

    Let’s be clear. The machines are hackable in the lab. Halderman proved it and the federal government has replicated the work or found others. But, and this is the key piece that failed journalist Alice conveniently did not address: there is no evidence that hackers have hacked or even attempted to exploit any of the identified vulnerabilities, or that any such hack has occurred in any previous elections. There is no evidence of a significant number of modem-accessible machines, ALice did not know or look. Many of the other vulnerabilities have been fixed, but the upgrade may take time and be expensive. Many of these vulnerabilities can be mitigated via best practices.

    Good story, poor journalism, Alice as usual. So sad. Unprofessional but reads well if you are from the right.

    • Tom

      Good summary Frank. I agree. I saw many of the issues that you just pointed out. So I added with another line of reasoning with Darren. Alice is young, give her time. One date with me would straighten her out!!! I wonder if she likes feeling old age creeping up on her???

    • Ann

      Sorry but you speak nothing but bullshit…I have Poulos on video admitting he switched the votes from his home computer…Anything is possible in the tech world and more so now-a-days…So please stop pretending it doesn’t happen and stop acting like a jackass…

    • Tom

      Hey Frank, after the article Alice appears to list her sources. Check out.

  4. Daniel J Colgan

    Voting must be by paper ballots in EVERY STATE in time for the upcoming Nov 5th Election so voters can be assured that the result is honest. Anything less will mean continued distrust in our Government