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CBS News Anchor Cuts Off GOP Lawmaker For Anti-Biden Comments!

CBS News Anchor Cuts Off GOP Lawmaker For Anti-Biden Comments!

CBS News anchor Margaret Brennan ended an interview with Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio) on Sunday’s edition of once-respected “Face the Nation” when he explained why President Joe Biden should face “consequences” for retaining classified documents.

Several news outlets reported last week that special counsel Robert Hur, appointed to investigate Biden’s retention of classified documents at his post-vice presidential office in Washington and his personal residence in Delaware, will conclude his investigation giving the president nothing more than a public scolding for violating laws prohibiting the improper retention of classified documents.

On Sunday’s broadcast, Brennan asked what signal not charging Biden sends to the “national security world.” Turner, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, made clear it’s not a good one.

“This will be certainly devastating, continuing to be devastating, for the Department of Justice and to the Biden administration with their two-tier system of justice,” he said.

“Biden has been found to be a serial classified document hoarder. Over a 10-year period, he’s been taking classified documents — some of the most sensitive that threaten our national security — home without any protection, and certainly able for others to be able to access them,” Turner explained.

If Biden is let off scot-free, Turner said it will be clear that leaders of only one party face consequences for improper retention and storage of classified information.

“There needs to be consequences,” he said. “The fact that Hillary Clinton, who had over 100 classified documents at home when she was secretary of state, and Vice President Biden, both under Obama at the same time, were taking classified documents home and certainly had them be vulnerable, with no consequences, shows the Department of Justice is not pursuing Democrats.”

It was at that point that Brennan attempted to defend Biden, suggesting that Donald Trump did worse and, therefore, the double standard is justified.

“As you know, there is a difference with the case against President Trump, who refused to hand over documents fully and violated the Espionage Act — that’s the charge against him — because he didn’t work with the government to hand those over,” the anchor said.

But Turner made it clear that Trump’s alleged wrongdoing does not absolve Biden’s.

“As you know, Margaret, Biden had these documents for over 10 years,” Turner snapped back.

“You can’t hoard documents in your home for a decade-long period, concealing them, taking them home as a senator, vice president, and then suddenly say, ‘Hey, two weeks while I was president, I cooperated and, therefore, it doesn’t count that I spent 10 years as a serial classified document hoarder,'” he added.

And with that, Brennan ended the interview.

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  1. Jim wampler

    Commies trying to control the people

  2. donrs

    CBS and its talking heads SUCK!

  3. Dewey

    Margret Brennan is viscous. Any Democrat she interviews she is sweet and understanding. On the other hand and Republican she interviews she is biased and disrespectful. If she can’t control her biased opinions get rid of her. The network got rid of John Dickerson for his far left radical views, get rid of this bitch she isn’t any different.

  4. LMB

    What did you expect from the Communist Broadcasting System (CBS), on they don’t Face the Nation!!! These swamp rats at CBS and the other MSM are the lowest form of news reporting! They couldn’t hit their a$$ with both hands if their life depended on it!!! Lies, Twisting the truth to fit their narrative! Trump had previously had the documents cleared through the National Archives, which he is the ONLY one that can De-Classify documents! They where returned to him and put into a locked room, with Secret Service guards!! Pretty damn safe!!!

  5. frank stetson

    Alas, Alice is at it again. First, she strategizes about Hamas’ tactics, being the underdog. Almost sounds like what the British said about the dastardly Americans who did not fight fair, hid behind trees and rocks, and then attacked at crack of dawn, the day after Christmas dinner and other festivities, those dogs… While that’s the nature of being the underdog, what Hamas that is outside the bounds of human decency has nothing to do with guerilla warfare.

    China has lived off Iranian oil well before the war. They take about 80% of Iran’s output today. I noted that earlier, when I hinted that bombing Gaza by us may open a much larger war. While obviously Iran funds terrorist groups like Hamas, China only funds Iran from what is known. No one except Gilbertson and a few others see China’s hand on the Iran or Hamas terrorist tiller.

    They also fund our colleges, re Confucius Institute, seen by some as an avenue of propaganda but no one has put China at the front of pro-Palestinian or anti-Israel protests. More often, it’s all about China “propaganda” wise.

    That’s just Alice and Joe conflaberating. Thing is that it’s very hard to disprove what no one can see. And like their guesses, conflaberating is really not real or a real word. It is their guess.

  6. frank stetson

    oooops, sorry bill, all you pbp little people look the same to us vermin. TRY:

    More BS…. Just kidding, but I read the transcript and the “cut-off,” beyond it was the end of the timeslot, does not jump out from the text. Perhaps the video shows different. Hard to imagine either had more to say on the subject given Mike repeated himself twice so I am not sure a third time would be a charm.

    First, it was last Sunday, not this Sunday….. and Mike said:

    “You know, Biden has been found to be a serial classified document hoarder.”

    Later “it doesn’t count that I spent 10 years as a serial classified document hoarder.”

    And in closing, sure did not seem like a cutoff.
    MARGARET BRENNAN: All right. Well, we’re going to have to leave it there for today. Thanks as always for joining us.
    REP. TURNER: Thank you, Margaret.

