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CEO Dominion Voting Machines Predicts Company’s Demise – Good Riddance

CEO Dominion Voting Machines Predicts Company’s Demise – Good Riddance

Dominion Voting Systems, a prominent voting software company, recently secured a groundbreaking $787.5 million settlement in its defamation case against Fox News. However, despite this significant legal victory, CEO John Poulos remains pessimistic about the future of his business. In an interview with TIME magazine, Poulos expressed his belief that Dominion’s reputation has suffered irreparable damage due to “lies” spread by Fox News regarding the 2020 presidential election, leading him to predict the eventual demise of the company.

Poulos revealed that the settlement amount, while substantial, may not be sufficient to salvage Dominion’s prospects. He explained that the lasting impact of the claims propagated by Fox News has eroded customer trust, making it easier for clients to opt for alternative voting systems. Poulos stated, “It’s just easier for our customers to use something that’s not Dominion. We just know that our business ultimately goes to zero.”

Dominion Voting Systems, founded by Poulos two decades ago, became a household name during the 2020 election. Conspiracy theories, including allegations that the company manipulated voting machines to favor Joe Biden over Donald Trump, were spread. Fox News amplified these claims, resulting in public outrage against Dominion. One county in California even terminated its contract with the company, despite not having a replacement vendor in place.

Poulos described a scenario in which more customers would choose to sever ties with Dominion. While he believes that most government entities currently using Dominion’s products would not terminate their contracts prematurely, he anticipates a different outcome when these contracts come up for renewal. Poulos explained that the public outcry associated with working with Dominion would dissuade customers from continuing their partnerships with the company, even if other vendors offered slightly better pricing, functionality, or service.

When asked about his prediction that Dominion will eventually lose all its business, Poulos did not hesitate. He asserted, “Eventually, I suspect all of our customers will go a different direction. It’s just a matter of time.”

Despite the historic settlement with Fox News, Dominion still has six other defamation lawsuits pending, including cases against right-wing media companies Newsmax and One America News. The high-profile litigation against Fox News revealed internal communications casting doubt on the election fraud claims the network propagated, as well as disparaging remarks made by prominent personalities such as Tucker Carlson regarding Trump and his assertions. Dominion’s settlement also coincided with ongoing legal proceedings involving Smartmatic, another election technology company suing Fox News for $2.7 billion.

But despite the recent settlement in favor of Dominion by Fox, questions about the machines remain.

The integrity of voting machines has been a subject of intense scrutiny, particularly during the last election. Accusations and conspiracy theories have been leveled against Dominion Voting Systems and its partners, alleging that their software contains built-in mechanisms for cheating and manipulating vote tallies. While I haven’t personally verified these claims, they have gained traction and sparked concerns about the security and trustworthiness of voting machines.

Reports have suggested that the voting machine software includes a feature that assigns different weights to votes for different candidates. Supposedly, this allows for proportional reduction of votes for a specific candidate during the final tally. The existence of such a feature raises questions about its purpose and legitimacy within voting software. It is important to note that there is no valid reason for such a capability to be present in voting machines.

Another issue of concern is the connectivity of voting machines to the internet. Despite federal officials’ assertions that voting machines are not connected, it has been revealed that some machines indeed have internet capabilities. The risks associated with connecting voting machines to the internet are well understood, making it puzzling why machines with this capability are being leased for elections.

Since the Biden Administration has declined to investigate and cases have failed in Democrat dominated precincts, we may never know. But in the meantime, Dominion appears to have gone out of the voting machine business and into the lawsuit business.

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  1. Remnant777

    Lies? Yeah right, we know who the liars are and it’s not Fox.

  2. Tony L Bell

    Well since the sustained refusal to allow a through forensic investigation of the “proprietary” operational software Dominion employs, how can anyone believe that Dominion was not involved in election rigging? Seems quite clear that Dominion is hiding something, since a forensic investigation would have exonerated them had there been no issue.

  3. Chuck

    Way to parrot the same disproved BS your loser ex-president and only truly retarded president ever allowed in office

  4. Dwayne Oxford

    Look into history/ownership of Dominion. Has ZERO trustworthiness.

  5. frank stetson

    Perhaps you should have suggested all those incredible pieces of evidence to Rupert Murdock before he ponied up for a $787,000,000 settlement. All of is money, all of his legal prowess, could not accomplish what you already seem to know. Maybe drop him a line before the appeal…….

    Very well written piece of poor journalism, terrible sense of ethics, and some faulty logic. Your title states “good riddance” for a company that has be proven to have done nothing wrong except face feckless allegations, insane inuendo’s, and bogus claims as you have so proudly presented as possible proof, with inuendo-caveats, here. You can hide behind “it has been reported that,” but come on —- if it has not been proven yet after Murdock settled for $787,000,000; if you have no proof, how can you even print that crap. You seem OK that some dumb fucks ruined this company just because some dumb bastard is a sore loser, like you it seems.
    Did someone pee in your Cheerios?

    You state: “Dominion’s reputation has suffered irreparable damage due to “lies” spread by Fox News regarding the 2020 presidential election.” No Daniel, they were not “lies.” They were adjudicated in a court of law as lies; no quotes needed. They are lies as adjudicated in a court of law by a jury in our nation based on the rule of law. Are you not a citizen as well as a bad journalist? There are no proven allegations, no time-tested suggestions —- there are lies as adjudicated in a court of law in a nation that believes in the rule of law. And the unproven innuendos that you freely spew. Unlike you, obviously. And if the company fails, you will be happy because you feel you have won something, you have vanquished evil, and you are a fool to think so. Why do you have to target the innocent to demonize by weaponizing your writing of “lies?” That’s not journalism, that’s yellow journalism.

    And, IMO, the CEO is correct, they will be gone because of you and people like you. People who profit by demeaning, derailing, and destroying others for personal gain.

    Sure, they will reap monetary rewards for false testimony like yours. They would rather have their company and jobs.
    And in a brilliant stroke of stupidity, you end up blaming Biden for Trump, his cronies, and, Fox news. Bwhaaaat? How you make that logically jump is beyond this reader, but you need no proof —- you just pull it from your knowledge based lodged inuendo.


    • Joe Gilbertson

      Frank, what again was “proven”? Are you being deliberately obtuse?

      • Frank stetson

        Most, if not all, of Daniel’s allegations about the wrongdoings of Dominion that would rate a “good riddance.”

        If any of that bullshit was even remotely true, wouldn’t of Murdock used it?

      • Mike f

        Joe-What has never been “proven” is a single one of the allegations against dominion. In this country we act on a presumption of innocence-but I guess you didn’t realize that…It’s pretty sad that a company is going out of business because the weak idiot we endured as president for 4 years was driven out of office, and his ego refused to accept that (and the rest of you idiots [I mean supporters] refused to face the facts and instead looked for something to blame his defeat on other than he was extremely unpopular)

        • Dan tyree

          Tim Scott is running for president. Let’s see what names the left will call him. It’s already started

          • frank stetson

            really dan —– show us the names!!!!

          • Mike f

            If Scott starts rising in the polls, I guarantee the person who will be generating names for him is trump-not the left..