    On the topic, he wants more doc investigation, charges, indictments. The special prosecutor has signaled a forthcoming slap on the wrist.

    Let’s sum — decades old, Obama time documents found by Joe’s lawyers and returned to govt next day. Then a dig dive all over the place finding the famed Corvette documents. More were found, more were immediately returned. Think 25 classified docs, some on Ukraine, Iran, etc. from Obama time, but we don’t know “how classified” or dangerous they really are.

    This is a case where he had these documents, voluntarily found them, and voluntarily returned them ASAP. Granted the ten years is an issue. The Presidential Records Act does not specify penalties although have documents can raise other penalties. While many a President has been asked to return things, had voluntarily returned them, no President ever penalized. Even when Reagans henchmen burned emails, they resigned, Reagan said sorry, and that was that.

    Trump’s case is different; first, he tried to keep them…..

    • BWH

      What happened to the documents that Joe had to know were there? Or if he didn’t know, who could have seen them since they don;t seem to have been in a secure place. And how many of Hunter’s friends from who knows what countries had access to them? At least Trump’s were in secure rooms and the whole compound is secured by the Secret Service. And I don’t believe the hype that the lawyers immediately turned over the classified info.

  7. RobL

    ‘CBS News anchor Margaret Brennan’. What a laugh. CBS and Margaret Brennan have nothing to do with the news.

    Nothing at all.

  8. Darren

    I think some forgot the fact Biden was not entitled to any Classified Documents while a Senator!
    His crime is far worse than anything Trump ever did.
    But again this shows’ Organized Crime is alive and well in this Country.
    Democrat’s once again just turned Crime into a Standard Government Program!
    As usual!

    • Frank stetson

      What law is that? Be specific or be stupid.

      Trump’s biggest problem is he hid them and would not return them. If he had done that on day one, then no search, no indictment, and no charges.

      Read the indictment and tell us how Biden’s voluntary return asap when found is worse. Again, be specific, mention a law or two.

      Wonder why Jordan and Comer haven’t followed your lead?

  9. Jim lucas

    There was no voluntary return you lying piece of shit

    • Somebody

      Mr. ten-gallon black hat doesn’t want to know that Trump is the President of the United States Republic and has a Vice President, too. Mar A Lago is Trumps’ White House which gives him all the legal right to store any documents there plus declassify any of them. MSM personnel are slated for Gitmo, so is some social media. Also, late night hosts and shows like the View. Mr. ten-gallon hat will soon find that hat too big for his inflated head when he finds out what the real truth is. Surprising he won’t do research to get that truth – all of the truth. It’s out there, but I guess he is so stupid he can’t do what second graders can easily do. Which makes me think he is an AI bot or even worse, a spy for the deep state. Personally, I hate liars like him. It ends up habitual.

  10. Frank stetson

    Lucas, yes there was.

  11. Wes

    Classified documents. Are these the same people that said the border is secure. That hid Hunters laptop. Then lied about it. Same person that said, “ I know nothing about my sons business dealings, even though I flew all over the world on hundreds of flights together.” Despite phone records, thousands of emails, and bank records, seen by the judiciary committee, somehow that is misinformation. Trump said China virus. No, no, no. Do not say that. Biden said he was at the top of his class at Harvard. Then the greatest threat to Democracy is Trump and MAGA. Really. How about Governments against citizens that expose the lies and corruption. Happening in Ireland, Canada, and others. Look it up. It’s called One World Order. Pushed by Schwab and other Globalists. Same with climate nuts. The elites cause more climate pollution than everyday people according to researchers. Flying in the same jets that normal people, according to them, are not supposed to use to save the planet. Destroying farmlands. Take away stoves and heaters. One cycle washing machines. Eat bugs. They all need to shove it. Take away gun rights, indoctrinate their children. Children are not the governments. No Dr, Fauci. You are not the expert. There are thousands of doctors that are smarter and have more common sense. You hid origins of the virus, were involved in Gain of Function and got money for NIH. Way back to the Aides Pandemic. Yet you got a raise. Pushed one, two masks. People were discharged from the military for not taking the vaccine. Only 26 people were tested before the vaccine was approved. Hmm. Is it safe? Trump helped get it approved when Dr. Fauci and others said it would take years. Sent a ship, doctors, masks, beds, vaccines to New York while Cuomo was bragging about his book. He put infected people into nursing homes. Not Trumps fault. Democrats cause the crisis, blame the crisis on someone else, then take credit for fixing it. Nancy Pelosi, never let a crisis go to waste. She ignored the request for the National Guard according to Capitol Police. Like Trump said, “Mainstream media covers for Biden, and targets Trump. For years. Lied about Russia. Hillary hired people to lie. Claiming Trump won because of Russia. Destroyed server and emails and phone records. Then has the nerve to call other people deplorable. Biden took bribes. His family got rich from this. Look it up. Not on CNN. Watch The First and NEWSMAX, get The Verdict, IMPRIMIS brochures. It’s all there. Crystal clear. He stole fizzy lifting drinks. Ceiling has to be cleaned and deodorized. There fore you get nothing. You lose. Goood day.